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Blending Iconic Faces From The Past And Present

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Then and Now is a powerful collection of mash-ups by photographer and graphic designer Marc Ghali. In the series, the Canada-based photographer creatively blends old black and white photographs with sections of colorful, modern images. He perfectly arranges the new and old fragments so that, upon quick glance, viewers might believe they are looking at just one subject. However, each compilation features two faces representing the past and the present.


The subjects are often related in regards to professions, ranging from singers and actors to historical leaders. Some of the mash-ups include Rihanna and Diana Ross, Brad Pitt and James Dean, and two British princesses, Kate and Diana. It appears that Ghali really has an eye for matching faces as the many similarities are quite striking. The artist says, “I wanted to do something fun creatively. I was inspired by a series [by George Chamoun] called Iconatomy, and wanted to draw on parallels between influential figures pasts and present in an interpretative way.” It’s certainly fascinating to see how the world really hasn’t changed much across so many decades of time.

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Congratulations, They’re Twins!

When I began featuring models on the Blog, I knew the day would come when I’d find the perfect set of twins to post up… then along came Anne and Kate. These identical twin sisters (separated by only sixty seconds) were raised in Minnesota (shout out to Adam Patton). St. Paul being known as the Twin Cities is how the came to claim the name, “The Twin Cities Twins”, although they also spent some of their years in Minneapolis as well. They both were decorated gymnasts winning state titles but after 10 years of training, both retired their first year of high school due to career ending injuries. After moving to Los Angeles the twins eventually started modeling as a hobby and began booking work quickly turn a hobby into a full time job. Kate and Anne have been in music videos, movies, campaigns, and have worked with companies such as Zoo York, T-Mobile, ROAR, Ed Hardy, American Apparel, Luxirie, and Pacific Sunwear. Their dream is to host our own TV show and one day start a nationwide foundation for at risk and underprivileged youth. It amazing to see a pair of great hearts to go along those great… everything else they have.