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The Celsius X VI II LeDix.

So, what does a $300,000 cell phone look like? Made from polished and brushed grade 5 titanium, the Celsius X VI II LeDix features a flying tourbillion equipped with exclusive shock-absorbers, and a modern transparent design. There are around 600 mechanical parts in the phone, including 330 that deal with the watch movement alone.  One of the main features of the phone is the Remontage Papillon. Housed inside a hinge, the Butterfly Winding is activated with each opening, thereby adding three hours of power reserve to the total 100 hours.  Suppose you’re mega-rich and can afford one of the 18 limited editions. Is the Celsius X VI II LeDix worth its hefty price tag? It caught my eye because of its pretty aesthetic, but without many spectacular features, it’s probably best to just hang on to your BlackBerry or iPhone.

The Force Unleased 2.

If you happen to follow me on twitter, you know I just copped an Xbox 360, (Its only significant, because I haven’t play videogames in 4 years, and all my boys think its funny to try and destroy my free time.)  But right now I’m trying to figure out which games to get a hold of, and which ones can wait, and when I saw the 4-minute-long trailer for “Force Unleashed 2” I knew I had to get it.  I know this footage is a bit dated, but it’s still quite impressive… check the method below.