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Spectre’s UI/OS Designs.

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While my interests in the latest James Bond outing ‘Spectre’ were primarily audio based, one can’t ignore the beauty and technically precision of the visuals.  One of the least glorified, easily overlooked, but immensely stunning aspects of the film are the digital user interfaces, and operating systems used by characters in the movie.  From the technical breakdown of the DB10, all the way down to the maps, and computer screen designs, each screen was painstakingly created from scratch by incredible visual artists.  Although these images may have quickly been glanced by movie goers during the film, are all below for you to behold.  Check the method.
UI/OS concept design and art direction for James Bond – Spectre. Studio: Method. Creative Director – Simon Cassels

Nixon / Star Wars

A series of projects Bryan Talkish worked on at Already Been Chewed for the Nixon and Star Wars collaboration Dark Side watch sets. It consisted of seven teaser videos and two trailers, each 15 to 60 seconds in length. They were broadcasted online in intervals over the course of four weeks. Below are finals, styleboards, and concept pitches.

Flashback Friday… Halo 2.


It’s crazy to think that about a decade ago, I used to sit on the steps of my boy Carlo’s place, with him and our best friend Jon, and fantasize about the soon to be released Halo 2.  The original Halo: Combat Evolved, was a game that the three of us had play for hours on end every day after school, and although Jon and I would have our asses handed to us by Carlos, the premise of a sequel to this epic game was mind blowing.  10 years later, the launch trailer for the 10th anniversary edition of Halo 2 gives us a peek at the sweet new cinematics for the game, courtesy of Blur Studios. Halo 2: Anniversary is part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One.  Check the re-vamped trailer below.

To this day, Halo is still the ONLY video game I play.

The Last Drop Dunny by Sket And Huck Gee

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While both Sket and Huck Gee have stellar reputations for their high-end custom editions, they’ve never collaborated on a custom Dunny, well until now.  A decade of work has lead to their first collaboration – The Last Drop Dunny. Last Drop is a seductively dangerous concoction, blending Huck’s Skullhead character with Sket’s signature bottle aesthetic from his long-running Dunny condiment series.  With a mix of clear and purple translucent materials and tight graphics, this poisonous piece has quite the visual sting.  As you’d expect from Huck and Sket, they’ve gone all out on the details including a real cork stopper and a laser etched cherry wood tag.  Additionally, the signed/numbered  8″ Dunny comes with a  custom screen printed shot glass, and a velour traveling bag.

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Stunning Digital Sculptures by Adam Martinakis

general 01 02 04 05 07 10Check out this collection of a stunning 3D digital sculptures by Greek and Poland-based artist, Adam Martinakis. Adam studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, and since 2000, has been working and experimenting on computer-generated visual media (3d digital image – animation, digital video, new media). He also teaches digital arts & design, graphics, interior design and ceramic design at multiple art institutes.

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Yuki Matsueda’s 3D Sculptures

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Yuki Matsueda is one of the most interesting talents in 3D wall sculptures today. He takes graphics we expect to be flat and turns them into leaping in your face 3D sculptures that catch your attention and make his message clear. You stare at the jigsaw puzzle seeing that one dastardly piece that is always missing, exploding from the puzzle headed into oblivion. The exit sign man is making his break running out of the sign into the open air of the room. Yuki’s playful look at the two dimensional world around us creates a sense of fun, humor, and deeper communication.

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Apple Unveils The Mac Pro At The WWDC Conference

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Scheduled to be released later this year, apple has unveiled their long-overdue redesign of  the mac pro at the WWDC conference. Housed in a 9.9 x 6.6 inch cylindrical volume, the desktop computer integrates up to 12 processors in a unified thermal core, engineered around workstation graphics with dual GPUs, PCI express-based flash storage, high-performance thunderbolt 2, new-generation xeon processors, ultra-fast memory, and support for 4k video. Two times faster than its predecessor, the unit provides up to 40gb/s of PCI express bandwidth, 60gb/s of memory bandwidth, and includes a four-channel ddr3 memory controller running at 1866mhz.

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The Triennale Design Museum, Milan


Milan-based architectural practice Studio Fabio Novembre have completed the Triennale Design Museum project. Completed in 2012 the stunning building can be found in Milan, Italy. According to the architects: “Protecting the arts and sciences in our times is no mean feat, so for this fifth edition of the Triennale Design Museum it has taken plenty of human endeavour alongside the intervention of the Muses.”  In agreement with the curators, the director originally opted for an authentic mythological figure to do the interior design of the spaces for this edition, Enzo Mari, who was forced to decline due to an indisposition, leaving it up to yours truly to take on this Herculean task. It involved exhibiting something absolutely new compared to previous editions, a selection of carefully chosen items confirming the theory that there is only one Italian school of graphics, even though it has no proper structure, hardly surprising since the same could be said about everything connected with our dear old unpredictable country.

Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-02 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-03 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-04 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-05 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-01 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-09 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-08 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-07 Contemporary-Architectural-Design-Milan-06

Pool Party

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Pools are not exactly the most projection ready surface, and initial brainstorms produced many more challenges than this team had anticipated. In researching a solution, they had to overcome the fact that projection doesn’t work on the surface of water, it becomes distorted if you project through it, and pool parties are notorious for more standing than swimming. Most people reacted as any any normal person would, and promptly put in and order for 65,000 ping pong balls, enough to cover the entire surface of the pool. To go with their new screen, they created an application which mapped to the pool and displayed a floating river of graphics, pulled by an invisible tide. Audio reactive visuals bumped along with the various dj’s and musical acts taking place poolside. The tactile quality of swimming through ping pong balls, combined with animated colors and light created an interactive event worth telling stories about.

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Qualcomm Promises Face-Melting Mobile Graphics.

Last week we told you about Qualcomm’s new S4 Snapdragon processor, which promises lightning speeds and integrated LTE. But it is also offering a “Pro” version, specifically designed with performance graphics and hi-res display in mind.  To do that, it uses an Adreno 320 GPU, which offers a four-fold improvement in performance over the rest of the Snapdragon range. Qualcomm also claim it’s optimized for “the most advanced operating systems”, in particular pointing to Windows 8. My guess is that we’ll see it cropping up in tablets focused on 3D and mobile gaming in the first instances.  The S4 Pro processors are expected to come to market in the second half of 2012.


The Artwork Of Jason Nayor.

Jason was born in Salt Lake City Utah.  He spent his youth doodling on his homework and drawing on his hands and arms in school.  Jason’s work employs both illustration and typography, always relying on the creativity of the subconscious to take the wheel, which he believes is the root of all creations.  Recently Jason’s creations have been dedicated to mac cosmetics under the creative direction of James Gager and Toni Lakis.  They’ve ten seen in V Magazine, Pop, Wonderland, and ‘Paper And Paris Vouge’.  His work can also been seen in various books including Design & Design: Book Of The Year (Vol. 4) and Viction: Ary’s Logology2.  Click on any of the pictures to see their full animations.

The Superhero Unveiled.

Original Artwork by Danny Haas

Tarik Mikou’s Design.

Some designers, no matter what their focus may be, you’ve got your simplistic designers, your methodical, your emotional, and your detail oriented designers, and those different mindsets always tend to translate into their work.  But it’s a bit difficult for me to think about what spark of genius goes through the mind of Tarik Mikou.  Mikou’s designs just wow me, even as I’m writing this I keep stopping to look at the pictures again.  The compositions vary from simple to complex, the colors range from bland to vibrant, and the only thing that stays constant is how impressive they all are.  Check the method.

8-Bit vs. Reality.

UK designer, Aled Lewis crosses the streams of reality and 8-bit with a fun new photographic series. Aled is best known for his clever t-shirt illustrations on Threadless, but his latest project superimposes your favorite pixelated video game characters of yesteryear with photographs of real life scenarios.