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The Lovely Ms. Alba Zapata.

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There’s more to a person being beautiful, the way they treat others, and the way the conduct themselves can make them even more attractive.  The Colombian temptress Ms. Alba Zapata boasts a 34-24-39 frame, and a chipper, and friendly personality to go with it.  On top of being featured in ICE, Elm, and Optium magazines, She’s showed off her skills in music videos with Mystikal, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Millz, Birdman and more.  Check out more of her photos below, and look her up on IG @MzAlbaZapata.

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Me In My Place – Caitlin


Hello Caitlin.  Originally from Seattle, she now resides in Brooklyn, NY.  Yes she is adorable and cute, and even better, she likes Mexican food and dive bars. Other favorites include little bridges tucked away in quiet corners of city parks and reading poetry-says it’s good for the brain…  Dislikes waking up early and talking on the telephone.  The site Me In My Place certainly knows how to pick them, and whenever my team finds a girl that doesn’t fit the usual mold of this blog, but is still quite appetizing, MIMP seems to do the trick.

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Siberian Tundra Twerking?

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 5.36.59 PM

When you think of Russia, you don’t think of masterful twerking. However, this video could very well change your outlook. It’s a girl who has obviously mastered the art of the twerk. With Tyga’s “Rack City” playing in the background, she pulled off some noteworth booty shaking moves.

Chanta Patton.

Chanta Patton is one hell of a Christmas present, born on December 25th, 1986 in North Carolina.   Ms. Patton grew up in Baltimore as a teen and as a step into the field, she won Baltimore’s Next Top Model.  An impressive modeling resume may set certain people apart from the crowd, but Chanta also attended Coppin State University earning a degree in Applied Mathematics.  Although Chanta has been getting herself quite noticed in the urban scene, she intends to make the jump into features very soon, and has already been featured in videos with Nelly, Kardinal Official, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, T Pain, Young Jeezy and Usher.  Take a look at more of her pictures below.


Flo Rida ft. Red Foo – Run (Official Video).

There seems to be a trend coming to light of overly simplified music videos.  The newest video to fall victim to this is ‘Run’ from Flo Rida and LMFAO’s Red Foo.  Although I’m not necessarily a fan of this type of one shot, one style, super simple video… this one I think I can deal with.  Check the method below.

Mileena Hayes.

For whatever odd reason, I’ve been coming across more and more beautiful models with more pictures, and less background information.  As much as I try not to just have photos and put some real biographical information, a unanimous decision was made that Mileena Hayes had to go up no matter how little my staff could find out about her.  What I do know is that she’s been in the pages of XXL, Blackmen Magazine, Dimepiece Magazine, Maxim En Espanol, Hip Hop Weekly, Plies “Bust It Baby” Calendar, and many more.  She started out with a lingerie line, and after walking out at the end with all the models at multiple fashion shows, she was getting offers to be a model herself.  Excluding print, she’s been in the film “Still A Teen”, the BET Now Video Show with Lloyd, and in music videos with Trey Songz (Say Aahh), Red Cafe’s (I’m Ill), Method Man & Redman (Mrs. International), and Ghostface Killah (We Celebrate).



50 Cent – ‘Off and On’ Official Video.

A little while ago, I put up a post about 50 Cent’s “The Big 10” mixtape, for which he’d be shooting a music video for every song.  ‘Off and On’ is the first video to drop from the mixtape, directed by Jackson Smith which features some pretty tight body paint.  Check the method.

Keyshia Dior.

Keyshia Dior is a stunning model out of Miami, Florida with a Jamaican background.  An actress, stylist, and entrepreneur her stye and flare is evident in every thing she does, and as a model, its present in every photo she takes.  She is well known for her unique, but edgy style from her mohawk to her taste for fashion.  Keyshia has modeled and styled for some the hottest music videos like “4 My Town” with Birdman featuring Lil Wayne and Drake.  She’s also has done “Bed Rock” with Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, and the Young Money family.  Ms. Dior had a recent starring role playing Lisa, the jealous ex wife, in Timbaland’s mini movie video entitled “Say Something”, which featured hip-hop’s rising superstar Drake.  She made a cameo appearance in Lil Wayne’s “She’s On Fire” rock video. In the styling part of her career, she has styled many well known celebs from artist to athletes.  With measurements of 36C-26-42, I expect to see much more in 2011 from this edgy Jamaican ‘bad gyal’.

The Lovely Ms. Ophilia.

Originally from the Midwest (Indianapolis, Indiana), LaToya “Ophilia” Bledsoe is a unique beauty of African American / Puerto Rican descent. Her true passion is fashion and she is currently in school studying fashion design. Naturally, her interest in fashion goes hand in hand with modeling. Ophilia is no amateur in front of the camera and is always able to captivate her audience.  In 2000, Ophilia began to publicize herself through modeling. She did hair shows for well recognized hairstylists from Indianapolis and Detroit, and was also on the cover of the hair show tape for Hair Wars with Hump the Grinders. Then in 2001, she appeared on the Ricky Lake Show, where she won the best model and hair contest.  Later (after establishing that she was ready for more exposure), she signed the non-exclusive modeling agency ‘Lmodelz’.  She began shooting with skilled photographers all over the Midwest. Ophilia is working very hard to fulfill her ambitions and reach her dreams.  She has been in many of the videos that I always used to watch from artists like 50 Cent,, and his been in everything from Show Magazine to Harley Davidson campaigns.

The Levitating Girl.

Natsumi Hayashi is a sweet-looking Japanese girl who, one day, decided to take self-portraits… of herself levitating. She can be spotted in and around Tokyo, equipped with her SLR and her self-timer. When she feels the moment strike, she presses the shutter button down and then, quite literally, “jumps” into place. What I love most about her shots is that they don’t feel forced. Natsumi has a way of making us feel as though she naturally levitates throughout life.

When Natsumi was asked by interviewer Alice how others react to her jumping around Tokyo, she told a funny story. “One day, when I was jumping at a famous sightseeing spot in western Tokyo, workers at a souvenir shop were frightened by how I was jumping. They were whispering things like ‘Is the girl mentally ill’ and ‘Do we need to call the police?’  So I stopped jumping and apologized to them by saying, ‘I am taking jumping photos for my wedding party’s slide show.’ Their faces turned bright red, and they said things like ‘Oh dear!’ and ‘Congratulations!’ and even ‘Keep jumping!’  Then, I took one of the best levitation shots of the entire series.”

The Sun Drop Commercial.

I have alot of exciting projects going on, revolving around women, including interviews with 2 British beauties, (Carmel Candy, and Jessica Castillo) and a photo series in May with a German hottie.   But the girl in the new ‘Sun Drop’ soda commercial is something else all together. First of all, this commercial should have for sure been a Superbowl ad, and features music from Snoop Dog, and narration from Fat Man Scoop. But more importantly the girl dancing in the commercial is such a G, you just have to respect it. She starts off rather unsuspectingly, opening a soda, (actually in the begining she almost sort of reminds me of a girl named Kari I had a crush on in college.)  But immediately after opening the soda, she uh… “drops it like its hott” and proceeds to dance her ass off for the duration of the commercial.  Check the method.

Azzareya Crystal Curtis.

Azzareya Crystal Curtis one of the more exotic models I’ve ever come across, she has an Egyptian father and Brazilian mother, and was blessed with a whole lot of beautiful.  Currently residing in New Jersey, Ms. Curtis has maintained that wonderful figure she had obtained through playing track in high school, staying at 125lbs and still eating whatever she wants.  She has been in great demand, and has appeared in many magazines, from Black Men Magazine, King Magazine, Smooth Magazine and much more.  Moreover, she has also been hosting various shows, including some acting, as well as Capaign Ads & Billboard.  She has quite the extensive resume, appearing in videos with Busta Rhymes, Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dog, LL Cool J, and Ludacris.

Babes With Tats.

Not every woman like a guy with lots of tattoos, but I can assure you I’m deffinately a guy who likes women with lots of tattoos.  While doing some research on a new piece I want to get during the fall, I came across tons of pics of females who love ink,  I figured I’d put a few of my favorites up and see what you thought.

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