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Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy Bed

Hi-Can-High-Fidelity-Canopy-Bed-2 Hi-Can-High-Fidelity-Canopy-Bed-3 Hi-Can-High-Fidelity-Canopy-Bed-4 Hi-Can-High-Fidelity-Canopy-Bed-5

The Hi-Can (or High Fidelity Canopy) bed ensures you never have to leave the house again – or bed for that matter. While it’s designed to look like a futuristic canopy bed, it’s in the gadgetry where this thing really shines. The bed comes with everything you need to waste the day away, including built-in blinds for privacy, state of the art surround sound system for watching the built-in projector – yeah the one that’s connected to a built-in game & entertainment console.


AUDI Designs Science Fiction Car: Fleet Shuttle Quattro

audi-science-fiction-car-enders-game-designboom-05 audi-science-fiction-car-enders-game-designboom-03-818x607 audi-science-fiction-car-enders-game-designboom-02 audi-science-fiction-car-enders-game-designboom-08 audi-science-fiction-car-enders-game-designboom-09 audi-science-fiction-car-enders-game-designboom-01

The AUDI design team has developed an entirely virtual car for summit entertainment’s film adaptation of best-selling novel ‘ender’s game’. The makeup of the fictional AUDI, called the fleet shuttle quattro, is adapted to suit the futuristic environment of the science fiction film, using the latest technology to digitally integrate the sleek automobile into the movie. By combining cutting-edge design and innovative technology, the car reflects the essence of the film — ‘ender’s game’ is the epic adventure of a brilliant young student who must determine the future of earth and the human race by fighting a hostile alien race. The fleet shuttle quattro marks the first time the company has conceived a purely virtual AUDI for a feature film. The fleet shuttle quattro can be spotted zooming through the world of ‘ender’s game’, when the movie premieres to on november 1, 2013.

Futuristic MetroNaps EnergyPod

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EnergyPod MetroNaps is a futuristic chair that will allow you to relax in comfort and privacy. EnergyPods feature is that it has built-in speakers which will wake you from a dream with soft sounds. The EnergyPod is an innovative and elegant solution to a modern problem: where to take a brief nap while at work. Based on years of research, the world’s first chair designed specifically for napping combines stylish design with ergonomic functionality to create the ideal energy enhancing environment.

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Carbon Fiber Hammock Bathtub


A new futuristic bathtub, whose lines evoke a hammock, has recently been unveiled by British design company Splinter Works in a very limited-edition run. The luxury bath tub, called Vessel, is designed for use in a wetroom and does not touch the floor but rather is suspended from the walls with stainless steel brackets.


Ressence Type 3 Watch


The Ressence Type 3 Watch is filled with fluid that projects a series of constantly rotating discs, indicating the hour, minutes, seconds, and the date onto the crystal exterior. This futuristic timepiece uses a completely new time of mechanism. Instead of crown the Type 3 watch features a gravitational gear system through which you can adjust the time and date.



Blackbird Mercedes | Tron

merc_tron2 merc_tron merc_tron3

This is a design exercise that pays homage to Mercedes-Benz’s racing history. The streamlined body is supposed to evoke airplanes, speed and movement. Designer Peter Vardai’s goal was to create a plan that reinforces the emotions toward Mercedes and refers the the brand’s tradition and future. His concept consisted of the feeling for speed and freedom. He wanted to represent the speed and motion in on subject by basing this project on an airplane’s dinamic and streamlined shape [while having a Tron like future feel to it]. The black and silver are strongly connected to the branding, while the sporty shape refers to the Mercede’s success in auto racing.
merc_tron4 merc_tron6

Bertil Nilsson

Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-1 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-2 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-3 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-4 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-6 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-7

While many photo innovators cease developing outside their fait accompli, Bertil Nilsson clearly illustrates with his phosphorescent images that is evidently not the case. As the intense lens aficionado propels brilliantly beyond mere accomplishments to bloom into a fearless, funky, and futuristic artesian who demands all eyes on his work with a click of the shutter. Many mouths are left agape as viewers are often transfixed at the magnitude of Nilsson’s talents as it washes deliciously and ever so coolly across our spirits.

Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-8 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-10 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-12 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-17 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-20 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-16 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-23 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-27 Bertil-Nilsson-Photography-14

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft


The future is here. The age of flying cars may not be, but hovercrafts are no longer a concept too far from reach. Chicago based design initiative Mercier-Jones aims to create the future of personal transportation today. All signs point to it as they unveil the first look at their remarkably inventive hovercraft. Futuristic, stylish, and most importantly, functional, the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft open-air vessel is ready to take flight on land or a body of water near you.

Drawing inspiration from a slew of luxury vehicles and supercars, the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft boast a low profile hull along with an aggressive front end and side thrust ports. Traveling on a cushion of air just about surface, the hovercraft seats two comfortably in its highly sophisticated frame featuring carbon fiber and alloy wheels fueled by a hybrid-electric drivetrain. Manufacturing will take place just outside of Chicago.

Futuristic Bike “The Detonator”.

The Cosmic Motors Detonator is an unique concept created by German automotive futurist Daniel Simon for his futuristic vehicle design company, “Cosmic Motors”. Simon calls this futuristic bike a “street cruiser bike built for humanoid droids.” Simon obtained his degree in vehicle design in 2001 at the University of Applied Science in Pforzheim, Germany. After completion, Simon went to Barcelona and designed concept cars for Bugatti and Lamborghini, followed by five years at the VW Group’s Advanced Studio where he is currently designing virtual vehicles for his brand Cosmic Motors. He has published a book, “Comic Motors” and continues to offer his services to premium carmakers while designing his own concepts.

Yacht Concept “Cronos”.

This elegant yacht concept called Cronos was designed by Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli, Italian students. Cronos Yacht Design concept has received a special mention in the “Young Professional” category during the Millenium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) with special quote “interesting experimentation in expressive language applied to interior architecture, with particular to the value of wood and its use forms”. Stunningly intricate woodwork seems to grow from within the opulent interior and extend across spacious decks before pouring over into the water. Minimal and at the same time futuristic interior and exterior make this luxurious yacht an ideal for traveling.

The Audi Shark.

2009 World Auto Design Contest Winner; The “Audi Shark”.  Shark would have been the perfect car of the future. That’s why Shark has been designed in the future of technology without leaving today’s conditions.  Shark shows difference from today’s cars in terms of its own design and technology. It carries the qualifications of today’s technology and at the same time it takes the attention about its structure of plane and motorcycle like details.

Speed which all sports cars have quite affects the design of Shark. This effect is seen first on auto’s outside part. Shark has no vehicle unlike other classical cars. While this qualification increases the quality of drive, speed and control, it diminishes the risk of accident on the road. With Shark people can feel the flying, excitement and comfort. Outside the car what attracts people is the system of paddles. These paddles are designed by the effect of a shark and it provides the car to speed up with a balance and control and complete the concept of the car.

Shark’s fore and back head lights are designed like big cylinder to fit the design of Audi. The last difference of Shark is seen with the design of seats. These seats that are like motorcycle seat and thought for maximum comfort of the drivers. Shark’s out design details and the design of the seats satisfy the driver who like speed.  Can be seen as the car of the future with its own technology and different details. That’ s why Shark is a auto which reflects both today and future.

The Plane Of The Future.

A futuristic airplane concept could herald a future where business and economy class give way to work and play areas on board the aircraft of the future.  That’s the vision of Airbus, which this week unveiled its ideas of the plane of 2050, complete with a ‘bionic’ shell which turns partially transparent to provide a panoramic view for passengers.  In the front, the company has integrated a relaxation (“vitalizing”) area, while the rear of the aircraft includes a “smart tech” space for working and virtual conferencing.

In the middle, an “interactive” zone allows passengers to move around a virtual reality cocoon, with the walls transforming to offer them lifelike experiences such as rounds of golf or video conferences.  Passengers will be able to enjoy seats that mold to their body shape, and an automatic bag loading system which delivers hand luggage to the correct place above their seat.  Some of this technology simply doesn’t exist yet, but in many cases the airline is building on ideas which have already been implemented, to some degree, by today’s airlines — if you can’t wait, here’s how to enjoy tomorrow’s technologies today:

Fully stocked bar: Already a staple of Virgin Atlantic’s offering, a place where business class guests can mingle, sip cocktails and tuck into nuts.Electronic passenger identification using handprints: not used on aircraft, but used to speed up security by some airports (often as part of a premium package).Mood lighting: available on some carriers and is set to become even more so — it comes as standard on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, set to go into service with All Nippon later this year.

Angled seats: A variant is offered in the new business class cabin on board Cathay Pacific‘s long-haul routes, where the long seats have been angled to point towards the windows to give a better view.

Seat canopies: Emirate’s first-class suites feature electronic sliding doors, while some KLM business class services feature “privacy canopies.”

Virtual screens: Not quite in cabins yet, but the size and shape isn’t a million miles away from the wide screens offered to passengers bySingapore Airlines, Etihad and Emirates (among others), some of which offer a view from the front of the aircraft via cameras mounted on the fuselage.

Virtual golf: Space restrictions mean this isn’t a reality yet, but Air France already offers a virtual art gallery using touch screens on board its A380 aircraft.

“NU.AER” Air Cleaner.

That’s an air cleaner, thank you very much.  For those who thought that air cleaners need to be these drab objects in the room, take a look at the pleasant NU.AER. Resembling a soothing view, the illuminated surface on it exudes a therapeutic and relaxing environment. If you’re wondering just how “clean” is your room, then just check out the illustrated display and you’ll get the picture. If it’s not what you expected then just change the setting by using the slider.

The Horodron HD-01.

Everyone now-a-days knows that I’m quite the watch enthusiast, so when my assistant showed me the HD-01 by designer Johnathan Frey, I was extremely thankful.  The watch is uses E-ink to for both form and function, allowing the bold and radical lines to make the watch beautiful and readily visible. The Horodron HD-01 is made of glossy black metal, embellished with small chrome parts. It’s a simplistic, edgy, unique time piece that anyone who’s crazy about watches should take a look at.

The Future Of Urban Agriculture.

One of the biggest challenges in architecture is to create homes that provide more than just shelter. We’re on a slow march of strip mining our resources so the question is, can a home benefit the community and in turn, the environment? Agricultural Urbanism is a proposed residential project that combines thousand year old terrance farming with modern construction.  Each level has its own terrace where a number of crops can be grown privately and communally. Harvests can be shared and sold to supplement incomes. The irregular shape was designed to follow the way the sun moves across the sky to give plants the most amount of sunlight. The substrate not only provides ample grounds for farming, but a natural insulating layer keeping the entire building cool in the summers and warm in the winters. The benefits of vertical farming are two fold. Pests don’t like this kind of structure and runoff is minimized since the entire system is self regulated.  Its a proposed idea that I personally think more people should start looking into.