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Lia Sabella’s Island Suite.

As much as we’d like it to be, this isn’t a tour of Lia Sabella’s personal island suite, however, it’s something we’d love even more… Her 3rd EP “Island Suite”. The 7 track project features production primarily from ‘F1rst Class’, and is elegantly and filled out with Lia’s mellifluous singing. The songs range in topics like relationships, emotional compromise, and distressing in such a way as to connect with listeners on an emotional level, leaving them feeling relaxed. From the beautiful imagery to the quality of sounds, and fluidity of the entire project, “Island Suite” is one to definitely lay back and relax to, no matter what you may be feeling inside. Take a listen to “Vacation” below, just for a taste of an EP that is for sure to be on repeat in your headphones soon.

Click any of the photos to stream or download the entire R&B project produced by F1rst Class, and once again, beautifully sung by Lia Sabella. If the sultry sounds of this EP don’t leave you in a great place wherever you are, they will definitely make you want to take a getaway… Just look at how relaxed she looks.

The Holla-Ween EP.


I know Halloween has come and gone, but after Donald Trump won this past presidential election, we have some scary times ahead of us.  That being said, I feel like it’s the best time to remind people that the Holla-Ween EP dropped on the 28th, and is still up and available for the gettins.  Check out Pape, along with Pif Jones, Nascar, and Midnight, on this collection of Halloween themed bangers.

Christina Milian – Do It (Official Video)


Christina Milian is gearing up to drop a new EP titled 4U, and today, the singer returns as she delivers her music video for “Do It” featuring her ex-boo Lil Wayne. Check the method.

P Reign Feat. Meek Mill & PARTYNEXTDOOR – Realest In the City

This is the fourth single from P. Reign’s  EP ‘Dear America’ featuring Meek Mill and fellow Canadian PARTYNEXTDOOR. The EP is now available on iTunes.

Meek reps for his team, while PND puts on for his hometown of Mississauga.



Jeff Phantom x DJ Storm – The 15/20 Experience.


Click the pic to download.

Recently DJ Jeff Phantom came to me with another brilliant idea concerning the new Justin Timberlake album ‘The 20/20 Experience’.  So 48 hours later, we had a 16 minute mix of our favorite tracks from the record breaking album, all remixed the way we wanted them.  Click the pic above to download the mix.

Krewella “Alive”


Krewella is an Electronic dance music group from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2007. The group consists of Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf and Rain Man. Their EP, Play Hard was released on June 18, 2012 exclusively on Beatport.

Tokyo 24 – Aeonian Complex EP.

Click the pic to listen.

The group Tokyo 24 has been compared to the likes of Theophilus London, N.E.R.D., and Kanye West, all without having released either an EP, or LP.  But the hype has been building when the group announced their first EP project Aeonian Complex.  (I’ve even posted a few of the preliminary ads on the blog last week) And finally the finished product is out on the web for fans and new finders alike to listen to and enjoy.  Click the pic to hear ‘Aeonian Complex’.

The ‘Aeonian Complex’ (Ad 2)

Click the pic to read more.

With all the incredible music that’s been dropping all this summer, it’s no surprise that Tokyo 24 would be next up to release an incredible collection.  The duo of Duckworth & BeatStreets will be releasing the “Aeonian Complex” EP on August 11th, click the pic to see more about the project.

Louis Vuitton’s CEO Gets His Own Rap Song.

Rappers’ fascination with luxury brands is far from dying down: following this summer’s surprise hit “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn, it is Soulja Boy who is expressing his fashion love with an EP dedicated to Bernard Arnault.  Soulja Boy has turned his attention to Arnault’s signature brand Louis Vuitton, offering lyrics such as: “It don’t make no sense why they LV fake. But mine’s real!”  But while Soulja Boy manages to mention and correctly pronounce the label more than 60 times, Arnault likely won’t be pleased with being called Robert instead of Bernard several times as part of the new song.  “Louis Vuitton” is part of the rapper’s Bernard Arnault EP available for download at

Outlaws And Preachers / b.Funk

It’s no surprise that I’m surrounded by rappers and producers every time I go to work. But when someone asked m recently what I was doing at an indie rock show the other day, I realized it was time to let people know that I’m knee deep in all different types of music.

Outlaws and Preachers

At the show the other night I was blessed to be checking out music from the group Outlaws and Preachers.  They have a ridiculously hyped vibe on stage without falling into the trap that so many other bands land in, (just being a bunch of dudes screaming on stage)  On top of introspective lyrics, and diverse subject matter, all of the Outlaws and Preachers songs have a unique style to them, making any performance they have appealing to almost every different type of listener.  If you want to hear some what they have, you need only click here.

The west coast isn’t the only place where I get down with the band scene.  Back on my home coast, the East is being rocked by the sounds of b.Funk.  When the group’s lead vocalist is emcee B.C. you can expect a mellifluous blend of all different types of musical styles.  Having performed with B.C. in Pennsylvania a few months back, I can tell you that the stage is always dripping with energy, and the fans are never disappointed.  b.Funk recently released a new track entitled  The Underdogs, click the pic to check out the new track, and stay tuned for more news about b.Funk very soon.


The ”EP” EP by Childish Gambino.


Childish Gambino

Yes you are reading that name correctly, it is not a stutter. Given that each one of these tracks are FIRE, the best one on the “EP” has to be “Freaks and Geeks.” I have to say though I’m really feeling the clap beat and verse on “Lights Turned On.” Donald Glover has AMAZING talent. They say “The sky is the limit,” but I don’t even think the sky can hold him back from reaching for the stars. Below are the downloads for each individual track and CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the zip for the “EP.”  If your familiar with Donald Glover, you know he writes for ’30 Rock’, and is a stand up comedian.  But for those of you who aren’t familiar with his non-musical ventures… Check out some of his stand up below.