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Dark Ice Cream.


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In today’s music industry, production is crucial to having a career that pays the bills.  When I was growing up, production equipment was expensive or under-developed, and East Coast beats were relatively simple.  I always considered it a disadvantage that I never learned to produce when I was younger, and with a co-DJ (Jeff Phantom) who hadn’t make a deep trek into the production realm, I didn’t think we’d be able to pull off our own music without years of practice.  Luckily veteran producers Joe Major, Rich Lyfestyle, and Clayton William put themselves at our disposal to help DJ Jeff Phantom and myself come up with a project that let us flex our production wings.


The 5 track EP features original remixes of songs from Zedd, Lil Wayne, Katya, Outkast, and even a take on classical music.  Trap as a genre is something that’s growing, weather it’s a fad or not remains to be seen, but what Jeff Phantom and I wanted to do was put a trap twist on some classic, new classic, and classical tracks.  Both Phantom and I teamed up with different producers to get the sounds we wanted in the tracks that we chose, and to take a listen, click or scan the photo below to download.


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Jeff Phantom x DJ Storm – The 15/20 Experience.


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Recently DJ Jeff Phantom came to me with another brilliant idea concerning the new Justin Timberlake album ‘The 20/20 Experience’.  So 48 hours later, we had a 16 minute mix of our favorite tracks from the record breaking album, all remixed the way we wanted them.  Click the pic above to download the mix.

Skrillex – Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)


After their breakup, Skrillex and Ellie Goulding both declared that they remained good friends and wish to collaborate in the future. To show that they are serious, Skrillex unveiled the clip for their first collaboration “Sumit”, when they both met and started their short romance.

Serato Icon Artist Series – Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud is a Frenchman, alien enthusiast, computer nerd, DJ and producer extraordinaire. Known for his impressive audiovisual shows and high-end production, Joachim has always been drawn to two things in his life: music and technology. Read the interview after the jump.

“When I was young, I learned to play piano and drums. In ’84 there was the first software on the computer, that was a fusion between my two loves, music and technology. Making the fusion with these two things was like, wow… This is exactly what I want to do! I want to make music with my computer.

“The first track I made, was a real techno track because there was only cheap sounds. Short, because there was no memory. In mono, because there was no stereo, and using only 8-bits, so the sound was like ‘qsh qsh qsh qsh’.

“Even if the quality was bad, I was so excited to use this kind of tool to make music.”

As with many, DJing for Joachim was about being able to share his passion for music. It may not have been in the spotlight or on the festival stage yet, but it was just where he wanted to be.

“At the beginning, being a DJ was not very sexy. The DJ was in the basement and nobody could see him playing, but I was very excited to be a DJ in the dark, I was excited to share my love and my passion of the music.

“Before being able to play my own tracks as a DJ, there were two different jobs. There was the producer and the DJ. Today, these are completely linked. If you want to be famous as a DJ you have to be a producer, and you have to play your own tracks.”

Serato Video is now one of the pillars of Joachim’s performance. It’s another way of making the show bigger, the fans more excited and the experience special.

“There is a very strong link between video and audio, you need to be synchronized, but keep the DJ spirit and control everything by yourself. With this kind of technology, you can be flexible as a DJ but as massive as YouTube. When you see a huge crowd, dancing, hands in the air on your own track, you have so many good vibes, after that you cant sleep.”

INOX Park Festival in Paris, is Joachim’s pride and joy. It’s a place where he gives back to his fans, tests out new show ideas and experiments.

“Every year I produce an outdoor event in Paris. This is the third edition of INOX park. It’s my baby, it’s my own festival. Producing my own festival is very important for me, for many reasons. It is a way for me to transmit my passion to the new generation. INOX park is the best place for me to do an experimental show.

“This is the first time I am doing a 3D show, with mask.”

With so much going on – Video, Audio, Lighting – it’s important that he gets out in front and makes a connection with the crowd. Whether it’s shooting a smoke cannon into the front row, playing his keytar or dancing, Joachim loves to perform.

“I am very proud to say that I’m a showman. That’s why I started playing keyboard. You make a direct link, unique with people, and they freak out. On top of that, you are going to be able to play audio and video synchronized, it makes people hypnotized by the show. To deliver more than the classical DJ, I’m very excited and very proud of that.”

The Space Invader, now an iconic feature of Joachim’s brand, is an important part of his identity as a performer and something he personally connects with.

“This icon is very close to my music, there is no question of religion, racism, it’s like universal, it’s for everyone. On top of that, I like all the stories about alien space invaders, it’s linked to my passion of the machine.”

Joachim’s other passion in life is his family. DJing hours aren’t always suited to family life but it’s important he tries to find balance. Now, Joachim lives in Los Angeles, where he is still hard at work producing and planning his shows.

There’s still so much to learn and so much new technology to take advantage of. It’s what drives Joachim, and what excites him about the future.

“I try to keep the balance right, between family and business, but this is very hard. One month ago I moved to L.A. with my family, because I’m going to produce much more music with American people.

“I’m very excited by the future, thats why I love technology, there is something more to learn everyday, it’s very, very exciting.”

Skrillex And The Doors – Breakn’ A Sweat

“Breakn’ a Sweat” is a song by American electronic music producer Skrillex. It is the third track on his fourth EP, Bangarang. It features guest vocal and musical contributions from the American rock band The Doors. It was created for the 2012 documentary film Re:Generation. Musically, “Breakn’ a Sweat” has heavy influences of dubstep, electro house and progressive house. It contains a vocal sample from a 1960s interview with Jim Morrison, while the remaining members of The Doors and Skrillex did the chants. The song received generally positive reviews from music critics, with some highlighting it as the standout track from the EP.

Electro Ambiance.

Here’s something rather spectacular. A very simple concept when it comes down to it, a rather long explanation if you’d like to take the time to understand the intricacy. What you’ve got here is a project called Inconspicuous Matter, a project involving electro reactive wallpaper. What does that mean in a nutshell? Wallpaper that LIGHTS UP.

In an effort to visualize electrical energy flows, this project shows just that through responsive materials set up to be fabulous ambient displays, reacting to energy blasted through their veins, reacting with fabulous colors galore! This project takes material design and uses it to demand users attention (quite well I’d imagine) generating in them awareness. Awareness of what, you might ask? Well first the magical innovation displayed in this project, of course, look it’s amazing. Then in the actual visual flow or energy that’d otherwise be invisible. Feel free to read these paragraphs that act as a sort of manifesto behind this project, then take a peek at the gallery and video presentation below:

Design Rationale

Can the visualization of electrical energy flows lead to textile and material innovation?

Energy is an invisible and yet incredibly valuable resource. The ways in which we consume energy, and the amount that we use, is highly unsustainable and industries are now dealing with issues surrounding energy overconsumption, origins and uses. It is important that we consider not only how we are using energy, but also where it comes from. In a world driven by innovation but struggling with sustainable concerns, the emergence of research and applications available in clean energy resources is significant, but the use of it is still not really spread from industries to individuals. Moreover, considerable development of new energy resources or technologies to noticeably increase their production and uses would take several decades.1

In the domestic environment, electricity is the first named energy manifestation. However, hidden within the design of unappealing appliances and mechanisms that minimize energy’s real importance and significance, electrical energy access is, for most people, taken for granted. Moreover, because the current market in electronic / electric appliances for domestic environment promises convenience and comfort aplenty, saving energy is still seen as something negative that make everyday life less comfortable.

The Phantom Storm Movement – Infinite Climb.

The Project X podcast series was an amazing idea, sparked by an amazing movie, shut down by an amazingly stupid group of kids from Texas.  After a shooting at a party inspired by the movie, advice was taken to change the name to decrease association with an incident neither myself nor Jeff Phantom were involved with.  However, we’re still making podcasts, filled with new music for the people.  After a 3 week hiatus, I returned to the podcast tables and got back with Jeff to help produce “Infinite Climb”.  Chocked full of House, Electro, Mashups, ‘Infinite Climb’ is for sure a recording to replay.  And please don’t mind the Kelly Clarkson in the intro, we were just having fun with the fact that I’d been gone for three weeks.  Check the method.

Ewan Dobson: Trance DJ/Acoustic Guitarist.

There are always different skill levels in any art or craft.  Your essential 3 are, novice, intermediate, and master.  Every so often you cross the barrier from master to ‘show off’, (Much like the LA Lakers, to ‘The Harlem Globe Trotters’), and I think Ewan Dobson may have just done that.  Like the Globe Trotters, Dobson has demonstrated enough insane skill with an acoustic guitar to make anyone who has a respect for live music drop their jaws.  Check his playing a trance song on a guitar (which for anyone out there dumb enough not to know… is VERY very hard.)

‘Cocktails & Condoms’ New Drop Date

Artwork: Rodney Young. Graphic Design: Reginald Sylvester

So many people have approached me recently to talk about the changed release date of  ‘Cocktails & Condoms’.  The project was to be completed on July 26th, and released on August 1st, but has now been pushed to August 14th.  The primary reason for the push is my ever lasting obsession with perfection.  This mix CD is the biggest solo production I’ve ever pushed.  I even went so far as to taking the time to travel to multiple cities around the country in order to become better familiarized with the style of music in those areas so I don’t miss out on the best new music being played around the country.  During the final steps of creation, I had to undergo a minor surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed.  Anyone who’s had the procedure knows how little you can do the first few days afterwards, and how insane it would be to do something like… travel up and down the east coast doing shows, drinking, clubbing, and working on a major release, all while partially twacked out on pain medication and suffering from sleep deprivation.  But that was the path I chose to take after the surgery, and anyone keeping up with me on twitter heard how much not taking the time to rest up took its toll on me mentally as well as physically.   So I’m back in the bay area now, and totally devoted to completing and re-editing the CD to make sure it is 110% of everything I set out for it to be.  I’ve even been fortunate enough to be blessed with some new artwork for ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ by one of my favorite illustrators, Rodney Young (above), and will also have some time to feature some new music from Rob Scott, and MSTRKRFT on the CD as well.  But from here on out, there will no more mistakes, and no more excuses, and if your fortunate enough to be in the bay area on Friday the 13th, the release party will be held at Club Sutra in San Francisco.  For everyone else, the morning of Saturday August 14th will hopefully yield one of the most unique musical experiences I’ve ever been able to provide to the public, so look out for it.

-DJ Storm.

Electric Boogaloo

I am a firm believer in the saying practice makes perfect.  I take about 1 to 2 hours every day to mix, scratch, and cut all different types of music.  Occasionally I’ll record my sessions in an attempt to fix my mistakes, and once in a while I’ll do something off the top of my head that I’m very happy with.  This 8 minute take of a mixing session already debuted on a few weeks ago, but due to an overwhelming demand for a download link, I’m putting up on the blog.  So here for your enjoyment, “Electro”.

Click to pic to download

City of Owls

DJ Jeff Phantom is back with a new Electro/House mix.  City of Owls.  Click the pic to hear or download the mix.

Jeff Phantom.