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Machine Gun Kelly ft. DMX – I Don’t Dance (Official Video).

Dark Man X and Machine Gun Kelly may not bust a move, but they still manage to keep the party’s feet moving in their new video, directed by John Colombo. X’s Undisputed is still coming.

Machine Gun Kelly Teams Up With DMX.

Personally I’ve been shocked by the public’s response to Machine Gun Kelly.  The man just seems to be a monster with songs that stick out from the crowd.  But another thing I didn’t expect was a recent collaboration with DMX for the track “I Don’t Dance”, and the duo even got together on stage to perform the track.  For those of you wondering… this video IS from the same show where DMX got attacked by a fan, which you can see here.



DMX – Time To Get Paid.

Click the pic to listen. (Courtesy of HHG)

Yes, that’s right.  For all those 80’s babies out there, take a second to soak it in.  DMX is trying to make his way back on the rap scene.  (I know you just smiled a little bit Lisa.)  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Dog, he’s endured countless trials and tribulations, not knowing how to act in public, and an arrest record longer than most rappers since 2003…  But recently he’s hooked back up with long time partner/producer Swizz Beatz to bring out “Time To Get Paid” among a few other tracks leaked on the web.  The beat for “Time To Get Paid” features a classic B.I.G. sample, and some sultry organ work on the part of Swizzy.  The beat itself is a bit different than I’m accustomed to hearing from Swizz, but it works well for the content of the song.  There are a few moments in the track that kind of confuse me, like what seems like a bridge after a chorus that sounds like it was recorded over the phone, and the only version available is edited, so half the song is in audible, BUT, all that being said, I still think the song was well constructed, and it’s already on my iPhone for repeated listening.  Click the pic to hear “Time To Get Paid”.

Stop The Party (Remix)

Click here to listen

The T.I. verse from the remix leaked a few days ago, but Busta Rhymes has recruied an all-star lineup for the hit single “Stop The Party” boasting appearances from Cam, Ghost and DMX. Click the pic to take a listen.