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Kendirck Lamar – Alright (Official Video).


Since the integration of the Canon 7D camera into the mainstream, any artist can invest in a decent to good looking music video.  It seemed for a year or two that true originality, depth, and conceptual complexity had faded off the music video scene, and every video was “the homies” out on a street corner chillin and dancing.  Luckily, leave it to Kendrick Lamar to take back the combination cenima and music.  His newest video “Alright” was brought to my attention the day it dropped, because it had amassed a million views in just one day. But in retrospect this video is worth so much more than its views. From the creative visual style brought fourth be director Colin Tilley, to the “how did they do that” visual effects, and purely the strength of the content… This “video” is a return to the short film master pieces that more artists should put out. Check the method.

WOLF by Tyler, The Creator


Rapper and frontman of Odd Future – Tyler, the Creator – has presented the trailer for his upcoming film WOLF, directed by his alter-ego Wolf Haley. The one-minute trailer begins with a close up of Tyler lighting a cigarette, before issuing the command for his gang members to beat up a nerdy version of himself. The track that plays in the background throughout the whole clip is “Rusty” featuring Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt.

French Montana Ft. J. Cole And Rick Ross – Diamonds (Official Video)

Picture 17

French Montana treated us to a double dose of visuals yesterday. After dropping the ‘Ocho Cinco’ earlier yesterday, he returns later in the afternoon with official video for ‘Diamonds’ featuring J.Cole and Rick Ross. This one is also off his “Mac & Cheese 3″ mixtape and is directed by Edgar Esteves.

Cerise Doucede – Egarements

Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-2 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-4 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-5 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-6 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-7

Cerise Doucede is a french photographer who studied between Aix-en-provence & Paris. Since 2010, she’s been working on many projects as an author-photographer, composing her own creations with a certain talent and a lot of imagination. Today we’re presenting her series Egarements, featuring situations where things got a little bit out of control. A quite fun & well directed project.

Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-8 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-9 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-10 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-12 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-13 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-14 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-15 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-17 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-18 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-19

Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, & 2 Chainz – Mercy (Official Video).

After teasing the video’s release for quite some time, Kanye West dropped the visuals for “Mercy,” featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Pusha-T.  The black and white paired-down video features the rappers dancing and rapping in a monochromatic parking garage, which makes sense, given that the song is named after the Lamborghini Murcielago (swerve). Say what you will about Kanye’s new songs (which have been criticized for lacking the emotion of his previous work), “Way Too Cold” and “Mercy” are unlike anything on his last solo effort, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye’s hungry, and he’s not going to do the same thing twice.

Jay-Z, Willow Smith, And The Annie Remake.

Daddy Warbucks, the rumors are true: Jay-Z will be overseeing music for a remake of the musical Annie and will contribute original tracks. That’s according to British actress Emma Thompson, who is writing the film, as she confirmed — along with Jay-Z’s involvement — to BBC and the U.K. Press Association. The movie is being produced by Will Smith and will star his daughter, hair-whipping Jay-Z signee and noted Odd Future fan Willow Smith.

“I think it’s a very good combination,” Thompson told the BBC. She added that film’s management was hoping to choose a director as early as this week. Thompson is pumped about the project, according to the Press Association, which quotes her as saying: “I’m writing a modern version of Annie for Willow to play, which I’m so excited about because Jay-Z is going to do the music — oh my God I’m so modern. So I am very thrilled about that.”

The movie will take place in present-day New York and will include new songs, according to Thompson’s interview with the BBC. Some of the old songs won’t make the cut, but Thompson eases any concerns that the new Annie will leave out the old standby “Tomorrow” — “that’s in, weirdly,” she’s quoted as saying. Filming reportedly starts early next year, and Thompson confirms that Willow Smith will play the title role, adding, “That’s if she doesn’t get too tall.” So we know Willow won’t be doing any “Got Milk?” ads in the coming months.

Jay-Z sampled a song from Annie for the hit single “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem),” from his 1998 album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life. The film project comes as he’s been particularly busy: flying to France for Kanye West’s Cruel Summer film premiere, raking in BET Awards nominations, fending off Guinness World Record challenges, and, oh yeah, tapping Pearl Jam to headline his own Made in America music festival. He also recently endorsed Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage, while his wife Beyoncé, will perform tonight for the first since giving birth to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter in January.

Will Smith separately confirmed the Annie project and Thompson’s role in an interview with Good Morning America this week. “Emma Thompson wrote the script for Annie,” Smith said. “She is fantastic.” Thompson co-stars with Smith in the new movie Men in Black 3, though the two met during the making of 2007 film I Am Legend.

The sun’ll come out … whenever the Fresh Prince tells us it’s coming out.

Martin Scorsese Set To Direct A Film About Rolls Royce.

Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese has announced he will produce Silver Ghost, a film that chronicles the lives of the names behind the formation of Rolls-Royce.  Silver Ghost will tell the story of motoring pioneer Lord John Douglas-Scott Montagu, his wife Cis and his secret love affair with his secretary and mistress, Eleanor Velasco Thornton.  It also will detail Montagu’s connection and friendships with Rolls-Royce founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce and British artist and sculptor Charles Sykes.  Thornton was the inspiration for the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy mascot, designed by Sykes, that to this day adorns all Rolls-Royce cars.  “When I read the story of ‘Silver Ghost’, I was mesmerised,” Scorsese said. “I immediately thought this is a picture that has to be made. I didn’t hesitate for a moment.”  The script has been penned by Kiera Knightley’s mum, Sharman Macdonald and Christian Bale is rumored to be in line to take a starring role in the film as Lord Montagu.

Bow Wow – Drank In My Cup (Freestyle).

The track ‘Drank In My Cup’ has been climbing the charts ever since it’s release earlier this year, and many an emcee have jumped on the beat to do their own versions.  Fortunately, one voice stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Bow Wow’s ‘Drank In My Cup’ freestyle has a dope video, and massive support behind it, making it one of the most seen remixes since the original song.  Check the method below.

Tyler, The Creator feat. Hodgy Beats – NY (Ned Flander) – Official Video.

Ever since the release of the video ‘Rella’ by Odd Future, I’ve been diving into their video catalog, and found some interesting titles.  In the process of looking up one of their videos to show a friend, I stumbled across their most recent.  NY (Ned Flander) is directed by Tyler, and features, Hodgy, in a similar get up to the very beginning of ‘Rella’, and has Tyler The Creator… in a surprising roll to say the least.  But check the video out below.