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Interactive Blue Light Art by Gabey Tjon a Tham


Interactive artist Gabey Tjon a Tham has created a light installation in which lights dance to music and spiral in different forms. In the piece Repetition At My Distance, the blue lights are transformed into beautiful twists that change shape as they move, sparking a new era of mobile 3D art. The art form in the future may adapt to reacting with other lights, voice and other inputs.

There are a total of 16 dancing streams of light that change with the vibrations of the speakers, varying the speed, brightness, and synchronization as the lights dim and brighten. The lights even move independently and others they all synchronize together. At some points some of the lights disappear while some remain on and still moving.

Interactive-Blue-Light-Art-by-Gabey-Tjon-a-Tham-1 Interactive-Blue-Light-Art-by-Gabey-Tjon-a-Tham-2 Interactive-Blue-Light-Art-by-Gabey-Tjon-a-Tham-4 Interactive-Blue-Light-Art-by-Gabey-Tjon-a-Tham-5

Visualizing Light…

The To Be Touched Range is a series of intuitive light controllers for the LivingColors series by Philips Design. The models in this range from a simple on/off switch to one that includes a dimmer. The beauty in these switches is the visual color effect that they imbibe. The color saturation and intensity are directly proportionate to the lighting settings chosen. So a deep color ring suggests that the lights are at their brightest. It also has a proximity-detection and sleep-mode: The device wakes up, showing the color ring, when a finger approaches. If no one is within range of the device after 15 seconds the backlight is switched off and the device goes into sleep mode.

How it works

“The main iconic color ring is touch-based and backlit for direct feedback / feedforward. It therefore can change its appearance depending on which functionality mode is selected by using the touch mode buttons with intuitive icons above the ring (for example color, saturation and intensity for the color user interface). With the To Be Touched user interfaces you have a choice of an infinite variety of colors –at the touch of a finger. In short, you control light with light.”

Currently in 4 models:

  • On/off/dim (IR)
  • Color Temperature (DMX)
  • Color (DMX)
  • On/off/dim (Dali)