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#StandWithHer, The Essie Justice Movement.


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With the rising rates of incarceration, not only in the Bay Area, but in the U.S. overall, many more people are beginning to feel the squeeze of mass incarceration.  Those who have incarcerated loved ones may rarely be the focus of sympathy when someone is locked up, but families, and specifically women in those families get hit hard. These women are left to manage finances, care for children and hold families together, often at an enormous personal cost. Essie Justice Group will build a movement to support and connect women, and empower them to advocate for change in the justice system. The Essie group has set up the non-profit #StandWithHer program in order to provide support for women in these situations.


Essie Justice Group

More information on Essie can be found here, at, and you can do worlds of help as well.  Essie has been selected by Google in the ‘Google Impact challenge’, and Essie’s plan is to win a grant that will reach 1000 women and families over the next two years, and impact thousands more by shifting public attitudes and criminal justice policies.  Click any of the photos to cast your vote, share the post, and help women left in need by the effects of mass incarceration.



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The Real Life ‘Robin Hood’ Teams Up With United.

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Normally I hate starting a post with a video, but in this case I feel it’s well deserved.  The ‘Robin Hood’ charity organization fights multiple causes from all around the world, and has teamed up to create two simultaneous events, to help fight poverty in New York city.  With the help of United Airlines, young adults can fly from all over the world to help in this massive doing of good.  You can check out more information about this amazing charity by clicking here.


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Christmas In Tokyo?

Even though Christmas is not a traditional Japanese celebration, few places in the world mark December 25 with such gusto as Tokyo.  The Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo has announced a WISH.forJapan Christmas package that is available December 10-25.  10 percent of the price, which starts at Y52,000 per night will go to support people affected by the earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan in March.  The hotel, which opened in March 2009 in the top 11 floors of the 37-storey Marunouchi Trust Tower alongside Tokyo Station, launched its WISH.forJapan charitable program immediately after the disasters struck. The package includes a special bottle of spumante, made by Bottega of Italy, which created a one-off white bottle featuring the logo of the program, as well as WISH candy made by Papabubble, which is originally from Barcelona.  Guests will also enjoy a Christmas cake made by the hotel’s executive pastry chef and breakfast at the Restaurant Piacere or The Lobby Lounge, as well as access to the hotel’s health club and swimming pool.

Rick Ross in Boston & P.A.

The ‘I Am Still Music’ tour has been a massive hit all over the country, and Rick Ross has been keeping a video blog of all his memorable locations since the beginning.  I found this particular “episode” a tad fascinating because there are a few segments of Rosay walking around Best Buy, and meeting up with Bam Margera.  (Random, but true.)  And I was very impressed with the fact that Ross was both well aware of the death of Ryan Dunn, and more than willing to help out with a charity being set up in his memory.  Check the method below.

Think Panda.

When you see a tuna, think panda. The bluefin tune is now critically endangered to the point of extinction. Industrial overfishing, fueled by the voracious appetite for tuna in several parts of Asia, is killing off the remaining breeding populations. Act quickly to save what’s left. Don’t sell, buy or eat this endangered species. And please support the bluefin defense campaign. Operation Blue Rage, at

Designers Against Child Slavery.

I try to give to charity, or donate my time to help different causes as often as I can, and its my belief that everyone in the entertainment community has a responsibility to try and help out.  We’re all given such amazing opportunities every single day, and sharing our talents, or the benefits of our talents can go a long way, so when I came across Designers Against Child Slavery, I knew I had to spread the word.  Designers Against Child Slavery (DACS) is a Design Collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the child sex trade. Their goal is to see just how effective artists can be when they start breaking the boundaries of Culture, race, religion, and backgrounds to unite for a just cause, and use their unique styles and talents to give a voice to the voiceless. DACS is a group of Artists with a passion for making a difference in the world. Leveraging their unique gifts and styles to produce artwork, with the intentions of raising awareness about the child sex trade and inspiring others to find a way to use their talents to impact this world.