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There’s A New Reason To Recycle… Art.

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Once you’re done drinking out of an aluminum can, there isn’t much left to do but recycle it. Not for Japanese artist Makaon, though. He takes these would-be discarded cans and turns them into sculptures featuring characters from popular culture. We see the Super Mario Brothers, Batman, Pikachu, and even Buzz Lightyear crafted out of the various colorful packaging.

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To construct these works, Makaon takes small pieces of the aluminum and bends it to form the shapes that he wants. Any given sculpture might have two or three different brands of drinks depending on their color. Coca Cola provides Mario with a bright red hat while Carlsberg Beer gives Yoshi his green sheen. Makaon has also managed to find a label that includes a peachy skin tone in its design, meaning that he can accurately depict the human faces. Each character is angular in shape with a rigid-looking build. But, this doesn’t stop them from feeling like a fun and energetic tribute to the pop culture icons that we know and love.

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via MyModernMet

PLAY Comme des Garçons x Coca-Cola.

Ashley Shen created designs for a limited edition collaboration between Coca-Cola and PLAY Comme des Garçons. Presented are three designs, that package the classic Coke can in the PLAY design.  Whether or not these designs are going to become available for purchase in your local convenience store is unclear.

A. Le Coq Premium.

During three hectic weeks in 2008, Tallinn based illustrator and tattoo artist Kristjan Luiga designed a cool can for Estonian beer brewer A. Le Coq. The design clearly gets its inspiration from graffiti and the twisted design looks almost like a street art version of Penrose stair. The cans are no longer in production so you will have to make due with a couple of images of Kristjan Luiga wonderful design after the jump.

The Colorless Can.

And eco friendly package proposal, a convex logo substitutes the traditional colorfully sprayed can. Naked can help to reduce air and water pollution occurred in its coloring process. It also reduces energy and effort to separate toxic color paint from aluminum in recycling  process. Huge amount of  energy and paint required to manufacture colored cans will be saved.Instead of toxic paint, manufacturers process aluminum with  a pressing machine that indicates brand identity on surface.

How Do You Spray-Paint Light?

French designer Aissa Logerot has developed ‘halo’ an LED light spray.  Instead of spraying paint it has an LED that sprays light. not only can the LED’s brightness be altered, but the colors are interchangeable.  If the light doesn’t have enough battery, users simply have to shake it to have energy again.  It’s one of the sickest photography tools I’ve seen in quite some time.