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Ms. Porsche Foxx.

Porsche_Foxx - 31

Porsche Foxx is the beautiful model from Dallas, Texas. Her captivating looks already have the modeling world buzzing. Already in just one year she has already been featured in major music videos and national magazine such as Black Men Magazine, Smooth and others.  Her sex appeal and classy modeling style gives any product that perfect shine. She recently moved to Miami, Florida where she has easier access to modeling jobs. She continues to excel forward with her management company the who has managed some of the biggest names in the business such as Draya Michelle, Tahiry and many others. Being a professional is just part of what she does and her fun personality is always a bonus when working with Porsche Foxx. She’s got the beauty and she’s got the booty.

Porsche_Foxx - 03

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Ms. Ella Field.

ella_field - 22 ella_field - 19 ella_field - 45 ella_field - 3beth_bedingfield_62

Model, actress, aspiring recording artist Ella Field is more than comfortable in front of any camera.  This Greek, Italian, and Colombia video vixen been living and working in Los Angeles since 2007, and having an athletic and dance background has definitely helped her 32-25-39 physique. You can check out more of her work in Somaya Reece’s “Tramp” video, 
Giovani’s “Giddy Up”, and 
Flo Rider’s “Right Round” video.

ella_field - 20

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Ms. Esmee Luciano.

Esmee-Luciano - 02 Esmee-Luciano - 33 Esmee-Luciano - 46Esmee-Luciano - 60

It’s been said for quite some time now that ‘Jersey girls’ do it better’, and half Cuban, half Puerto Rican Esmee Luciano may be a perfect example.  This particular Jersey girl stands 5′ 2″ and measures up at 32C-26-40.  Luciano has graced the pages of King Magazine, Blackmen Magazine, and Straight Stuntin’, among many others.  Check out some more of her photos and a behind the scenes video shoot below.


Esmee-Luciano - 57 Esmee-Luciano - 04 Esmee-Luciano - 07 Esmee-Luciano - 59

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Miss Angelina Ivy.

angelina_ivy - 04angelina_ivy - 17angelina_ivy - 08angelina_ivy - 42angelina_ivy - 20angelina_ivy - 31

Angelina Ivy is Swedish and Chilean and when she’s not modeling, she’s recording music, creating art or dancing for special events. Spending most of her time at dog beach and practicing her serve at the tennis courts are just a few of her other hobbies.  The 32H-22-38 model started with a Pin-Up style modeling background and known for appearances in Lowrider Magazine, Angelina was raised mostly in Southern CA, Ivy has also lived in Miami, Philadelphia, New Jersey and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

angelina_ivy - 22angelina_ivy - 18angelina_ivy - 34angelina_ivy - 19angelina_ivy - 26angelina_ivy - 21

DJ Robbie Wilde. The DEAF DJ.


So upon reading the title of this post, people probably did either one of two things.  A, you either giggled, and thought “how could you have a deaf disk jockey”, or B, you’ve seen the incredible (and global) HP commercial that started airing recently, so you know exactly who I’m talking about.  If you happen to be in the A category, let me remind you that it’s hard enough to do what a true DJ does with all you senses intact, much less if one of them is missing.  Robbie’s story is one that proves that no matter what people say that you can’t do, if you want it bad enough, you can do it… even if it means becoming a deaf musician.  ‘It’s better to be the first you, than the second of someone else’. – Clinton Sparks.

Marina Victoria.

Normally when it comes to models, my team and I find scattered pieces of information around the net and compile them for a post, then sprinkle it with some of our personal opinions. But in the case of the gorgeous Marina Victoria, her bio reads like a book. In respects to whoever wrote it, I couldn’t break it up, so you can take a read after her pictures below.

On April 26, 1987 at 10: 30 am, her first smile was seen as she entered the world in a small town called Evpatoria, Ukraine. “Marina!” her mother would call into the neighborhood playground from her kitchen window. They lived in a poor building where 5 – 7 different families would share the same bathroom and kitchen. Growing up was not easy especially with her dad abandoning them, leaving her mom Juliya with two children to raise and no job or any sort of income. Growing up, she was a tom boy. She used to always get into fights, climb fences and trees, and almost blew up the neighborhood when her and her friend decided to make a bond fire beside a gas tank. Of course she will never forget the beating she got from an old lady and her grandmother who caught them. Although Marina always tried to live her life to the fullest and stay positive, she knew that she was meant to be more.

At the age of 7, her mother Juliya and the daughters were on the line of being homeless. Juliya borrowed money for an airplane ticket to go to Canada to work and bring back money to survive, while leaving her two daughters with their ill grandmother. When Juliya arrived to Canada, she was standing at the airport with five dollars in her pocket, no English or relatives to turn to. As she started praying to god she heard “Excuse me, would you be kind enough to help me with my luggage?” an old lady asked . They got to talking, and Juliya ended up staying with the old lady while taking care of her grandkids and cleaning houses on the side.

After two and a half long years, Marina and her mom were finally reunited when she arrived to Canada at the age of 9. Juliya was still cleaning houses and going to college while Marina went to elementary school. It was not easy for Marina to get used to this lifestyle. She did not have any friends and did not speak English at all. After a few months of being in Canada, Marina gained a lot of weight due to different environment and food. She was always made fun of at school, which made it harder for her to accept and live her new life in Canada. The summer before high school, Marina went back to her hometown for the summer, where she swam everyday with her old family and friends and ate healthy like she used.

When she came back, she lost all the extra weight, her skin was silky tanned, and body toned. Her life changed dramatically. She went to a new school, met a lot of new friends. Her mom and her friends always told her she should get into modeling, but being a young teenager and previous self esteem issues, she never took it seriously. She decided to pursue her passion for dancing instead. She started to take dance lessons at the age of 14, and at the age of 17 she was in a famous dance group called School of Mayhem. Unfortunately hard times hit and she had to stop dancing, quit school, and took on three jobs to help out with bills at home and take care of her family financially in Ukraine.

Later, she decided to take her first modeling gig, and was a feature on a well known Canadian retail clothing website. She then took on more challenging offers that allowed her to display her background in dance with projects that gave her lead roles in music videos.

What was supposed to be just a hobby, has taken Marina to places she could not have imagined in her wildest dreams, from winning the number one spot in the SCN Bikini contest 2006, to fashion shows, to music videos and Magazine features, Marina is recognized by more people everyday for her unique Korean/Russian look and her outstanding personality. She is currently the spokes model for ProjectBounce Inc. which is one of the largest companies in Canada for urban media. MV’s journey has only just begun…

The Flight Simulation Center In Stuttgart, Germany.

Even those who are afraid of flying might enjoy the experience of piloting a Boeing 737 at the simmINN Flight Simulation Center in Stuttgart, Germany.  The reason confidence is two-fold.  One: The aircraft does not leave the ground as the full-size replica of Boeing 737 with its Learjet 45x cockpit are firmly indoors.  Two: The outside of the plane looks so cool that you will forget your phobias and just want to hop in and fly.  Frankfurt-based architect Boris Banozic is responsible for the concept, interior and graphic design of this center that is open to the general public. Yes, you, too can book a two-hour flight, piloted by Captain You and no crew.  Now, if only an airline company picked up this concept as their head-office design, then I would be really impressed.

You’ve Never Flown Like This.

Comlux, a charter company based in Zurich, unveiled its latest custom-fitted ultra-luxury jet, an Airbus A320 Prestige suitable for up to 19 passengers.  Top-quality, exclusive materials were used throughout, with a natural color palette that echoes the sand and sky of the desert.  The main room offers a VIP lounge with L shaped divan, two club seats and a large dining table for 6 guests.  A fully private compartment offers either a cozy lounge for the day or a large double bed for the night. A dedicated bathroom with shower completes the private lounge.  The plane has ample seating for members of a VIP’s travelling entourage. It also has a large cargo belly, allowing transportation of large amounts of luggage.  This A320 is equipped with the latest technologies such as GSM, new touch screens, mood-lighting, wifi internet access and iPod/iPhone.

Puerto Vallarta’s Fantasy Villa.

This wildly magnificent villa is located at the very tip of Punta Mita, the most northern point of Banderas Bay with views of the Pacific Ocean and across Banderas Bay to Puerto Vallarta with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the background. Casa El Destino, completed in 2008 by Mexico-based architecture firm Possenbacher Design, with interiors completed by California based design firm Barbara Page Interiors. This oceanfront home is a blend of contemporary and colonial Mexico, consisting of 18,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor living featuring seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.  I’d just be down to relax in the living room with adjoining wet bar, dine in the dining room or enjoy the outdoor eating areas.  Girls can lounge under the grand Palapa, take a swim in the ocean front infinity pool, or enjoy a workout in the fully equipped gym.  All in all this villa comes out to a rate of $7,600-$11,000 per night.

Sarah Jane Swag.

I have to start out by saying I’m NOT bragging, but after some of women I’ve featured on this blog have gotten me onto CNN, and Sports Illustrated, I feel like I have a pretty good eye.  And although I’ve featured a gambit of models, with varying looks and styles and experience levels, but its rare to put a model up that’s cut entirely from a different cloth.  Sarah Jane is light years ahead of the “I look good half naked with my sexy face on” type of models that scatter the airwaves now a days.  This Texas raised beauty spent her growing years in Dallas, and made a move to the bay area some time after high school.  To date, her modeling portfolio is quite stunning and seems to be getting bigger by the day.  She can personify any style, is commanding of the camera with any photographer she shoots with, and can play any character a shoot could call for.  All in all, I’d have to Sarah Jane is one of the most well rounded, versatile, and ‘swagged out’ artists I’ve come across in a while.  You can check her out on twitter @SarahJaneSwag, and check out her pictures below.

Sweet Miss Sara Lime.

Sara Lime is an Iranian born model that is currently living in Los Angeles. Her career as a model has delivered her to such endeavors as print and jewelry modeling, live event appearances, swimsuit, lingerie, as well as Internet modeling. Expanding her modeling experience, Sara Lime has also appeared in music videos from Optimus (Pot Of Rain, and On The Grind) and a few theatre productions.

Jenny Chu.

I always get questions about what it is that actually gets a woman on the blog.  Guys always suggest women, and women always assume its only about beauty.  That couldn’t be farther than the truth.  However, in very few cases, the team and I will agree on a girl before we see her resume just off the strength of her look.  The Southern California beauty Jenny Chu is one of those few.  ½ Chinese, ½ Vietnamese, she seems to have been all over the place, and had her hand in everything.  Miss Chu has done spreads in everything from Show Magazine to Cage Fighting Magazine(diversity.)  And one of the sexiest things to me personally is a woman that into cars.  Jenny’s been in videos for the Fast and the Furious 3, and in Import Tuner as well as Girls of Lowrider Spread.  As if that wasn’t dope enought, she’s shared the screen in videos with Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy, Young Dro, Chingy, Too $hort, Mario, and Slum Village.  Other gigs like a documentary on Vida Guerra, being on the Wild Card Poker Tour and Street Fury on G4TV just take her over the top.  Can’t wait to check her at an Hot Import Nights show.

Anna Rincon vs. Vanna Black.

So, once again the time has come when I need the public’s personal opinion. After a conversation between a staff-member and I about the two lovely women below, I decided to put up another poll and ask who you think is hotter



Anna Rincon has proven to be a triple threat in mainstream media; demonstrating capabilities of excelling with talent in Film as an Actress, A video Model and having the grace and looks to cover magazines as well as showing off her dance moves. Her nationality being Mexican- American gives her the opportunity to work in both English and Spanish market. Being Beautiful and Talented defines her in the category to be one of the most wanted Video/Model Vixen in the Music industry- she has worked with major artists like Colby O Donis, International artist Akon, R&B megastar Usher and Latin Urban Artist Daddy Yankee. Along with video modeling, she has graced magazine covers of Source and Low Rider Magazines, as well as going international for centerfolds all over Latin America. Anna Rincon’s diverse talent has proven to be a natural when it comes to films and television media. She has previously worked on MTV, Si Tv and Telemundo to host and has been invited for numerous guest appearances. Although Anna is always busy, she finds time to unwind and hopes to open her dance studio and agency one day.

The incredible rapper/model is of African-American, French, Irish, Dutch, and Cherokee heritage, giving her an exotic and stunning appearance that is all her own. She was born and raised in the corrupted slums of West Philadelphia.  Vanna began rapping during her freshman year in high school. “I was always a good writer and always loved rap and one night I was just sitting around and started writing,” she recalls. “I took it to school the next day and let the boys hear it and they loved it. I kept doing it and after a while it turned into a passion.”  She first considered modeling a year later when a photographer approached her and offered to take some photos of her. A few short years later Vanna found her career beginning to take off. Thus far, her stint in modeling has been a successful one. Vanna has appeared in the pages of several top urban magazines as well as in numerous product advertisements, music videos, and calendars. Her resume continues to grow.

Kuwait’s Hotel Missoni.

The new Missoni Hotel in Kuwait held its official launch party this week, a timely reminder that when it comes to fashion hotels, travelers just can’t get enough.  Guests have been able to check in at Missoni since the hotel opened its doors in February, but this week’s star-studded launch saw three generations of the Missoni family on hand to launch their second property — and confirm that properties in Oman, Brazil and Turkey are in the pipeline.

The Kuwait property now features the 18th floor Luna restaurant with views of the Gulf, although it’s still not quite complete as the 1,500 Six Senses Spa still isn’t open.  All 169 of the hotel’s rooms face the sea and feature gold patterning and rich colors which the hotel describes as “unmistakably Missoni,” with a further 63 suites that feature dining and lounge quarters in addition to the bedroom.

Hotels from the world’s fashion houses are becoming commonplace in many cities now, even though the grand opening of one of the most anticipated, the Armani hotel in Dubai, was somewhat overshadowed by the country’s crippling financial crisis.

Designers are still convinced that we want to sleep in rooms from our favorite brands though, with Bulgari planning a property in London, Elisabetta Gucci planning a series of hotels (though they’re not strictly related to the Gucci brand) and Maison Moschino already open to guests in Milan.

Perhaps unsurprising, then, that even international television channel Fashion TV is getting in on the game, planning a new property in Dubai in partnership with Al Habtoor (which already operates Dubai’s luxury Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa).

The five-star hotel hotel will rise 30 storeys and will be decorated with the world’s largest LED screen, 100 meters tall, showing Fashion TV highlights.  For fashion lovers, that — and the 50,000-DVD ‘history of fashion’ film library — sounds like paradise. For everyone else, there’s always the Burj Al Arab.

Sally Ferreira.

Many of the models already featured on the blog has a particular niche, or style that fits them best in their photos, but Sally Ferreira out of Queens, NY is hands down the most versatile model I’ve wanted to put on this blog. It doesn’t seem to matter what the concept, the photography style, or the premise of the photo, Sally Ferreira owns the photo every time. She’s appeared in SMOOTHgirl Magazine, In The House Magazine, and Bridges Magazine, just to name a few. She’s been in a slew of music videos by artists like Cassidy, Don Omar, Bun B, Keyshia Cole, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and G Unit. Sally’s been on TV with Busta Rhymes, and is the only model I know to have been in an episode of ‘Sex And The City’. (2008 “Future Samantha”). Kudos to Sally Ferreira, this 5 foot 5 Dominican seems to be all over the place all of the time.