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2016’s First Great Music Video.


2 Chainz’s Trap-A-Velli Tre standout “Watch Out” now has an official music video, and it just might be in the running for best of the year. The hilarious clip features the head of the Atlanta rapper being plastered on various bodies, everything from a dancing boy to a couple guys playing basketball and more. As if the song wasn’t already popular enough, this undeniably entertaining visual should ensure that it stays in rotation for weeks and months to come.

YMCMB In Australia.

It seems like Derrik G. is always on the move with the YMCMB crew now a days.  In his most recent video, he documents Baby’s progress through Hawaii to Australia for some shows on the “I Am Still Music” world tour.  Check the video below.

Jay-Z’s Tribute To His Daughter.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl is making pop chart history in the U.S. after becoming the youngest act ever to be credited on a Billboard Hot 100 hit.  Little Blue Ivy Carter was just hours old when proud dad Jay-Z recorded her crying and added it to the end of his new tune “Glory,” which he released to the internet recently.. and the song is already a hit.  It will debut at 74 on the new Billboard countdown when it’s officially released on Thursday (and that’s a new record for the artist credited as B.I.C.)  She trumps Stevie Wonder’s newborn Aisha, who appeared on his “Isn’t She Lovely”, because the soul man never officially credited his baby as a collaborator on the record.

The Fastest Stroller You’ve Ever Seen.

The Porsche Design P’4911 is a new baby stroller designed by David Dawod for the luxury automaker.  The Porsche Design P’4911 is invented to be lightweight and easy to handle. The stroller is constructed of carbon fiber, aluminum, leather and ball-bearing wheels.  This Porsche stroller is foldable and can be fit into any compact Porsche, making it an easy ride for both parents and the infant.  The designer has taken care of the safety aspect of the infant as the stroller is equipped with a front safety belt, which enhances its sleek design too.

YMCMB Take L.A. (VMA’s And Lil Wayne’s C4 Release Party)

There’s no doubt that YMCMB has been doing it big for a few years.  But when the entire group descended on Los Angeles, for the Video Music Awards, and Lil Wayne’s record release party, things got a little crazy.  Check the method below.

Lil Niqo’s BMF Freestyle.

Child exploitation is always something I’ve been apposed to.  It takes a person time and experience to be good at what they do.  Although it takes 1,000 hours to be an expert at your craft, some people seem to skip ahead.  One of my best friends showed me a video the other day of a rapper named Lil Niqo.  I was shocked to find out that the “Lil” in Lil Nio was nothing short of the understatement of the year.  None the less, the people behind him have put a lot of effort into presenting him to the world.  Check out his BMF freestyle, and feel free to share your opinion of it.

Louis Vuitton for Babies?

Louis Vuitton and Yana Peel hosted an “Art for Baby” opening reception on 18th January 2011 at Espace Louis Vuitton Hong Kong.  The “Art for Baby” exhibition brought together in celebration of the Asia launch of the highly-acclaimed book by the same name.  It showcases the 20th century’s most prolific painters from America, Europe and Asia, with works by Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Julian Ope and Takashi Murakami.  Chosen from among works by Kasmir Malevich, Paul Morrison, Bridget Riley and David Shrigley, each of whom is also featured in the Art for Baby book.  The book Art for Baby was conceived by Yana Peel on the basis of scientific evidence that when babies are first born, they can see colour but have not yet developed the ability to distinguish similar tones.  As a result, bold graphics along with monochromatic black and white contrasts provide them with the tools to nurture their visual skills, while at the same time introduce them to the world of art.  The Art for Baby exhibition opens on 19 January and continues until April 2011, with all book sales going to Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne – Fire Flame (Remix) Behind The Scenes.

Click the pic to watch the video.

Recently I got a glimpse of the making of the “Fire Flame (Remix)” music video, produced by Derick G.  (The behinds the scenes footage was Derick, not the entire music video).  The footage catches Wayne and Birdman in Wayne’s first music video shot since his release from jail, and shows the extravagant new set, which Mack Maine describes as a “sequel to the movie” which was the original.  DJ Khaled and a few others are scattered around in the footage, revealing some pretty dope cameos which I can’t wait to see in the finished product.

Nicki Minaj’s Birthday Party @ Tao

Now a days everyone talks about “doing it big”.  Weather your an artist, disk jockey, promoter, what have you, most entertainers tend to pine for the better things in life.  When I saw a video of Nicki Minaj’s recent birthday celebration at Tao in Las Vegas, it simply made me wonder… “When you have everything you’ve always wanted, when your already doing it big, what more can you ask for?  How much bigger can you get?”  Check the video below to see Nicki’s ridiculous party.

Birdman – Fire Flame (Offical Video)

I’ve always been a fan of YMCMB, and weather people know it or not I’m bit more of a fan of Birdman than I am of his ‘son’.  So when I heard the song Fire Flame a while back, I was always curious as to what the video would look like.  So here it is, check the method below… and remember that this is what happens when some hood-folk get money. lol.

Money To Blow… On Designer Drugs.

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Its always great as a musician when your inspired by your peers, especially if they aren’t in the same field of work as you are.  Not too long ago I was at Stanford University, when a friend of mine, (Rodney Gateau) turned me on to a song named ‘Drop Down’ by the electro group Designer Drugs.  After procuring the song for myself, I began to come up with a mix in head, put it on the tables and fleshed it out.  If you manuvered your way to this blog from, then you have already heard some of the mix, if not all.  But here for your listening pleasure, is a remix of ‘Money To Blow’ by Baby, ft. Drake & Lil Wayne, with the beat of ‘Drop Down’ by Designer Drugs.