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Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Many many moons ago, (about 4 years) I went to the movies with a close friend of mine, the photographer Audrey Amelie to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, and I had an amazing time.  Ever since then I have a really positive association with anything Ice Age, and since the first time I saw the new short called “Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up”, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it no less than 65 times.  The short is almost like a DVD bonus movies that you get now a days, and features Scrat doing what he does best, freaking out, and chasing a single acorn.  For those of you who have never seen any of the Ice Age movies, Scrat (pictured above) is a character who’s story line in the movies is totally separate from anything else going on in the movie, but as the movie progresses, his story always aligns with the main story arc.  So it’s interesting that he was given his own moment in the spotlight, and although it’s relatively short, it’s still quite enjoyable.  (And one of the few family friendly things on this blog.)  Click the picture to watch the movie.

Audrey Amelie Photography

Photo by Audrey Amelie

Every so often, at a gallery, or art show, a piece of art catches your eye, be it a painting, sketch, or photograph.  Most of the time the artists who produce these pieces and display them for the world, have 2 or 3 out of their entire collection that out shines everything else around it.  It’s very rare to find a painter, sketch artist, or photographer who’s every single piece is a masterful work that grabs your attention, and demonstrates that individual is master of their craft.  Audrey Amelie is the type of photographer that displays this type of rare skill with her photos.  Click the pics to see more of her work.