Stateside Sandwiches (Pt.1)


Design student Kelly Pratt has started a tasty creativity challenge called Stately Sandwiches, where she makes a sandwich inspired by each of the 50 states and turns it into a poster design before consuming her creation.  I didn’t know how accurate these were until I saw hawaii and New Jersey.  Check and see if yours is accurate.

minnesota-stately-sandwiches massachusetts-stately-sandwich maryland-stately-sandwiches louisiana-stately-sandwiches Kentucky-Stately-Sandwiches kansas-stately-sandwiches iowa-stately-sandwich indiana-stately-sandwiches illinois-stately-sandwiches hawaii-stately-sandwiches georgia-stately-sandwich connecticut-stately-sandwiches colorado-state-sandwich California-Stately-Sandwiches arizona-stately-sandwich alabama_stately-sandwiches


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