Art Noir is reminiscent of the classic era of films of the 1940’s-50’s; nostalgic films founded on good vs. evil, crime and revenge and where the hero saves the day.  By today’s standards, art noir is all about style more than crime.

Artist  Marko Manev has created a series of eye-catching Superhero Noir Posters. Featuring Batman, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine and more.

Born in Skopje, Macedonia Marko Manev is a conceptual mixed-media artist, graphic designer & illustrator. Active in the fine art and the pop-culture tribute art scene, he currently works as freelance designer and illustrator, creating limited edition prints and movie posters.

His clientele includes Marvel, Lucas Films, 20th Century Fox and Star Wars to name a few. His passion noir film posters from a bygone era have inspired his brilliant series. His noir era art has a bold look and an iconography all its own, taking us back to kinder, simpler times when the hero saved the day.

Last Son

Armored Avenger

Caped Crusader

Sentinel of Liberty

Raging Monster


Wild Animal

God of Thunder