26a6797cf8a4e04ed56058f343d8c37eHigh fashion can be interpreted in many different ways.  But one of our favorite examples is a beautiful collection from Yakovlev & Aleeva titled “Fluff” check the method below.

bdc1596020068b71332fe8786e154d33 6e1ba6bd6ec1903783fd2677406b56b9 4bfab876df09f08d5d9947c2b2a4f5b0 4defe45180da47262aa37da7a03a901f 56b4680100a16deab2501e342e91868c ed099db5ec713266d20b2fcb4bb27949 3e0cebe025154a70df4cc8654f4148d8 6e8e4da0bda94e7cca0ebb2ead79dfde caeda45177f74310aeae4dc2531041f2 0373a2b37839c7784ed2485c02d6048d 11a10f32c20466533c0fc75f07caedbe f81caa961b6d0abf0216c77f6ab622f7 7a32a712de3c7e14c779b1379d263d9d 66600982b973b99aed20a62f370b7574 5e1bcbaa28ed6098483a5c6eb2f33304

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