The 2Rise Interactive Map.


A beautyfull designed map packed in a touch table presentation. Network connections can be manipulated in realtime, additional information is shown and videos, pictures or live news can be put in focus.  The client that hired 2Rise to produce this project was heavily inspired by the movie Oblivion.  Check photos and live demo below.

47aef7ebde71faa38e37faba89346bcd 9a62bab32ed59497b4f3c79df78f43d9 6060d0c050d0120c03f1b0d45438a6ed 746cbdc621385dafa94e321f0f6f9063 98a4039d52a4658253b63d869a59ccc6 ae7b5def37a57737118b174d3378fbc0 2ae39449995a14c3a27f2ce8013fe7b7

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