From Scribbles To Furniture.

DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts14 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts13-1 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts11 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts10 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts13 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts7At first glance, you might think these scenes are just rough line drawings along a wall. However, upon closer inspection, it quickly becomes clear that each “illustration” is actually formed out of purposefully arranged wire. Entitled Rough Sketch Products, the series of unique pieces was developed by Tokyo University of the Arts student Daigo Fukawa for his 2013 senior thesis exhibition.  When seated upon the scribbles that compose the bench and the variety of chairs, it looks as if visitors are caught in the middle of a drawing that hasn’t quite been finished. The creations offer a world of imagination that instills a sense of playfulness in those who sit upon it. The functional 3D sketches are an amazing take on furniture design and would certainly add a touch of whimsy to any room.

DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts1 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts2 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts3 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts4 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts5 DaigoFukawaRoughSketchProducts6

  1. December 16th, 2013

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