Anaya Hayes.

Dedicated, passionate and driven, Anaya Hayes says she always knew she would grow to be a star when she sang her first note at the impressionable age of 6.  Anaya was born into a culturally rich Egyptian/Nubian household in the diverse city of Toronto.  She caught the “stage bug” at age 7 and complimented her passion for singing by becoming an accomplished jazz and ballet dancer before the age of 10.   In her teens, Anaya took an opportunity that was presented to her and began modeling. Too short for the runway, this bilingual beauty graced numerous ad campaigns, fashion spreads and music videos.  Ms. Hayes was able to use her fame to create the character and personality “Anaya Hayes: Celebrity Event Host” and began coordinating and hosting some of the biggest parties in cities like Toronto, Miami and New York.  Always committed to broadening her horizons, Anaya also studied Geriatric Social Work and Event Coordination and later became a monthly magazine columnist. (All by the age of 21.)  You can find her in music videos like Drake & Trey Songz’ hit single “Replacement Girl”.

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