The Infinite Shampoo Prank.

Over the years, my friends and I have played intricate pranks on each other, some resulting in a friendly laugh at the end, and others ending in people being put on the U.S. Homeland security ‘No Fly List’. (Sorry Jon.)  But we always aim so above-and-beyond with our pranks that the simple ones elude us.  My homegirl Gia was in town this past week, and somewhere along the line of reminiscing on life in Jersey, a video came up that caught my attention in the funniest way.  A simple prank in the shower that I would never have thought of personally, but is mellifluously genius.  The kid taking the shower isn’t poisoned, or having some horrid chemical dumped on his hair, it IS simply just shampoo getting poured on him, but the length of time it takes him to figure it out is astonishing.  Check the method below.

  1. I want to hear more about getting Jon on the ‘no-fly’ list :))


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