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The Walking Wheel.

Face it… everyone ages. By then, you’ll appreciate having as many alternatives as possible to get around. Designed as an introduction to assistive mobility, the walking wheel takes inspiration from the traditional walking stick without the total reliance. Designer Markus Erlando Gekeler certainly knows so.

The Walking Wheel can be used as a crutch for walking or leaned on for support when standing. An integrated pressure-sensitive brake gives the user grip in both modes. Because it uses the same diameter as standard bicycle wheels, it can be fitted with tires of varying tread type to accommodate different terrain types and scenarios from hiking to casual walking. Better yet, there’s nothing quite like it! So, it doesn’t have the stigma associated with old age and physical debilitation.

Spin The Shot


Spin the bottle was one of our favorite childhood games, and the folks at Barbuzzo have just introduced a modified version for adults aptly called Spin The Shot. As you can easily guess from looking at the device, this game is just like spin the bottle, but without the middle school kissing. Unless of course you want to make your own rules. Simply pour a shot of your favorite good stuff into the provided shot glass, spin the wheel, and whomever the arrow lands on must take a shot.

Revolights Bike Lighting System

Revolights is a simple yet very effective LED flash light projecting device for bicycles. While projecting the flash lights with the wheel mounted LED rings, the Revolights gives the illusion of forward motion at all speeds. Containing a Li-on rechargeable battery the Revolights aims to provide good visibility on road with two lights, one heading the bike and the other red one in the back for brakes.

The ‘Victor’ Bike.

The ‘Victor’ bike is a concept bicycle created by montreal based designer christophe robillard.  The design features a bent tubular frame that appears to wind continuously.  The bend is most noticeable in the back wheel, where the ends of the tube eventually connect to the respective left and right rear axle.  ‘Victor’ is a  fixed gear bike with a chain guard and a front wheel hand brake.  It is equipped with reflectors on the back fender and front tube.