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Armani Creates Swiss-made Watches


Iconic Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has created his first ever line of Swiss-made watches, which were unveiled Sunday in Milan during the city’s men’s fashion week. Presented at the Teatro Armani in Milan (a former Nestlé factory converted into a performance space by the fashion brand), the watches are Armani’s first ever Swiss-made timepieces. The designer treated a select group of attendees to a preview of the full collection. A few key stages in the manufacturing process were undertaken with a group of craftsmen showing off the handiwork that goes into the timepieces, which are designed to mix innovation and tradition.

workstations-Armani-watch-600x400 Armani-Swiss-Made-watch-sketch-600x423

Smarty Ring


Smart watches have been all the rage on the tech scene, but we’ve yet to see a smart ring. Well that’s exactly what Smarty Ring is, and seeing that they just surpassed their goal on IndieGoGo, this concept may soon become a reality. Rather than having to pull out your phone a hundred times a day to check for updates on Facebook, you can now get all of your text, chat, and social network notifications sent right to your fingers. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, this smart ring will work on both iOS and Android powered devices (with an interactive app built for both), and also lets users manage their calls from their fingers as well. You can do everything from accepting/rejecting incoming calls to speed dial and emergency calls. There’s even a built-in butt call alert for those accidental dials. The Smarty Ring also comes with a built-in clock that displays five different time zones, and even includes a stop watch as well for training in the gym. The ring itself is crafted from allergy free surgical stainless steel, uses LED lights for the display, and includes a wireless charger.

Smarty-Ring-1 Smarty-Ring-3 Smarty-Ring-4

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch


Garmin have announced the D2 Pilot watch, an ultra-slick, wrist-friendly GPS watch designed for pilots. It includes all the basic features on other old-school aviator watches, but offers other features gadget-hungry pilots will appreciate. You can load a flight plan on it and check GPS ground speed, GPS track, distance, estimated route time, bearing, glide ratio, and more. The wrist-sized GPS also finds the nearest airport if you need to land quickly and allows you to remotely control Garmin’s HD action camera, VIRB.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-Note-580x557 timthumb.php Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-And-Note-3 timthumb-1.php

Smartphone is not dead, but smartwatches are here, and enters the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This brand new product made by Samsung is the up & coming technology gadget that all geeks will get. Conceived with an elegant and classy design, the gear will allow you to check your texts, calendar, pass some calls, take notes, and of course check out the time.


AARK Collective Watches – Melbourne

watch2 watch watch4

Check out the minimalist, serious craftsmanship of not just the watches and every detail inside and out, but also the packaging. The attention to every detail honors the craftsmanship, the timeless craftsmanship, of the entire experience. These are practical yet beautiful, form and function, minimalist and cool.

watch5 watch1 watch3

Sometimes Watch By Denis Guidone

Sometimes-Brass-final sometimes-brass2

Sometimes by Italian designer Denis Guidone was produced by American brand Projects. The watch appears to have three hands: one short, one medium and one long. The medium and long hands mark the hours and minutes. However the shortest, which marks the seconds, is simply a line printed on a disk positioned at the center of the watch face. Periodically, the second ticker will align with the other two hands, joining them into one long, straight line. The Sometimes watch comes with a detachable strap that is fed through loops on the the back of the watch case.

Stainless-Steel-Final sometimes-stainless-steel-6 sometimes-stainless-steel-3 IMG_2413

Wooden Watch Collection by Ab Aeterno


From a sundial, to a water clock, to the rings of a tree, we have developed our ability to measure time from  the resources around us. Italian watchmaker Ab Aeterno draws on the beauty and richness of the Australian landscape to create their collection of wooden watches. As a combination of modern Citizen movement technology and ageless materials (the brand’s name means from time immemorial) these are timepieces that are both organic and precise. Crafted from 100% natural sandalwood, each watch is hypoallergenic and, thanks to the wood grain, visually unique.


Sektorus Watch Concept.

This beautiful quartz watch designed by the good folks at Art Lebedev Studio. It features the body merging with the band. Two wedged displays showcase the hours and minutes/seconds separately; The date appears in a small window. The band is crafted from a flexible silicone material and fits your hand comfortably, while the body is all aluminum.

Angular Momentum’s Classic Urushi Collection.

Angular Momentum brings an exhibition of spectacular time pieces, each flaunting an Urushi lacquered dial. Angular Momentum, in the past years, has created hundreds of medallions and watch dials with unique Urushi designs, based primarily on traditional techniques. Newer techniques have come to the fore often-designs which have never been used before.

Another Set Of Dope Watches.

So I hope it’s clear by now to people who have been following the blog that I’m a huge watch enthusiast.  I’ve been collecting rare/unique watches for the last few years, and I’ve posted up a few other posts on the subject but I keep running into better and more unique watches.  Some of the following are overly functional, some are simply stylish, and others are dramatically unique, but all of the below are examples of a few of my favorites.

Watch This.

Many people who know me, know I’m a watch enthusiast.  I love watches of all different shapes, sizes, colors, makes, styles, and designs.  So when I came across a collection of watches from the designer Lee Won-jun, I had to throw them up.