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Lotus C-01 Superbike

Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01 Lotus Motorcyles C-01

The British car maker is sourcing Kodewa for the build (the same people that built the Lotus Le Mans car), and have teamed up with German concept designer Daniel Simon (the same man behind Tron: Legacy) for that beautiful carbon fiber and titanium constructed body. As expected, the bike will be extremely limited (100 units in total), and there will be customization options for clients. The bike is said to be equipped with a four-stroke 1195cc V-twin engine cranking out 200 horsepower, all in a motorcycle with a curb weight just under 400 pounds.

Lotus Motorcyles C-01

Brand New Tron Trailer 11/9/10

The new Tron: Legacy trailer was one of my very first posts on this blog, and the movie still hasn’t come out yet… disappointing.  But what I am happy to report is that the final trailer was released via the web today, and is wilder than I ever would have thought.  Olivia Wild (13 from the Fox show ‘House’) and the “younger/villainous” Jeff Bridges (from the original Tron) are displayed in a little more contextual depth than any of the previous trailers, and “The Grid” is display in some pretty ridiculous ways.  So check the method below, and PLEASE comment if the video stops working.  If YouTube shuts it down, I’m not going to know unless someone says something, and I get a chance to find a new one.  Enjoy.

Tron: Legacy

This blog as been running for just about 6 months, not a long time as far as blog’s go, but its long enough for one of my first posts to have a sequel.  One of my first posts was regarding the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, and featured a first trailer for the future Disney blockbuster.  Six months later, Comic-con has come-and-gone, but yielded something even hotter than an appearance from nerd girl Olivia Munn… A second Tron: Legacy trailer.  Check the method.

Daft Tron

Just as any self-respecting nerd has been doing over the last few days, I too have been trying to dig up as much info as possible about the new ‘Tron Legacy’. Disney’s sequel is set to release Dec. 17th 2010, but even in all its young-Jeff Bridges, and ‘Kid-that-got-shot-up-in-4-Brothers‘ (Garrett Hedlund), disk dodging, light-cycling glory, what I’m the most anxious for is the soundtrack. Produced entirely of brand spanking new Daft Punk tracks, (one of which can be heard in the second half of the new trailer available on The soundtrack will bring an audience of music lovers in for the film that may not have been enticed otherwise. Not to mention the duo will actually be appearing IN the movie. (Kudos)

View The Trailer Here