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Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – Get Low (Official Video).


DJ Snake skyrocketed to club music icon after the release of ‘Turn Down For What’ featuring Lil Jon, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Dilion Francis and Mr. Snake teamed up recently for a second club banger titled “Get Low”, and you can check out the official video below.

Ciara – Body Party (DJ Storm & Joe Major Remix).


Click the pic to download.

The concept of a “Body Party” wasn’t a prevalent one until Ciara’s newest hit single.  The vibe and essence of the track was one that I was infatuated with, and that with a slow, sensual, but memorable track, it was only right that Joe Major and myself put our spin on it.    After only one day in the lab, we came up with a remix that kept all best parts of the original, but had our own essence to it.  Click the pic above to download the mix.

Dark Ice Cream.


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In today’s music industry, production is crucial to having a career that pays the bills.  When I was growing up, production equipment was expensive or under-developed, and East Coast beats were relatively simple.  I always considered it a disadvantage that I never learned to produce when I was younger, and with a co-DJ (Jeff Phantom) who hadn’t make a deep trek into the production realm, I didn’t think we’d be able to pull off our own music without years of practice.  Luckily veteran producers Joe Major, Rich Lyfestyle, and Clayton William put themselves at our disposal to help DJ Jeff Phantom and myself come up with a project that let us flex our production wings.


The 5 track EP features original remixes of songs from Zedd, Lil Wayne, Katya, Outkast, and even a take on classical music.  Trap as a genre is something that’s growing, weather it’s a fad or not remains to be seen, but what Jeff Phantom and I wanted to do was put a trap twist on some classic, new classic, and classical tracks.  Both Phantom and I teamed up with different producers to get the sounds we wanted in the tracks that we chose, and to take a listen, click or scan the photo below to download.


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Jeff Phantom x DJ Storm – The 15/20 Experience.


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Recently DJ Jeff Phantom came to me with another brilliant idea concerning the new Justin Timberlake album ‘The 20/20 Experience’.  So 48 hours later, we had a 16 minute mix of our favorite tracks from the record breaking album, all remixed the way we wanted them.  Click the pic above to download the mix.

Finger Trap Handbags By James Piatt

dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_ss_1 dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_2 dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_1

These handbags by American designer James Piatt are carried by clamping fingers in woven tubes similar to Chinese finger trap puzzles. The weight of the leather bags creates the pull needed to tighten the weave and secure fingers in the tubes. Finger traps are often used as practical jokes, involving the wearer struggling to remove their digits from either end of the tube, which is usually woven from bamboo. Both ends of the trap have to be pushed inward to relax the mesh and release the fingers. “The finger trap is often used as a metaphor for a problem that can be overcome by relaxing,” says Piatt. Piatt’s small purse comes with one fastening, whereas the larger bag has three finger traps but can also be carried over the shoulder using a removable strap. Laser-cut tabs interlock along the seams instead of stitching to create joints that look similar to the tubes.

dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_5 dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_3 

DJ Storm & DJ Sarah Togah – Call Me Maybe Remix.


Its always good to get together with friends in the same profession as you to exchange ideas, and get a fresh perspective on your craft.  With my good friend DJ Sarah Togah, we don’t do any of that, we just sit around and talk about ignorant and/or unnecessary mashups that would make us laugh.  During a long phone conversation, we came up with the idea of mixing the two styles of music that we get stereotyped against the most, and what came out was one of the funniest remixes to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” in existence. Check the method below.