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Drake’s Interview With Vevo.

In the world I occupy, there seems to be much speculation behind Drake’s intentions when recording his sophomore album Take Care.  Some say he’s lost his edge, other think he’s being experimental with his art, and there are the few who just think Drizzy has lost the plot.  I personally don’t have a dog in that fight.  I just appreciate good music no matter what the message was intended to be, but for those of you who might have been wondering the same thing, check out Drake’s interview with Vevo.

Thank Me Later… Way, Later.



Sources, have just stated that Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later” has just been pushed back until June 15th.  The reason for the delay hasn’t been released as of yet, but Drake has said that for his next few shows he’ll be performing a new single from “Thank Me Later” entitled ‘Fireworks’.

The wait for Drake is “Over”.

The long awaited, much anticipated Drake album “Thank Me Later” has been the subject of rumor and speculation for months. Finally the first single of the Grammy nominated artists CD, is available for download. Click the pic to download “Over”.

Download 'Over'