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The Sabre G.H. Mumm

This year once again, the House of G.H. Mumm presents a limited edition work: the Sabre G.H. Mumm by Patrick Jouin. Patrick Jouin wrapped a stainless steel champagne sword with a beautiful red leather handle resembling Mumm’s signature Cordon Rouge.  I was particularly intrigued by this because champagne swords are among the short list of items I am never allowed to play with… ever.  But it’s a unique item that combines the sensuality of a red leather handle with the resistance of a steel blade but with a square end that won’t cut.  This edition is presented in a box of pure white, of lacquered wood and leather, incorporating a tray, specially designed to hold ice and keep a bottle of Cordon Rouge at the ideal temperature.

Ninja Umbrella

I’ve seen this unique umbrella in passing multiple times, but when one of my best friends freaked about how dope he thought it was, I knew it was time to post it up.  Check the method below.

L 39.15" x W 2.85" x H 2.85"

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