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The ZIIIRO Eclipse.


The ZIIIRO Eclipse watch is inspired by one of natures most amazing and unusual phenomenon, the Eclipse. Now be enthralled by this experience right on your wrist everyday.  This minimalistic designed watch uses a patented Swiss Super-LumiNova pigment on the watch dial and minute hand, offering day and night visibility with bright illumination in the dark. Forget the days when you have to look for a light source or dig your pockets for a mobile phone to read time in the dark. This watch glows in the dark with sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light.

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BMW i8 Electric Super Car

BMW group has unveiled the production version of their first purely electrically powered super car, the ‘BMW i8’, at the international motor show (IAA) 2013 in Frankfurt. The plug-in hybrid combines the dynamic capabilities of a super car with fuel consumption and emissions you would normally expect from a small city car. Featuring a passenger cell made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW twinpower turbo hybrid system, the high-performance EV develops 231 horsepower from its 1.5 liter combustion engine that drives the rear wheels, while a separate 131 horsepower electric drive sends its power to the front wheels and allows an all-electric range of up to 35 kilometers and a top speed of 120 km/h. The high-performance electric car can fully recharge in 1.5 hours from a 220-volt level 2 charger, and boasts up to 94 mpg in combined fuel efficiency. The motor derives its energy from a lithium-ion battery centrally mounted in the vehicle — which creates a low center of gravity for even more efficiency. It also works to provide an additional power boost to assist the gasoline engine during acceleration.

Volkswagen XL1

Der neue Volkswagen XL1 Der neue Volkswagen XL1 Der neue Volkswagen XL1 Der neue Volkswagen XL1 Der neue Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen’s new hybrid car looks like one super machine from sci-fi movies. The XL1 is the most unique car in the current age of world. It is hand-built and optimized to achieve maximum from aerodynamic shell and lower gravity. The XL1 plug-in hybrid system gives a remarkable mileage of 100km in just 0.9 liter of fuel. XL1 uses a 47hp, two-cylinder engine and a 20 kW (27 hp) electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. Together the energy takes it from 0-62mph in 12.7 seconds and to the top speed of nearly 100 mph.

Der neue Volkswagen XL1

Break Something.

People sometimes get into a certain mood where they enjoy breaking things.  Weather your angry, frustrated, or just feeling destructive, getting a chance to just destroy something is often a (not suggested) fast way to get your issues out.  I’m not sure how mad Philip Heron and James Adair must have been to create this video, but regardless of their motives, it’s pretty entertaining.  Check the method.

The ‘WHY’ Concept By Hermes & Wally.

A luxurious on-ground villa, that offers to its residents the comfort, spaciousness and interior flexibility but yet immobile?  Or a limited in space and wavering but at the same time capable of transferring you to any place you want yacht?  That could always be the question faced by clients of the luxury leisure sector.  Trying to address this issue while simultaneously implementing the know-how and craftsmanship of both companies, the Monaco-based yacht maker Wally and the luxury French brand Hermès, created WHY – a state-of the-art vessel, for which the idea of the hull was initially taken from a seismic vessel, and was redesigned and adapted to the needs of the sea. The outcome was a super-luxurious yacht which measures 58 meters long and 38 meters wide and can accommodate 12 guests and 20 crew members.

The interior of the yacht follows the high standards of the design companies and is fitted out with water resistant leather, whereas wood is used in most of the interior areas of the vessel.  The total 3.400m² guest surface areas, is divided into three different levels containing all rooms that could be found in a luxury villa such as lounges, dining rooms, libraries and spa areas.

The yacht has been tested under various conditions and the outcome is that under unfavorable weather conditions it remains more stable than any other of its type, and when anchored it creates a flat surface behind it where swimmers feel as if they are in an Olympic-sized pool.  Since the aim of the project is to create a boat that imitates the specifications of a luxury villa but also has the advantages of a boat, it also means that the vessel must be so stable so that the guests can engage in the same activities as they would on the ground.  WHY’s ability to offer this, is probably proved by the fact that it carries around it a real jogging track inspired by coastal paths.

The DeZir.

It’s not simply the cherry red color of Renault’s sleek, new electric car that gets my staff’s blood pumping but it’s that the ‘DeZir’ is proof that eco-friendly initiatives and a passion for cars can go hand in hand.” Laurens van den Acker, the leader of Renault’s Design Department, spearheaded DeZir based on three simple words that describe Renault’s brand best; ‘simple’,’sensuous’ and ‘warm’.

These three words launched Acker’s vision of creating a seamless vehicle with soft, gradual curves, coated in a vibrant red lacquer. Acker also had a personal concept behind the creation of the DeZir; falling in love. He explains the “implementation of the strategy based on the notion of ‘life cycle’. The first step involves falling in love, an experience that is perfectly illustrated by DeZir’s powerful, sensuous styling and bright red finish; red being the color associated with passion.”

The two-seater coupe is powered by an electric motor mounted in a mid-rear position to optimize weight distribution over the front and rear wheels. Acker wanted the vehicle to be lightweight for power performance and agile movement capabilities which led for its body to be made from Kevlar, while its tubular steel frame is similar to that employed for Mégane Trophy race car. Acker explains “DeZir’s suspension also shares certain features with that of Mégane Trophy – including a double wishbone arrangement – to deliver a particularly high standard of handling precision.” And um… gullwing doors.

The Red Square Yacht.

The Red Square Dunya Yacht is inspired by the Red Square in Moscow. It is 72 meters long, knows how to combine modernity and elegance. With up to 12 guests and crew, with 3 red teak decks and all the amenities of rigor, it unfortunately still no official price.

Your Eyes Are Beautiful.

One of the oldest tricks in the book was staring deep into a girl’s eyes, and telling her that her eyes were “breathtaking”, “miraculous”, “mesmerizing” or whatever other equally corny synonym one could think up.  But photographer Suren Manvelyan took this to an entirely new level.  I know quite a few people with impressive looking eyes, but to be totally honest, some of these may make you a bit queezy.  When it comes to disturbingly impressive macro photography of eyes Manvelyan is a patient fellow, but away from the lens he’s also a busy fellow. He teaches physics, mathematics & astronomy in Yerevan Waldorf School & in 2002 he was given the The President Award of The Republic of Armenia For Investigations In The Field of Quantum Technologies. But then, who hasn’t ?

The Oculus Yacht.

I’m still a bit confused as to weather the Oculus is a boat or just a strangely shaped object created for the infinite pleasure of rich people. What I can say for sure is the Olucus is a very futuristic looking yacht from Schpfer Yachts. Its 250-foot, can accommodate 12 guests and can travel at speeds up to 25 knots. It got a double-height dining room, an elevator and a special area for ‘the owner’ + a lot more.  If that design isn’t striking enough, then can you always opt for the bigger and more spacious designed Infinitas. It’s 300-foot with a massive recreational pool area in the middle of the ship. It accommodates 12 guests, and pretty much got everything else you might need.  Including a living room on the main deck, a dining room on the other side of the pool area. A sky bridge, kitchen, storage, helicopter platform and a third deck for the owner. Its an entire brick of incredible smothered in awesome sauce.


21 Super Racey American Apparel Ads

American Apparel is the source of many dope pieces of attire now a days. And the people in their marketing department don’t necessarily need to go as far as they do sometimes in ads just to sell clothes. I’ve seen tons of American Apparel ads all over the U.S. and in different countries, but when I saw this collection of racey ads, I knew I had to put them up. The display a certain class while being dirty as hell. So to the guys in the marketing department, the photographers, stylists, and casting directors who made these advertisements a reality, we know you didn’t need to do this… but we’re glad you did.

And for that… we thank you.

The ‘Remora’ Super Yacht.

UK-based design consultancy Claydon Reeves has unveiled an 80m superyacht christened ‘Remora’ at the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show.  The sleek craft is characterized by a narrow plumb bow, highly resolved, dynamic, taut surfaces and concave glass angling to its tapering stern.  The elaborate structure of the sundeck is a nod to Spanish Modernisme architect Antonio Gaudi and an indication of Claydon Reeves’ aesthetic ambitions.  A strong emphasis is placed upon the interplay of concave and convex surfaces to create intriguing reflections and highlights.  From the front the Remora resembles the Philippe Starck-designed superyacht ‘A’.  The yacht’s interior consists of vast architecturally interesting spaces including a double height main deck mezzanine, soaring forward public areas and duplex guest suites.  The Owner’s suite features a private deck aft of the bridge for a truly seigneurial experience.  The yacht’s high tech looks are matched by the equipment in its engine room: a state-of-the-art diesel electric propulsion system mated to a pair of azimuthing drive pods…  I’m on a boat b*tch.

Ferrari 612 GTO

Sasha Selipanov from Berlin, Germany, aka the Angry Car Designer, has unveiled some renderings of what could be the Ferrari 612 GTO Concept.

The car boasts an aggressive appearance that borrows styling elements from the 458 Italia, 250 GTO, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, and Aston Martin One-77.