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Irina Shayk

This Russian model sure knows how to rock a bikini; she’s been heating up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition since 2007, including a 2011 turn on the cover. But it was her 2014 July/August Maxim cover that brought us to our knees.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (born January 6, 1986), sometimes credited as Irina Sheik (Russian: Ирина Шейк),born Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova (Russian: Ирина Валерьевна Шайхлисламова), is a Russian model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue between 2007 and 2015. She was the cover model for the 2011 issue.

Shayk modeled the Armani Exchange spring/summer 2010 campaign.She also starred in Kanye West’s “Power”, directed by artist Marco Brambilla.She was on the cover of Ocean Drive and GQ South Africa for the August issue.She ranked first in the “50 Hottest Russian Women” list by Complex magazine.

She made a change from swimwear to high fashion with a spread in Spain’s Harper’s Bazaar and landed the cover of Elle Spain for their November 2010 issue. Glamour Spain awarded her “Best International Model of 2010”.(Spanish: Mejor Modelo Internacional).At the end of the year she was pictured nude in the GQ Spain December issue; however, she claimed that she had not stripped for the photoshoot, and that the magazine had digitally altered the images to remove her lingerie

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 Teaser

Picture 2

After the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was released last February, the public couldn’t get enough of Kate Upton, the issue’s then-19-year-old cover model. Fast forward a year later and, well, the world still seems pretty Kate crazy. As for why Upton has been plucked from the usual tropical locales that typically serve as the backdrops of most of SI’s swimsuit shoots, this year the models and photographers traveled to all seven continents, including Antarctica, where the cover shoot took place (thus the parka). While one would imagine that readers are probably more interested in the scantily clad young models than the landscapes in the background, Sports Illustrated decided to travel the globe anyway.

Picture 7

But before you get too hung up on Kate, there are plenty of other females with fabulous figures inside the mag as well. Lucky for you, Sports Illustrated has shared some of the sexy shots. Models Hannah Davis and Alyssa Miller, both 22, and the future Mrs. John Legend, 27-year-old Chrissy Teigen, didn’t make the cover, but their photo shoots were most likely much more enjoyable than Upton’s, as all three ladies look got to don their two-pieces in warmer climates, or at least warmer than the icy outdoors, where Upton was photographed. Teigen traveled to Easter Island, Chile, for her shoot; Miller was photographed in Great Barrier Reef, Australia; and rookie Davis had China as her background.

Picture 5

Catch an closer look at this year Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 to see beautiful photos and videos from the SI Swimsuit 2013 issue in the video.

Angelica Haas

Maxim’s Hometown Hotties of 2013 Top 100 have already been picked. Here is a sneak peak at one of the winners Angelica Haas. From Houston, Texas this girl is starting to a name for herself by mentions in sports illustrated and in many different  magazines. Rather that reading about her, here is a video of here telling more about herself.

DJ Storm’s Interview With Yesenia Bustillo.

It’s been quite a while since I dropped an interview, so I figured my birthday was as good a time as any to get back on it.  The beauty in question this time around is SF’s own Yesenia Bustillo, and after the WILD reaction I got from my first post about her, I knew I had to catch up with her and find out a bit more.  From Show magazine, to mentions on Sports Illustrated and CNN, Miss Bustillo seems to be all over the board and rightfully so.  Gorgeous, articulate, intelligent, and a super hard worker, talking to her has been one of the funner projects I’ve done on the blog.  Oh and don’t worry guys… She’s got sisters.

DJ Storm: How’d you get into modeling?

Yesenia Bustillo: Modeling has been something I aspired doing for as long as I can remember. I absolutely idolized Cindy Crawford growing up and I wanted to be just like her!

With that being said – as soon as I was old enough I began my journey as an aspiring model. My first gig was about a year after High School, I landed the face for a Brazilian swimsuit line where I modeled all their swimsuits and dresses. I knew at that point it was everything I expected it to be. I fell in love with the camera and had a ton of fun shooting!

DJS: Aside from Show, what other magazines have you shot with?

YB: SHOW Magazine was the first magazine I shot for and landed the cover of the Latina issue. I was also the face for Lianidies, LLC.

DJS: I’m not sure if you know you were referenced on Sports by a few people who wanted to see you up there. In terms of modeling alone, what are some of aspirations, or long term goals?

YB: Yes, I was so excited! I am big fan of Sports Illustrated models and the magazine so to be featured on their site was so amazing!!! This was just more motivation to work harder and allow my fans to see more of me . I have some exciting shoots coming up including a shoot with a very well known magazine and can’t wait to share my work with you all.  

DJS: I know you work at Vessel (one of my favorite clubs in the Bay Area), and you’ve also been a personal assistant. What other jobs/projects are you involved in, and how does that help or hinder your modeling?

YB: It’s all about networking! I’m a personal assistant and a bottle service host at Vessel in San Francisco and both jobs allow me to meet new people everyday. – Especially at Vessel, I’ve obtained some good contacts with different photographers/producers who’ve come in and have good connections in the industry and I plan to use them to my full advantage.

DJS: So aside from work what do you enjoy doing in your spare time (if you have any. You seem to always stay on the move.)

YB: Well I try to stay busy at all times but everyone needs some time off.  On my spare time I love to travel, spend time with my family and friends, I enjoy a cocktail in a social setting, shop, head to beach and most importantly I love to eat so my favorite thing has got to be trying new restaurants. Lucky for me San Francisco has the best ones!

DJS: SF does have some amazing spots to eat.  But whats your favorite home cooked meal?

YB: Yes, some of the best eats in the U.S. are in San Francisco but I do love a home cooked meal! I’m a big seafood person. I absolutely love shellfish so my favorite home cooked meal would be my dad’s crab and lobster with green peppers and onions! It’s a special sauce he makes so I can’t give up the recipe 🙂 — Okay, maybe if I knew how to make it I would reveal it. Lol

DJS: After all the comments I got about your first post on this blog, I’m sure there are tons of guys out there willing to cook that for you.  And as beautiful as you are, working at a nightclub has to come with some funny stories.  Whats the worst pick up line a guy has used on you in the club?

YB: Guys always have the cheesiest pick up lines while intoxicated.  I get so many a night but I recently got the nerdiest guy as one of my clients who said, “Do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes!” Haha. I had to tell him to never use that on a woman, EVER AGAIN!  

DJS: What are your favorite types of music to listen to both when you’re in the club, and just when you’re out and about?

YB: I love all types of music except for country music! In the club I really like house music, I also like hip hop but only at the right club. In my car I love to listen to R&B and Latin music and sing as loud as possible, lol. While at home cleaning or cooking over a glass of wine, I love to listen to Sade, Norah Jones and Ryan Leslie. Their voices are so soothing and put me in such a relaxing, good mood.

DJS: And lastly, if you had any advice for ladies trying to get into the modeling scene, what would it be?

Maximize all your social networks especially Model Mayhem.  Every aspiring model should create and take advantage of this site. There are so many good photographers and models to network with on there. The internet is such a powerful outlet and you should use it to your full advantage.

DJS: If people want to get in touch with you for booking, where can they find you?

YB: For bookings you can contact