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Best Wins of 2013


Here is a collection of great wins of being able to perform a trick or to do something amazing while have the time of their life. From skate boarding, snowboarding, surfing, jumping or something else this video shows how talented people are if they try.

Volcom’s Floating Mini Ramp

volcom_floating_miniramp_00 volcom_floating_miniramp_03 volcom_floating_miniramp_04

French skate, surf, and snow culture magazine Desillusion have unveiled some behind-the-scenes photographs from the making of Volcom’s latest advertisement. The incredible floating mini ramp was built by Volcom for their upcoming full length movie “True To This”, which aims to capture the “energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms” and will feature skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.


Into the Mind Official Trailer


The North Face presents Into the Mind, a unique documentary that looks at the human drive to take risks as seen through the perspective of several different athletes. Taking a philosophical approach to the question, the film explores the foundations of confidence and the pursuit of self-actualization as realized in some of the world’s most intense and daunting settings. As much a spiritual journey as it is an action sports film, Into the Mind is a unique look at the internal and external forces driving some of the most daring athletes out there.

Patrol Avalanche Airbag Pack

Unlike any other bag, Patrol Avalanche Airbag Pack bag by North Face is a trustworthy rescuing pack for hikers and climbers. Yes, it saves you from drowning into the avalanche . The bag is equipped with an airbag so that you may stay up on the surface in case you get caught in an avalanche. This special feature comes from the compressed nitrogen gas that inflates in 2 large & highly visible airbags in couple of seconds. The bag is made with a high quality fabric, high denier internal material with separate compartments for keeping your things organized inside.

The Snow Man.

So I’m not sure what area of what country you may live in, but in California you can ski and surf in the same day. I’ve never done both in the same day (in fact, I rarely ever ski) but by a strange turn of events I was invited out to Tahoe for a ski trip recently. So in preparation for the big weekend, I looked up some skiing videos, and below is one of the best ones I’ve found. Check the method below.