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Flaming Cupcakes Of Love?


Call me easily amused, but these little torch-topped cupcakes delight me.  Besides being a cute novelty item for a party, I think they would add a little drama to the end of a romantic meal.  I’ve been looking for something different to serve for Valentine’s dessert, and this is definitely different.  The strawberries are hollowed out and filled with a bit of liquor, then ignited with a match.


This more of a gentle suggestion post more than a straight up recipe, but when it comes to the actual cupcake, you feel free to use whatever type of cupcake and frosting you choose. Obviously chocolate would work well the strawberry, but I know you’ve got moxy, so that inventive nature of yours and come up with something dope.  However, the flaming strawberries themselves have a bit stricter of guidelines.


Notes for flaming strawberries:

  • Any alcohol below 80 proof will not ignite well.  I used 80 proof which makes a small blue flame.  Note: some have had trouble getting 80 proof to ignite – lots of people are recommending Bacardi 151 as a fail-safe.
  • You can add a little sugar to the inside of the strawberry to sweeten things up.  However, the flame seems to last longer without the addition of sugar.
  • Make sure to use a liquor that you like.  Vodka is a good choice if you want very little flavor.
  • Alcohol evaporates, so light the strawberry soon after you spoon the liquor in.
  • Room temperature alcohol ignites better than refrigerated.
  • Do I have to say it?  Probably not, but my conscience will not let me go without.  Do not attempt to eat a flaming strawberry.  It has a relatively short burn time, lasting about 30 seconds to 1 minute. So, enjoy but be careful.  Use your noodle.



Denise Cotte

When Denise became “Miss Waldkraiburg” in 2007, it was only the beginning for the German “Wiesn-Playmate”. She was named the German Playmate of the month of October this year, just in time for the German Oktoberfest to start. Through this opportunity, Mexico’s Playboy also showed interest in the German beauty and they recently did a shoot as well. So, sure enough to say that we will hear and see more from this German model very soon.


Everyday is Hump Day for Fedor Shmidt

Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell is a British model born in Belgium to Northern Irish parents who was raised there until she was 13 years old attending the European School, Woluwe. She then moved with her family to Canberra, Australia where they stayed one year before moving to Wellington, New Zealand when she was 14. She attended Queen Margaret College and after she graduated, she attended the University of Otago where she was discovered and started her modeling career

What is your favorite shoot you’ve ever been involved in?
Every shoot’s cool and a new experience, so I try to absorb everything and everyone I can. Shooting this with Cheyne was especially cool because he came over and basically hung out in my apartment in Chinatown in NYC. It was intimate and personal and I think the photos he took captured that.”

What about fashion shows?
The VS show was such a big show for me and my career. It was really cool to be involved. It’s kind of wild to check out the scene. Walking Marc Jacobs was pretty cool, too. And I always love walking for Jeremy Scott. Just fun.  ”

Lily Ermak

Lilia Ermak, or as she’s more popularly known, Lily Ermak, is a stunning case of the internet or the universe plopping down evidence that the feminine physique is something to be worshipped. We actually know very little about this 8th Wonder of the World other than she resides in Russia, and is (unfortunately for us) married. She described herself as “Young mother, wife, model, blogger.”

Check her out below.


Laci Kay Somers

Laci Kay Somers is a glamour and fitness model, MMA ring card girl, and personal trainer. She also happens to be as hot as the sun. Maybe you’ve seen her in GlamRock Magazine, party hosting, or Playboy. Or you have  seen her in your dreams. So get a load of this 34C-25-34 busty babe, and check out some of Laci Kay Somers’ sexiest shots.


Ten hot girls you should be following on Instragram


Taz’s Angel Ashley Martelle @ashleymartelle

Taz’s Angel Demi Rose  @demirosemawby

Cali based Singer and Model @ms_sabina_marie
Instram girl vine sensation @lovelianev
Cali native Model & Actress and the dope homie @neeandra
Model/ Musician @niykeeheaton
Justin Bieber ex @yoventura
Model @devinbrugman

Beyonce – Yoncé


She’s been Sasha Fierce and Third Ward Trill. And when Beyoncé released her fifth studio album on December 13, she debuted yet another feisty alter-ego: Yoncé. Named after this latest incarnation of the pop star, the video for the Beyoncé track features supermodels Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn, all clad in fiercely sexy couture. Shot in Brooklyn during the dog days of summer, she enlisted director Ricky Saiz to film the clip, one of 17 featured on the pop star’s “visual album.” Together, Saiz and the pop star created a video that had a “lo-fi, aggressive aesthetic” focused on the themes of “voyeurism and kind of erotic sexuality rather than overt sexuality.”

Beyonce – XO


Back in August, Beyoncé sent fans into a frenzy after she was spotted shooting a music video at Brooklyn’s Coney Island amusement park. Well here is the visual and it’s for her sexy, lover’s lullaby song, “XO.” In the Terry Richardson-directed clip, Queen B is seen having a great time with friends as she dances, rides roller coasters and go carts, and enjoys the scenery. “XO,” produced by The-Dream, Ryan Tedder, Hit-Boy, and Beyoncé, has an airy and freeing vibe.

Beyonce Ft. Jay-Z – Drunk In Love


New music video from Beyonce featuring Jay Z Drunk in Love, off her self-titled fifth solo studio album has been a hot topic on social media and one of the hottest videos off the visual album.

Naya Rivera


Naya Rivera is ready for her time in the spotlight as she strikes a sexy pose on the flip cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The 26-year old actress’ rise began on the popular Fox series Glee, where she plays lesbian cheerleader Santana Lopez. But with the musical drama filming its final season, Rivera is ready to move to the next phase of her career as a musician.

“It took a long time to figure out where I wanted to go musically,” she told Rolling Stone. With the kinks worked out, the newly engaged entertainer called on her fiance, rapper Big Sean, to jump on her first single Sorry Not Sorry this past summer. Rivera recalled that while her album is not completed, she was eager to push her label Columbia Records to release the single early. “Get on or get off. I think this is a summer song, and I want it on the radio by the end of the summer,” she told them.

013 000001b naya-shoot3 nayamaxim2

Proud To Be Sicilian – Pretti Sicily

Picture 6 Picture 7

As a Sicilian, she takes great pride in helping to promote her culture in a positive light. Meet Pretti Sicily,  her measurements are 37D-26-39. She is originally from Cleveland but now resides in Miami where she is a model for a Miami Based agency, TPM Agency.  She Hopes to be on the cover of Maxim Magazine and Playboy one day, but until then she is busy shooting, hosting events and staying sexy.

Picture 11 Picture 12 Picture 13 Picture 9 Picture 14 Picture 15 Picture 16

Pretty Sicily

Agent Provocateur Spring 2013 Lingerie Campaign

Crystal-Renn-for-Agent-Provocateur Agent-Provocateur-Spring-2013-campaign Crystal-Renn

Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has teamed up with photographer Olivier Zahm and American model Crystal Renn for a new pop-art inspired advertising campaign. Zahm is perhaps best known for founding avant-garde style magazine Purple, but he is also famous in fashion circles for his sexy, slick photography. Crystal Renn lounges over a Mercedes 450SL and plays with a toy car in the shots, which were produced in London, and focus on the brand’s “retro glamour sensibility” according to creative director Sarah Shotton.


HYUNA – ‘Ice Cream’ (Official Music Video)

4Minute member HyunA premiered the music video for her song, “Ice Cream”. The singer made a cameo in the viral “Gangnam Style” clip back in July and fellow K-pop star Psy returns the favor in her sexy, sweets-filled video. “Ice Cream” ups the sex factor, but not before a funny cameo from Psy. The South Korean rapper infiltrates HyunA’s ice cream truck for a sweet treat, but ultimately is caught by the 4Minute singer. She rocks an urban look in the video with bright outfits and faux tattoos to match the pop song’s hip-hop lean. HyunA’s dance choreography is more suggestive than “Bubble Pop!” as she embraces a shirtless guy and moves around in bath bubbles.

Sexy Seating.

I’ll do my best to not sound pornographic when describing this design, but the truth is that this is one sexy piece. The JOKI bench’s curves have a sensual aesthetic that is also functional as it contours the human body perfectly. The fluid shape was carefully planned so the modular pieces can be recombined to align perfectly no matter which ends you combine.

Japanese Love Hotels.

Sexual connotation, fantasy or secret meetings, those establishments called ‘Love Hotels’ provide kinky fun for all types seeking sexual adventure.  Photographer Misty Keasler traveled Japan to documented the universe of those hotels.  In her new book, Love Hotels, American photographer Misty Keasler portrays some of the newest, most creative love hotels in Japan.  Check the method.  If any of these places look interesting to you (LADIES)… give me your feedback.

How To Talk Dirty.

During an interesting conversation with one of my best friends about women who’s second language is English, we somehow awkwardly stumbled into discussing the concept of talking dirty.  When speaking a language thats not your primary one, ‘talking dirty’ can go awry, but even if your English is perfect and things goes wrong, it can be very awkward.  (or incredibly funny).  It so happens that a few hours after said conversation, my homegirl sent me this instructional video to show people about just how to talk dirty.

15 Not So Important Sex Facts…

Click to... enlarge.

DJ Storm’s Interview with Jessica Castillo.

So after a bit of searching around, I found an ample candidate for my second interview.  Many of the women I post up end up being seen by my readers, and in tern, I usually get a few emails from people asking me all sorts of question.  When I posted up a feature about the lovely Jessica Castillo a few months ago, and all I got in response was how crazy hot she was… Over and over and over again.  So after all the positive responses, I figured I’d take some time to sit down and ask Jessica a few questions about her career, her aspirations, and that neat little cherry tattoo on her *ss.  Check the method below.

DJ Storm: I’ve always been a fan of the people around my age range who are making waves in their industry, and I already know you have a pretty impressive portfolio, but what age did you know you wanted to get into modeling, and what pushed you to start?
Jessica Castillo: It all started when a guy approached to me after college. He told me he liked my look so he took my number and we did a shoot the week after. Since then I’ve been doing shoots and working hard until where I am now.

DJS: Out of all the shoots you’ve done so far, which one has been your favorite?
JC: Mmmm. I think it has to be the one I did for Christmas. I did an outdoor shoot and it was snowing at that time. I must say it was a crazy shoot. I was half naked in a snowy cold day. Lol. But the pictures came out great. So it was all worth it.

DJS: Are there any place you’d like to travel to model? Or any “dream jobs” you’d want to do in the future?

JC: Well I’m based in London/Miami. So there are of lots beautiful locations out here. But this year I’m planning to travel Jamaica to do a shoot. I’m really excited about that trip. So fingers cross. I study business at college. And I left with good grades. So in the near future. I’m planning to make something out of it.

DJS: So as I understand it, you were born in South America and moved out to England, how was the transition, and do you think your modeling career would have been as impressive as it is now if you would have stayed on the other side of the
JC: My mum decided to go Portugal when I was 11. So we moved and stayed there for a year before heading to London.
If I would of stayed in S.America. I think I be married by now. Who knows. Hehe

DJS: When your not modeling, what else do you like to do in your spare time?
JC: I love pampering myself. I go gym everytime, I can and shop until I drop.  Lol. And most of all spend some quality time with my loved ones.

DJS: I’ve noticed the Cherry tattoo you have displayed in some of your pictures, how many other tattoos do you have, and what are the meanings behind some of them?

JC: Hehe everyone loves that cherry. I got it done because its sexy and cute. I have 6 tattoos in overall. But I can only tell u the meaning of 1. I have a small colourful butterful on my ankle. Its a symbol of joy and love.

DJS: I can only imagine you’ve got guys chasing you all around London, what’s the craziest thug you’ve ever had a guy say to you at random?
JC: The craziest guy. I’ve had was when I went lunch with my mum. Just when I was about to pay the bill. The waiter came to us and told me. Someone else has payed it. Then this random dude came to talk to me and told me. He was the one that payed for my bill. And said I was the kind of girl he will die for. I thought that was a bit too much for someone you don’t even know.

DJS: So I’ve read that not too many models are down to do erotic shots, but you have more of an open mind about it. How do you think that gives you a leg up on the competition, and what was the first erotic shoot you ever did?
JC: I love erotic shoots. I think that’s what makes me different from all the models in the game. Erotic shoots are very sexual and the expressions are amazing. I’m not camera shy. I love doing what I do. So every picture tells a story.
My first erotic shoot was not to long ago. He made me feel very comfortable before starting to shoot. And the pictures came out amazing.

DJS: I always try to keep things 100% professional, but I know my readers are dying to know if and where they might be able to find any of those shots, or are they (as I presume they are) exclusive to the photographer?
JC: Lol well some of them are on my website which is and the others haven’t been realized out public just yet. They are for the photographer work.

DJS: When you get approached for shoots, do you like have much creative freedom, like choosing wardrobe, concepts, and locations?  Or do you prefer to have the photographer come up with the specifics, and if you like them, you take the job?
JC: We do a bit of a mixed. When I do a shoot for my portofolio then I get to chose, and when is for the photographer then he choses everything for me.

DJS: Is there anyone in the entertainment business today that you admire or look up to, or try to take pointers from?
JC: Tammy Torres is one of the latin hottest models I know. Shes stunning and she has made her mark on the industry.

DJS: Well its been amazing talking to you Jessi, when’s the next time you think you’ll make it out to the states to do a photoshoot and where would you want to go that you haven’t already been?
JC: Going back to the States in June. I’m very excited about that. I haven’t been to NY yet so that’s my next stop. 🙂

You can check me out on my website.

Inka Anica vs. Miss Frenchy (Blondes vs. Brunettes)

Recently, alot of my attention has been focused on strengthening bonds in a few far away places, (Thailand, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Costa Rica), but as I look through some of the great things theses and other places abroad have to offer, I can’t help but stop and admire the women there.  So in spirit of foreign appreciation I’ve picked out two of the nicest, most exotic women I could find on my side of the entertainment industry.  Now, when looking through photos of these wonderful ladies, my friends kept classifying them as either “The Blonde” or “The Brunette”, so I want to know what you think.  With all things taken into consideration with these two amazingly beautiful women, I’d like to know who you think wins… Blonde or Brunette.

Inka Anica

Now, I’m not too familiar with many of the exports that come out of Finland, but if they are all as amazing as Inka Anica, I’d love to take a visit.  Anica’s passion for modeling was always present although it took a long time though to accept herself as a model who could make it in the industry at her size.  (34D-26-41)  Her stunning body, gorgeous face, and shining blonde hair has landed her features as Myspace’s Official Eye Candy, Top Floor Entertainment Magazine, and even been spotted on the ABC Morning News.  Eventually Inka hopes to reside in the states, and have make swimsuit, commercials, editorial, magazines, and runway modeling a full time job.

Miss Frenchy

One of modeling’s newest prospects goes simply by the name of Miss Frenchy.  Since living in the caribbean as a little girl, Frenchy has grown up to be featured in Straight Stuntin magazine, MiXED Magazine, VBLAZIN, Hip Hop Weekly, Sweets magazine, Enfluence mag and SHOW.  Her stunning figure and incredible looks have also been featured in several music videos with Jimmy Cliff and Beenie Man.  Frenchy claims however not to be a model, “I’m just a lady that likes taking pictures“.  But whatever the case may be, she is very motivated and hard working, and more than dedicated to giving guys an incredible body to look at.

21 Super Racey American Apparel Ads

American Apparel is the source of many dope pieces of attire now a days. And the people in their marketing department don’t necessarily need to go as far as they do sometimes in ads just to sell clothes. I’ve seen tons of American Apparel ads all over the U.S. and in different countries, but when I saw this collection of racey ads, I knew I had to put them up. The display a certain class while being dirty as hell. So to the guys in the marketing department, the photographers, stylists, and casting directors who made these advertisements a reality, we know you didn’t need to do this… but we’re glad you did.

And for that… we thank you.