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Air Swimmers.

(Photo Courtesy of Jaell.)

If your in your mid to late 20’s, I know you’ve had one of those moments where you see a toy commercial, and you think to yourself “I never had any of that fancy sh*t when I was little.”  When I saw this, I had that exact same reaction.  ‘Air Swimmers’ are nothing more than remote controlled plastic blimps, but when you paint a shark on it, and give it a tail fin to maneuver with, it adds a little bit of magic that will definitely excite both kids and parents alike.  Check the method below.


There are so many things folks can do in New York, but one of the first things that newcomers tend to do is take a tour.  But recently someone out in the city had the smart idea to just film a tour… and this isn’t one from a bus, a bike, or a boat.  A small camera was strapped to a professional grade remote controlled air plane, and let loose around the city.  Check the video below, the images they captured are pretty dope.