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Scratch And Itch.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that anyone who doesn’t work in my industry may be a bit confused, so let me explain… Serato Scratch is the industry standard for DJ’s.   Essentially it gives you the freedom to take your entire digital music collection on the road, and it equips you with advanced features that add extra creativity to your DJing.   Here are some Scratch Live highlights from NAMM Show 2011 in Anaheim, California featuring performances from Blakey, Forty One, and Gaslamp Killer.


Now that you know what Scratch IS, the real exciting some stuff comes in the form of the SL4.  The Rane SL 4 for Serato Scratch Live is described by the website as  “The ultimate high-end solution for professional DJs.  The SL 4 is the first standalone DJ interface to offer two USB ports, superior sound with 96kHz sample rate and 24-bit digital audio processing and galvanic isolation to eliminate computer noise and interference.  Teamed with low latency ASIO and Core Audio drivers, the SL 4 can also be used as a high-grade studio production tool.”  Its essentially the iPhone of DJ gear. Feature and performance enhancements include:

  • Inputs for four turntables or CD decks switchable in any combination.
  • Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports for seamless DJ changeover and back-to-back performance.
  • Aux Input for session recording or LiveFeed.
  • Aux Output assignable to the SP-6 Sample Player and The Bridge.
  • 48 kHz and 96 kHz sample rate switch on the SL 4 rear.
  • 10-in 10-out USB sound card with any software supporting ASIO or Core Audio.
  • Built in galvanic isolation for the purest audio signal.
  • Four software-switchable analog Thru connections for regular vinyl or CD.
  • Bus power from either USB port or the included external power supply.



As for Itch… It’s essentially Scratch, without having to use turntables.  Not necessarily my steeze, but still fully capable of producing some great music when the right person is behind it.  Check some footage from the 2011 NAMM show below.

The Dicer/Serato 2.1 Additions.

So in my recent quest to update all my hardware/software, I came across the Dicer.  A funky little device for use with Serato 2.1 that help keep functionality on the tables, and not in the computer while playing.  DJ’s often hate a “PC DJ” who just looks like their doing something, but everything is controlled on the computer in front of them, and I know I have an issue with photographers ALWAYS choose to take pictures during the one millisecond while I’m using the computer to cue something up, so at times it can look like I’m over using my Mac to create my mixes, and not the turntables. But with the Dicer, that issue has disappeared.  Check the method below.  I’m definitely looking forward to testing these little diddies out in a club near you.

68 Flavors of Funk.

Rane and Serato welcome the Rane SIXTY-EIGHT, the ultimate club mixer. Two computers, two USB ports, up to four decks and a range of effects.

The 86 is the first Scratch Live compatible DJ mixer that allows two computers to be connected simultaneously.

Using two USB ports, the new Rane SIXTY-EIGHT mixer lets two DJs play Scratch Live at the same time, allowing for seamless handover from one DJ to another. You can also control up to four decks with a single laptop.

The Rane

Armed with studio-grade phono preamps, USB and S/PDIF inputs, the SIXTY-EIGHT can allow a blend of analog and digital audio sources like never before. The Rane SIXTY-EIGHT features easy to use internal digital effects, and direct control of over 30 Scratch Live library, cue and loop functions.


  • Two independent USB 2.0 high speed ports, each supporting twenty two, 32-bit floating point audio channels at 48kHz.
  • Support for the connection of two computers simultaneously.
  • Direct control of over 30 Scratch Live Library, Cue and Loop functions.
  • Support for 2, 3 or 4 Virtual Decks in Scratch Live.
  • Flexible USB recording options.
  • 3-band, full cut EQ
  • New High-pass / Low pass Filter
  • Unique FlexFX bus with 6 internal effects plus USB and analog insert support for computer-based effects.

Input Channels

  • Four stereo Phono/CD inputs of Line / Phono or S/PDIF.
  • Four stereo Auxiliary inputs.
  • Four stereo USB playback options.
  • Two independent microphone inputs – one with phantom power and one with line-level input