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Who’s Got The Best Liquor In Cannes?


An official supplier of the Cannes Film Festival, Rémy Martin is pulling out all the stops for the event this year. For the first time, Rémy Martin is launching a special edition of its XO Excellence cognac honoring the cinematic arts.  One of Remy Martin‘s most prestigious cognacs, XO Excellence is an aromatic combination of floral, fruit and spice notes.  Just as sumptuous as the cognac itself, the decanter for this special edition has a gold coating from its base to its stopper. And, in homage to the Cannes Film Festival, the cognac maker has decorated the neck and label with a subtle black and gold motif echoing a strip of film.  The special edition comes in a gold and black gift box in which the decanter sits atop a red carpet pedestal.  Rémy Martin, one of the world’s most respected cognac brands, transforms grapes from the Grande and Fine Champagne zones into delicate spirits that are prized by aficionados around the world, and particularly in China.


Kim Yong Soo’s Textured Paintings.

The korean artist Kim Yong Soo whose artwork, at first glance, takes on the somewhat familiar appearance of traditional Japanese paintings of cherry tree blossoms. Closer inspection reveals a textured assemblage of semi-conductors, speaker wires, and acrylic cement, used to form the delicate tree branches, flowers, and ominous humanoid figures that bring an unexpectedly dark presence to these otherwise serene paintings.

The Perfect Zombie Proof House.

My good friend Carlos C. and I have a deep routed affinity for the AMC show “The Walking Dead”, and after watching the very intense season 2 finale, I stumbled across something interesting.  Situated deep within the Adirondack State Park in Upstate New York, this cabin was built atop a cold-war era missile silo and is currently on the market for only $1.75 million dollars. It’s basically perfect for surviving any sort of end of the world scenario… inlcuding zombies.

As the pictures progress, you are seeing deeper and deeper into the house’s structure.

Carlos, lets go halves on this spot… Just incase.

Quantom Levitation Is A Realtiy.

Few motifs of science fiction cinema have been more appealing to us than the subtle defiance of gravity offered by futuristic hovercraft. So every once in a while we check in to see how humanity is progressing on that front, and whether the promise of hoverboards will be delivered by 2015 as evidenced in Back to the Future Part 2. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re definitely getting off the ground, so to speak.  Get ready to hover your brain around the art of quantum levitation.

LeBron James Balls Hard.

I’ve always said to the people around me, to my staff, and to my younger cousins growing up that there’s always someone above you, and always someone below you.  Simply put, no matter how good you are, there will always be someone better.  And that’s a lesson that King James is teaching people with the leak of his Las Vegas receipt.  Supposedly LeBron James spend a few cents over $171,937.00 at a Las Vegas lounge recently.  Almost $13,000 in taxes added to his bill helped comprise the whopping total (that could send a person to a 4 year university).  And no matter how much you ball out in the clubs, there are not too many people who can rack up a bill like that and not think twice about it.

I only have one question… Who the HELL’s idea was it to spend $108 on Bud Light?