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When Trailers SPOIL Movies…


Everyone loves exciting movie trailers before a film, and with movie previews being released onto the internet before they even hit theaters, people are watching them with a frenzied frequency.  But what happens when trailers reveal TOO much about a film?  Mr. Sunday Movies, (1 half of the Weekly Planet podcast, of which I am a massive fan) delves into how over revealing plot information can destroy the way people walk into a film, and furthermore, 6 disastrous examples of when a trailer has put too much on display about a film.

Check out Mr. Sunday Movies youtube channel here.

TMNT: Out Of The Shadows vs. X-Men: Apocalypse Trailers.

tmntoots029 tmntoots006 tmntoots001

The Turtles have been popping back up in popularity since the 2000’s, and aside from new video games, and comic crossovers, their movies are extremely well known.  (Well known and well liked are two different things), but weather you knew it or not, the Leo, Mikey, Don, and Raph were destined for a comeback. The stakes seem quite a bit higher, as New York appears to be invaded by someone (#BringDatKrang) and there’s also the arrival of Casey Jones.  It may be quite early to tell, but this will probably be a much better film than the original.



X-Men Apocalypse (oddly enough) was announced before its predecessor (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) was even released.  That being the case, the hype surrounding this film has been palpable, and now we know it’s for good reason.  The (young) X-Men squaring off with the most feared advisory in their universe seems like a good idea on paper, but seeing some of it come to life is downright exciting.  Check the method below.

The Greatest Mashup Of The Year (285 Movie Trailers In 405 Seconds).

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 12.37.29 PM

Film trailers are always one of my favorite parts of the going to the movies.   Before any given movie, you get maybe 5 or 6 trailers, but thanks to a wizard known only as “The Sleepy Skunk” we get to see 285 of 2013’s best trails in less than 7 short minutes.  I have to say that as a movie buff, this video is by far one of the most impressive mashup videos I’ve seen in quite some time.  From action, to suspense, to romance, to fun, all bases are covered.  Try and see how many scenes from these trailers you recognize.  And spread the word on this one.  “The Sleepy Skunk” deserves his recognition for his editing skills.


Swizz Previews Kanye West & Bono Song


In this studio clip below, Swizz Beatz previews a track titled “Skyscrapers”, which he revealed featured Kanye West and U2′s Bono.