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Safaa Alhanash.

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Safaa Alhanash is an exotic Middle Eastern beauty out of Yemen.  She has done promotional work for companies like, Pinkvodka Gurl, Budweiser, and hosted a gambit of celebrity events.   She’s even taken the title of Blackmen Magazine’s best in 07′.  Her music video credits include spots in videos with Young Jeezy and Ludacris.  As one of the few fully Middle Eastern urban models in the game, she sure is a sight to behold.  Check the method below.

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Tomek Płonka Illustrations.

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Having the ability to turn the mundane, or ordinary into a noteworthy site is hard to do in any medium.  But Tomek Płonka has a style of illustration that makes something as basic as Mickey Mouse something to gaze at for hours.  Check the method.

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“Lost Innocence”.

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Lucy Nuzum is one of those photographers who was just born with a natural gift. In just a few short years, she’s found a beautiful, tender and unique style that connects with almost anyone who sees her work. Her photos are filled with stories of people looking to find themselves, struggling to find happiness in a cold and lonely world.

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This 21-year-old found her calling almost by accident. In fact, it all started because of procrastination. “I had my final school exams, I was holed up in the countryside to study, and started taking the little family camera everywhere with me and just escaping for walks with it,” she says. “I never got into nature photography, but self-portraits, acting like an eejit out into the forest, let me start making scenes and playing with Photoshop effects. Then, friends seemed to like those enough to want to be in them themselves! I was lucky to have gorgeous friends willing to don ballgowns and jump in the snow and clamber on rocks, and that’s how I started my portfolio that got me into college.”

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Aston Martin DBC Concept By Samir Sadikhov


With a portfolio filled with work for lamborghini such as the CGI renders for the press images of the aventador J and urus SUV, transportation designer Samir Sadikhov has presented a his latest super car design study that brings a rear mid-engine/rear-wheel drive layout into a completely re-designed Aston Martin. Dubbed as the ‘DBC concept’, the Aston departs from traditional long hood and short deck styling cues and integrates a refined silhouette that references the design profile of the DBR1.

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Silja Magg Photography

Silja-Magg-Editorial-Lingerie Silja-Magg-Fashion-Portrait Silja-Magg-Nude-Fashion Silja-Magg-Nudity Silja-Magg-Portrait- Silja-Magg-Portrait-2

From the New York Post to Twelv Magazine passing by Jalouse, Bloomingdale’s or Please Magazine, her work angle and portfolio is quite rich and divers. Silja Magg creates great photo shoot for both Fashion Editorial & portraits editorial. We loved her work full of authenticity though mixing real and imaginary thoughts.

Silja-Magg-Portrait-Fashion Silja-Magg-Editorial Silja-Magg-Fashion Silja-Magg-Nude Silja-Magg-Portrait

Beautiful Art Photos from Aleksey&Marina

Created by talanted art duet from Petersburg, Russia –Aleksey&Marina – that consist of photographer Aleksey Kozlov and designer Marina Khlebnikova. They specialize on art photos and aren’t limited with particular topics. In their portfolio you could find photos of animals, landscapes, and even art nude. Interesting ideas and compositions, sweet girls and talanted processing.

Matthew Woodson’s Ghostco.

Matthew Woodson was born and raised in the pit of snakes known as rural Southern Indiana. After graduating from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in early 2006 with a focus in Natural History Illustration, Matthew’s obsessive loves for natural history and the past were stronger then they had ever been. Fresh out of school Matthew was commissioned by Margeotes, Fertitta & Partners New York to illustrate the Perry Ellis Fall/Winter 2006 campaign, and has been working as a full time freelance illustrator ever since.

Tea Young Choi’s Illustrations.

As time goes on I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of illustrated works.  Photography is no doubt a painstaking process where meticulous attention to to detail is needed, but with illustration, every detail in the end product comes for the illustrators head.  The entire world of the drawing is created mentally, and in Tea Young Choi’s illustrations, every single rivet, bubble, bolt, and chain link is visible in a way that brings reality to his work.  Check out some of his work below.

Ayaka Itos.

Graphic design is a profession that’s nothing new to me, although I’m not blessed with design skills, I’ve been around enough of them to know what good design consists of, and Ayaka Itos has it in spades.  Check out some of her work and read her bio below.  To see more from Ayaka, just click here.

I am a graphic designer / illustrator who is in love with rich colors and all things handmade. Originally born and raised in Japan, I moved to America by myself in 2005, with two suitcases and solid determination to study at the New Media Imaging & Design program (a mix of Communication Design and Interactive Design) at Rochester Institute of Technology.

After graduating in May 2009, I moved to New York City to make rich digital experiences & innovative campaigns with an amazingly talented multi-disciplinary team at Big Spaceship.

I love what I do, so I spend most of my non-working hours learning more about design and trying out new techniques on my personal projects. If I’m not doing that, then I’m usually staring at alpaca videos (because they’re too cute not to), making my own clothes, eating sweets — chocolate chip cookies are the best — or watching episodes of my favorite show ever, Adventure Time.

The Fine Art Photos Of Ryan Schude.

Photos always evoke certain emotions, and when composed correctly can have different meanings to each person who looks at them.  Photographer Ryan Schude seems to be a master of composition and technique in his photos.  The small collection I came across recently features models of all ages, and wildly creative concepts (like candy in your grandmothers purse, and milk and cookies.)  But no matter what the message you take from any of his photos may be, they are all fully constructed from background to foreground with meticulous attention to detail.  Check the method.

The Artwork Of Daniel Dos Santos.

Daniel Dos Santos is a professional freelance illustrator working in a variety of genres including novels, comics and film. He has worked for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Penguin Books, Random House, Tor books, UpperDeck, Wizards of the Coast, and DC Comics.  Check out some of his dazzling portfolio below.

The One Man Photo Studio.

For all those who know about the Burning Man festival, the concept seems pretty surreal.  (A bunch of people partying their faces off around a giant burning man.)  For those who have been there, we know when you go, it can appear almost like an entirely different world.  But when acclaimed studio photographer Eric Schwabel goes to Burning Man he doesn’t leave his passion behind. In 2010 he took a clever hand built “light suit” to the massive festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and captured the plethora of beautiful, colorful revelers in engaging detail. Below we catch up with Schwabel for an exclusive interview about his experiences on the dusty playa.  Schwabel is currently raising support for a new improved “light-suit” for Burning Man 2012.  If you like Burning Man, make sure to check out the photography of Eric Schwabel at

The Artwork Of Randy Atwood.

The incredible illustrator Randy Atwood has a portfolio full of treasures.  But a series of his hyper-realistic pieces are all celebrity portraits are what really blew me away while looking at his collections.  This artwork is extremely detailed, (and his focus on hair totally blows my mind).  But out of all the illustrators I’ve seen who’s aim is to replicate photo-realism, Atwood is the only artist comparable to the also ridiculously talented Juan Francisco.

James Gilford Photography.

Many photographers have specialties when it comes to the subject matter, or way the choose to shoot.  It’s not too often I come across a photographer who’s portfolio is so extensive, I have to pic a certain style to display, but James Anthony Gilford’s work has always been unique.  Some of my favorite photos of his are his portrait style photos.  An exquisit mastery of lighting, both natural and artificial bring his photos to life, and bring a sense of connection with the people in the pictures.  A creative perspective on photography itself guides his concepts and ideas in directions that most other photographers seldom conceive.  And if skill wasn’t enough to make James Gilford’s collections incredible, he also has been able to get his hands on some pretty hot models.

Shouts out to my homegirls Katrina R. (Above) and Sarah Jane A. (Below).

The Artwork of Cristian Blanxer.

Cristian Blanxer is an artist based out of Barcelona, Spain. Blanxer paints with both acrylic and oil to create his very diverse body of work.  His work has a very unique way of representing every different color no matter how vibrant or monotone the subject matter.  Check out the video below to see some of his work in motion.

The Artwork of Melissa Haslam.

I come across tons of artists of all types, forms, and calibers in my line of work, but I was especially impressed by the illustrations of one Melissa Haslam. Her work demonstrates a rare innocence that’s almost childlike, and is very striking. Her work shows a depth and style that doesn’t normally come across in most other illustrations of the same type from other artists. Check the method below.