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The Athletic Artworks Of Stephanie Lopez.

Recently I came across the fantastical illustrations of artist Stephanie Lopez of Wilmington, CA.  She’s a CSUEB grad who has a passion for basketball (that definitely translates into her work).  Having an extremely detailed, and slightly caricatured style of drawings, the artist better known as “2Craft” and her works tend to reflect athletes from basketball players to boxers.  From famous movies, to great moments in sports to celebrities, her “Michael Tudor-esque” style of art is definitely work checking out further.  Luckily… you can do that right here.

The Holla-Ween EP.


I know Halloween has come and gone, but after Donald Trump won this past presidential election, we have some scary times ahead of us.  That being said, I feel like it’s the best time to remind people that the Holla-Ween EP dropped on the 28th, and is still up and available for the gettins.  Check out Pape, along with Pif Jones, Nascar, and Midnight, on this collection of Halloween themed bangers.

Lil Dev – 4 My Jeeps (Freestyle).

DJ Storm

Album artwork sketched by Michael Tudor.

Since the first time I stumbled up Action Bronson’s “4 My Jeeps” I’ve personally been in love with the track, and with the beat.  Working in a music studio with people coming in and out all day long, eventually you’ll find someone to compliment a beat with as good, if not a more dynamic flow than the original.  Enter, Lil Dev, young, talented, and charismatic, this quick freestyle is just a taste of his lyrical tenacity over one of my favorite beats. Check the method.

The Chemical Bros. – Get Yourself High.

No matter how much time my team and I spends digging up articles for this blog, all it takes is a glance a friends Facebook to see something we never would have came up with.  That being said, thanks to Torrey Skye, the video ‘Get Yourself High’ from the Chemical Brothers was brought to my attention.  The video takes after old school Kung Fu movies, with an interesting twist.  The characters have been digitally edited to say the lyrics of the song.  Check the method below.

Papermate – The 2nd Anniversary.

Click the pic to listen.

So Valentines Day has come and passed. But my boys back home in the Tri-State area did a little something special for the lovebirds. The “Papermate 2nd Anniversary” mixtape dropped on the 14th with a spirited collection of tracks from Paperface and crew that are sure to satisfy any type of mood you may have been in on the mushiest day of the year. And although V-Day is gone this year, the beats, swag, and lyrical content of “2nd Anniversary” are dope enough to keep anyone listening no matter what day of the year it is. Click the pic above to check it out.

Paperface – “Wishery”

From the “Get Off My Crumb” mixtape to the new “Planet of the Papes”, lyrical dynamo Paperface never ceases to amaze with his diverse and inventive style, and unique content. But when he showed me the beat “Wishery” he stumbled upon, I knew I had to put it up, its a whole new beast. The beat was compiled entirely from samples of the 1937 Disney classic “Snow White”. Producers and DJ’s alike should take note of the creativeness and skill leaking from every aspect of the track. Although the original source is anything but “gangsta”, the finished product is a ridiculously dope beat that has a classic vibe to it. Check the method below.

The Artwork of Mike Tudor.

Kings Cup.

Every college student in the United States knows the notorious drinking game Kings Cup.  And we all know how much of a pain it is to explain the rules to someone who has never played before.  Well luckily the rap genius Paperface has simplified the task of laying out the rules to a newcomer by recording the song “Kings Cup”.  So next time your at a frat party, birthday, or just bored with some friends, and you need to spell out the rules, just play the track.  Click the pic to download.

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