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The Purple Reign Of Future.


Earlier this year, Future hit 22 cities in 32 days on his Purple Reign tour, and MTV were along for the ride. In this new documentary, Future’s Reign, we get a closer look at Hendrix’s tour stop in Dallas, where he prayed, performed and made it rain at the strip club.  The Atlanta rapper also sat down for an honest (no pun intended) conversation about his early days hustling, dealing with loneliness and unhappiness when he moved to L.A., missing his Aunts funeral due to rap commitments and the realities of juggling a busy music career with fatherhood. Hit singles and platinum plaques aside, Future’s biggest concern is staying true to himself.


“The best thing I can do is be myself,” he said. “If people try to tell you to change and do something else and try new things that you not comfortable with — basically sell your soul — you’re going to wake up and look in the mirror and you gon’ feel like you don’t know this person.”

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Dubai Reveals Latest Plan For Underwater Hotel.

A long-awaited undersea hotel in Dubai looks finally set to be built, after an agreement to develop it was unveiled this week.  The Water Discus Hotel won’t be totally submerged but will be a disc-like structure with part of the building above water and the rest below the surface.  The 21 rooms will be submerged up to ten meters below the surface of the water, with huge windows offering a view out from the bed and an external ‘explorer’ robot which can be controlled from the room to allow guests to interact with marine life.  According to Deep Ocean Technology, a restaurant, spa and reception area would be hosted above the waterline, with guests descending below the surface in glass-walled tunnels to get to their rooms.

As might be expected, the hotel would offer plenty of services for divers, with a training pool and other water sports offerings set to be available.  The hotel will also include other amenities such as a spa, helipad, and an above ground terrace should guests feel a bit claustrophobic stuck inside The Discus.  With no specific planned opening date, observers will be watching closely whether this plan comes any further than previous attempts to build underwater hotels in Dubai, which have stalled or quietly disappeared as the country faced economic ruin.

The Missoni Tower.

Missoni is partnering with Filipino real estate developer Century Properties to design the interior decor and amenity spaces of a condominium building in Manila.  Missoni Home is not new to commercial real estate.

They designed the Hotel Missoni line with Rezidor Hotel Group, with hotels open or opening in Scotland, Kuwait, Turkey, Omanan and Brazil.  It’s the fourth of six towers in the $316 million Acqua Private Residences project; the first three are completely sold out.

The Missoni Home tower will have 645 1-,2-, and 3-bedroom units that will rent for about $315 per square foot.  A multi-level amenity center called the Canopy will house an amphitheater, lounge, DJ booth and dance floor,a  pool with swim up bar, and barbecue facilities.

The Missoni tower is to be the second fashion-branded building in Makati, a section of the Filipino capital that Century Properties is developing at a breakneck pace.  The company is also building The Milano Residences, a Versace-branded tower there, 80 percent of which is sold, according to the developer.

The Brand New London Aquatic Center.

Construction for the ‘London Aquatics Centre’ for the London 2012 summer Olympics by Zaha Hadid Architects is now complete.  Capable of holding 17,500 individuals at one moment, this facility will be the venue for the swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo events.  Sheltering the sports events, athletes and supporters is an aluminum clad steel roof which spans 160 meters in length and 90 meters at its widest point.  Three substantial concrete columns effortlessly support the 3,000 ton sweeping overhead structure.  The double curvature parabolic structure visually evokes the form of an undulating wave.  On the interior, 850,000 tiles surface the pools, changing facilities and and floors.  The cluster of concrete towers including the three meter springboards and diving platforms were formed and cast on site.

Benny Gold Store Grand Opening.

“Nuff said.”

Infinite SF’s Grand Opening Party.

March 26th, I don’t know where you’ll be at if you in the Bay Area, but if your in the SF area, make your way down to the new Infinite spot on 627 Post St.  The entire Infinite crew will be celebrating the opening of their new location, yours truly DJ Storm will be in attendance, (there will be free drinks, so you know I’ll be around.)  And if the drinks are your main attraction, come thru for the ridiculous clothing selection.  Infinite has Diamond, Freedminds, Crooks & Castles, Play Cloths, Rebel 8, Benny Gold, GPPR, Mister, Acapulco Gold, and swag to spare.  Check the method.

Top 6 TV Theme Songs.

The Best Superbowl Ad Is Right Here.


While the internet is abuzz with all the best new Super Bowl ads and trailers, I’ve decided to go in the opposite direction and celebrate some of the equally entertaining 30 second bits from the past.  TV theme songs have been memorized and recited since television first came onto the screen, but the 6 old school anthems I will always remember, are below.  And before I get a flurry of emails asking why I chose 6 instead of 5, or telling me that the intro to Sarah Palin’s reality TV show trumps them all, lets not forget this is all MY personal opinion, and I’m just sharing for the personal enjoyment of my peers.

6. Martin

5. X-Men

4. Wayans Brothers

3. All That

2. Are You Afraid Of The Dark

1. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air