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Nick Cannon – Dance Floor


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary this April, and the former decided to pay tribute by referring to an old school sort of love on ‘Dance Floor.’

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch


Garmin have announced the D2 Pilot watch, an ultra-slick, wrist-friendly GPS watch designed for pilots. It includes all the basic features on other old-school aviator watches, but offers other features gadget-hungry pilots will appreciate. You can load a flight plan on it and check GPS ground speed, GPS track, distance, estimated route time, bearing, glide ratio, and more. The wrist-sized GPS also finds the nearest airport if you need to land quickly and allows you to remotely control Garmin’s HD action camera, VIRB.

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Jetsons Floating Car Photography By Renaud Marion.

jetsons01 jetsons02 jetsons03

By capturing scenes of floating old-school cadillac and mercedes-benz’s, french photographer renaud marion portrays a jetsons-type future of how vehicles would have seemed to him in the 2000s as a child in ‘air drive’ highlighting the glamorous designs of a time when the cars were recognized as icons and symbols to society.

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Mixtape Watch

This anodized black stainless steel wristwatch from EOS pays tribute to the long lost cassette, with two tape spindles that tell hour and minute respectively. Wear this with your mini-MPC ring for full old school beathead cred. Also comes in blangtronic gold and cool blue.

Vitange Playboy Bunny Shots.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Clubs—in existence from the early 1960s to the mid-80s—were perhaps the best manifestation of his singular, swinging-bachelor-pad lifestyle. And the waitresses (those cantilevered, cotton-tailed ladies in corsets and hose) still endure as one of America’s most lasting sex symbols. In conjunction with Bruce Handy’s comprehensive oral history of the clubs, which appeared in the May 2011 U.K. edition of Vanity Fair, looks back at those girls in ears.

Dear Photograph…

Photography is something that has always captivated me, and every so often I’ll find a collection of photographs that truly fascinating.  About a year ago, I put up a post titled “Reflections” that showed an interesting link between peoples past and present, and this collection runs in the same vein.  These photographs are real life meshes of the past and the present using vintage photos displayed in the exact same place they were originally taken years later.  Check the method.

How To Talk Dirty.

During an interesting conversation with one of my best friends about women who’s second language is English, we somehow awkwardly stumbled into discussing the concept of talking dirty.  When speaking a language thats not your primary one, ‘talking dirty’ can go awry, but even if your English is perfect and things goes wrong, it can be very awkward.  (or incredibly funny).  It so happens that a few hours after said conversation, my homegirl sent me this instructional video to show people about just how to talk dirty.