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100 Colors Exhibition – Japan

Picture 9

With our fascination with both minimalism and color, we’ve kept an eye on Emmanuelle Moureaux, the French-born and Tokyo-based architect famous for her use of candy-hued colors in many of her projects. For many years, Moreaux has explored the use of color and the use of the traditional Japanese paper screens as dividers. Many of her projects in retail, hospitality and public spaces express some combination of the two, using colorful screens as dividers and using color as a space maker.

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Jeremy Young

Jeremy-Young-Boundless-Delight Jeremy-Young-Autumn Jeremy-Young-Evolution Jeremy-Young-Insurrection Jeremy-Young-Candy Jeremy-Young-Mindless-Wisdom

He’s only 17 and already has great qualities when it comes to put his talent to work. Jeremy Young comes from New Zealand and has his very own style. It’s all about colors, and minimalism, drawing portraits with his own touch.

Jeremy-Young-Oracle Jeremy-Young-Eyes-of-another Jeremy-Young-Star-into-Me Jeremy-Young-Visionless Jeremy-Young-Frozen Jeremy-Young-We-are-all-mad-here

Sometimes Watch By Denis Guidone

Sometimes-Brass-final sometimes-brass2

Sometimes by Italian designer Denis Guidone was produced by American brand Projects. The watch appears to have three hands: one short, one medium and one long. The medium and long hands mark the hours and minutes. However the shortest, which marks the seconds, is simply a line printed on a disk positioned at the center of the watch face. Periodically, the second ticker will align with the other two hands, joining them into one long, straight line. The Sometimes watch comes with a detachable strap that is fed through loops on the the back of the watch case.

Stainless-Steel-Final sometimes-stainless-steel-6 sometimes-stainless-steel-3 IMG_2413

The Queen Of Tableware.

Elegance, minimalism, form-and-function is what first comes when people saw Muriel Grateau’s newly minimalized boutique/gallery at 37 Rue de Beaune in Paris. Grateau, the queen of the minimalist table setting and sculptural Art Deco jewelry, has had a shop in Paris since 1992 and this fall’s boutique refurbishment was undertaken in celebration of her two decades here. Displaying her 100 shades of table linen and her subtle, unobtrusive tableware in an all-white setting is not terribly original or imaginative, but it does seem to be perfect for the purpose. Materials such as white mineral resin, stones covered with white powdered paint, white lacquered steel plate and LED lighting were used to create the ethereal 140 square-meter space.