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The New Future Of Gaming?

carbon_04 carbon_03

This new console concept designed by Peter Difrancesco, titled Carbon, addresses the direct correlation between people playing video games isolated in their bedroom and an increase in the number of people suffering from social anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. In essence, it makes it easier for people to “go” to their friends houses to play… without actually having to go anywhere.


It works as a cloud streaming service that allows the controller to be the portal to access your games at home, connect to a screen and interact with friends using physical connections such as heart rate monitors and cameras within the device. Simply bring a controller to your friends house and then connect to any app-capable device, or non-app device using the HDMI dongle. This reduces the number of items you need to bring to play with friends and improves game play over portable gaming devices on the market by working on a streaming based system.


The built in heart rate monitors in the controller provide optional feedback through your friends controller so they can sense your fear, excitement, or anger when they have just beaten you. It also tracks your face whilst playing and then allows you to pop up on their screen with a short message as and when you choose using the camera button on the front of the controller.



Welcome To The Hyperlapse.

Microsoft has developed a new software that will reduce the camera shake for POV cameras like the go pro. The smooth transition will make the video more watchable and it will be able to make any video you input into the software amazing to watch. Even if the original video is shaking everywhere, this program has got you covered.  Although the video documenting the technology may be a tad stale, the effect itself is incredible.

$10,000 24-Carat Gold Plated Xbox One


The folks at Harrods have decided to up the ante releasing a 24-Carat Gold-Plated Xbox One. It’s the same Xbox One Microsoft released worldwide back on November 22nd, but it has been drenched in gold by the customization team at Crystal Rocked. Unfortunately the controller isn’t decked out in gold.

Xbox One Hotel To Open in Paris


To mark the launch of its latest games console, Microsoft France will transform the Hôtel O in Paris into a space dedicated entirely to the Xbox One. The Xbox One Hotel will open to the public on November 22, the same day that Microsoft launches its new console. The Hôtel O, which belongs to the Elegancia hotel group and was originally designed by Ora Ito, has been entirely redecorated for the occasion. In this hotel known for its minimalist design and high-tech equipment, Microsoft offers guests an immersive experience in the world of Xbox gaming. Certain rooms have been decorated in the theme of popular Xbox games, such as Ryse or Forza Motorsport 5. Guests will have the chance to try out the new Xbox One, solo or online. Xbox fans will be able to test the console’s new features, such as voice commands, motion controls, VOD and music streaming. The hotel bar, which will be open to the general public, has created special cocktails inspired by Xbox games, such as the Abyssum-Ryse, with Guignolet kirsch and cumin liqueur, or the All in One, with vodka, Japanese green melon liqueur and natural cola.

XboxOne-Hotel-600x436 Xbox-One-Hotel-rooms-600x436

Microsoft Making A Smartwatch


As Apple continue to hire talent to work on their supposed “iWatch” project, Microsoft are rumored to already be planning to retaliate with a smartwatch of their own. Several weeks back it was reported that Microsoft placed orders for 1.5″ screens and now trusted sources have told AmongTech that the smartwatch is already being used as prototype and will be available in a variety of colors – blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey. The outside housing will be made from Oxynitride Aluminium – a type of aluminium that is 80% transparent and four times harder than glass. The source also said that the device will include an adapted version of Windows 8 and will work with Cloud storage (plus 6GB internal storage) and 4G LTE. If the rumors turn out to be true, expect this to be unveiled sometime in late 2014.

Xbox One


Take a closer look at Microsoft‘s upcoming Xbox One – the highly-anticipated follow-up to the Xbox 360. “Designed from the ground up to be the centerpiece of every living room,” the new console is dominated by a sleek black exterior of sharp lines, corresponding controllers, and a matching Kinect system. Now featuring an expanded field of view, tweaked gesture-recognition, and voice-recognition technology that even allows you to boot up the system by simply saying “Xbox on.” Inside, the Xbox One boasts an 8-core x86 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray functionality, and HDMI pass-thru while the controller itself now features more than 40 improvements that include “Impulse Triggers” (pressure-sensitivity), streamlined thumb sticks, and contours to the buttons and D-pad. What will likely set the Xbox One apart from the next-gen pack, however, is its user experience. Sporting a new Windows OS, the Xbox One features an easy-to-use interface that includes Skype, cloud capabilities, and a Smartglass feature that allows users to turn mobile devices into a second screen for a more immersive interaction. Finally, Xbox Live will introduce “Smart Match”, a revolutionary matchmaking system that will pair players based on advanced algorithms using language, skill, and reputation.

Calls in 3D?

3D is seems to be the new fad in cellphones, but price point and compatibility issues make them less desirable at the moment. Catering to this genre is the Cobble 3-D concept; it features a 4-inch 3D 16:9 HD screen giving the device more depth sans the awkward 3D glasses. The adaptive camera tracker follows your finger and anticipates your move on the screen, making the touchscreen experience smooth as silk.  The Cobble takes stunning pictures thanks to the motion scroll, which adjusts the zoom and takes realistic snaps. The multiple color-back options are sick as well.

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011.

As I’m sure most readers already know.  Apple’s head honcho Steve Jobs has passed away.  Twitter was INSTANTLY a-twit with the news, and people all over the world are beginning to realize that the man responsible for a majority of the modernized technology they use, has passed.  Jobs has consistently managed to capture the world’s attention with his stage events. On Wednesday evening, the world took to the Web to express their condolences about the news of his death.  Facebook news feeds filled with links and anecdotes about the impact that technology — and more specifically, Apple’s technology — had on their lives. Messages on Twitter and the site’s list of trending topics quickly became dominated by phrases such as “RIP Steve Jobs,” “#ThankYouSteve” and “iHeaven.”  The flood of messages slowed Twitter to a crawl at times or produced error messages saying the site was over capacity.  On those sites, many people posted and quoted from Jobs’ heartfelt commencement address to Stanford University in 2005, in which he first provided details about his health problems. Many pointed out how promotions for Apple’s products on the company’s website were replaced with a black-and-white photo of Jobs.

Have You Met ‘Milo’?


Even though I sometimes go by the nickname “Tony Stark”, I have always wanted a “Jarvis”.  (The autonomous interactive computer that controls whatever electronics I need it to, and communicates with me like a real person with a unique personality.)  Even though Jarvis may be far in the future, Milo is not.  He will answer your questions and if you make fun of him he blushes and walks away.  In fact Milo is just like any other boy his age only with one important difference – he is a computer program.  The four-year-old has been unveiled by Microsoft as the world’s first real virtual character who is convincing enough to be considered ‘human’.  The player’s voice commands and physical movements are picked up by an infra-red sensor which works with artificial intelligence to interpret the player’s intonation and meaning, and respond accordingly.

On demonstrations his conversation is utterly believable and he replies to questions just like a real four-year-old.  At one point he throws the player a pair of goggles, and so enthralled is she that she bends down to pick them up, even though there is nothing to grab.  When asked if he has finished his school project, Milo sulks off with his head down, not looking at the camera to show that he has been chastised.  Microsoft claims the game marks a major shift away from joystick-based entertainment and brings Science Fiction into life.  And whilst the demonstrations are astonishing, one problem the company has to get over is just how creepy it is.  Milo is being designed for use by millions of people and that the more people play the game the smarter he will get – which sounds like a recipe for creating a Lawnmower Man-style nightmare.  ‘Milo’ is a story-telling game about a little boy who’s unhappy because his family has moved from London to New England in America and his parents are too busy to listen to what’s on his mind.