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Finger Trap Handbags By James Piatt

dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_ss_1 dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_2 dezeen_Finger-Trap-handbags-by-James-Piatt_1

These handbags by American designer James Piatt are carried by clamping fingers in woven tubes similar to Chinese finger trap puzzles. The weight of the leather bags creates the pull needed to tighten the weave and secure fingers in the tubes. Finger traps are often used as practical jokes, involving the wearer struggling to remove their digits from either end of the tube, which is usually woven from bamboo. Both ends of the trap have to be pushed inward to relax the mesh and release the fingers. “The finger trap is often used as a metaphor for a problem that can be overcome by relaxing,” says Piatt. Piatt’s small purse comes with one fastening, whereas the larger bag has three finger traps but can also be carried over the shoulder using a removable strap. Laser-cut tabs interlock along the seams instead of stitching to create joints that look similar to the tubes.

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Love Is Making It’s Way Back Home.

This great video for Josh Ritter’s Love Is Making Its Way Back Home was directed by Erez Horovitz and involves the meticulous animation of over 12,000 laser-cut pieces of construction paper. Via Etsy:

A team of nearly twenty artists, editors, directors and product assistants ushered the video into being. The group started with storyboarding and computer animation before converting the digital graphics to paper cutouts (frame by frame), photographing those 12,000 cutouts and then stitching them together into four minutes of paper animation.