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The Best Way To Work From Home.

It doesn’t matter how interconnected your devices are, how tight your scheduling skills might be, or how organized you think you are… the juggle struggle is real for those of us who work from home! Designed just for us, BAL is a modular system of interconnected smart screens that connect you to everything you need to be productive and efficient in an entirely new way.  Each hexagonal module can be programmed to display everything from the weather to important blogs and reminders to blueprints. All while being visually separated and available with just a quick glance up from your desktop. Perfect for users who operate visually and interactively, these touch screen panels are perfect for getting organized or simply staying in the know.


Fall-Off Table by Sam Stringleman

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This interesting design concept was created by industrial designer from New Zealand Sam Stringleman. Fall Off is a computer generated table in which surface density is defined by the placement of objects on a virtual table through a web interface. As a virtual object, for example a laptop or coffee cup, is moved around on the table, the epicenter of the structure follows. This forms supporting density on the top surface and structural form on the underside which accommodates splayed legs. The surrounding density is controllable through a digital falloff, representing a gradual decrease. With the addition of more objects the density increases to a state of equilibrium with just enough structure to perform the required task but move it and it will Fall off.

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Alvaro Tapia Hildago’s Society 6 Illustrations.

Illustration is one of my hidden passions.  I love seeing the works and creations from people all around the world, and what they can come up with conceptually.  Alvaro Hildago’s illustrations are no exception.  His pieces are eerie, yet mesmerizing, and all have a unique stylized look that I just can’t ignore. And if any of his super sick illustrations strike you as intriguing, you can order them here.

The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7.

The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7 has come speeding onto the UK market.  Fans of the iconic Italian brand, especially those who can’t afford the cars’ million-dollar price tags, can bring a piece of grand touring tradition into their office.  The laptop offers a distinctive outer-casing design, a 15.6″ display, dual 750GB hard drives and quad-core 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processors and is the world’s first laptop with dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics.  “The VX7 stays faithful to its Automobili Lamborghini pedigree with sheer performance for gaming, multimedia, online entertainment and productivity.

What’s more, in two directly licensed colors and with exquisite style in detailed design finishes, it perfectly reflects the panache of the Lamborghini’s iconic image”.  The laptop is priced at £1,999 (€2265) and is available now from Anvika or Amazon.  For those of you wanting something a little more portable, Asus makes a Lamborghini VX6 laptop with a 12.1″ display.

The Openaire Workstation.

Openaire is a hybrid of a laptop case, portable workstation, and a chair.  Designed by Beau and Nick Trincia, Openaire consists of a laptop sleeve that acts as a desk and a protective shell that functions as a chair.  It’s an incredibly innovative design that I’m sure most people on the go would appreciate.  The ability to turn any patch of ground into a suitable place for working on a laptop is something that makes the Openaire very productive.  I hope to see people rocking it out soon.