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Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl


Asher Roth lets the production breathe on his four and a half minute long orange-themed track “Tangerine Girl,” produced by Blended Babies. The “I Love College” emcee, perhaps still best known for that campus anthem track, often creates smooth music that makes you want to sit on a beach somewhere and admire the scenery. The lush beat is covered with a masked sample of a woman’s vocals, evoking thoughts of lemon, tangerine and a cold beer on a hot summer’s day. Roth’s second studio LP, Retro Hash, is scheduled to be here midway through this year, although we have yet to hear much about the project. We do know that it will feature more production from Blended Babies, who have also produced for Kid Cudi and Chance the Rapper among others.

Hit Boy & Kid Cudi – Old School Caddy (Official Video).

Check the newest release from Hit Boy featuring Kid Cudi titled ‘Old School Caddy’.

The video, which features both MCs swagging through the desert heat in Air Yeezy’s and riding Caddies, is only Hit-Boy’s second single to date. After lacing Jay-Z, Kanye and ASAP Rocky with some of his illest beats, the Surf Club member is now focusing on his own rhymes.  “I was rapping before I was making beats,” said Hit, “I just wanna make the best music possible.”  His work ethic has shown in his recent success and he’s optimistic about the future.  “I’m going hard and people are receiving it well so I really feel like this thing is gonna take off,” said Hit. “I’m just kinda letting the chips fall and working as hard as possible, going all in.”

Project X.

Click the pic to see this epic trailer.

Project X came to my attention randomly when I was just scouting for movie previews to throw online, but since the first time I watched it, I was thoroughly impressed.  This seems like a truly epic, unforgettable and jaw dropping flick.  I haven’t listed any plot details on purpose, and I won’t post the synopsis for this one, you’ll just have to watch it to see what all the excitement is about.

Kid Cudi – To The Top.

Click the pic to download.

Here’s some new Cudi for fans to add to their collection. Not much information is given for the track, but many have speculated that the origin of the line “that sh*t cray” to have been birthed through this song, which you can hear in the intro. Check it out, let me know what you think and download it above.


Kid Cudi Wasted In Hollywood.

Apparently me and the LUL brothers from U.S.C. weren’t the only one who got a bit too rowdy in Los Angeles this weekend.  Check the video of Kid Cudi in L.A.

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West – Erase Me (Official Video)

Kanye West and his successor Kid Cudi have come together on many different tracks, one of the newest being the guitar driven break up ballad “Erase Me”. The song is a relaxed, laid back track, and the video compliments the premise of the song quite well. Check the method below.

Wale vs. Kid Kudi

Click the pic to hear the interview

Recently Kid Kudi made some comments in a magazine about Wale regarding a line he had in a freestyle. DJ Drama recently spoke to Wale regarding a response on Shade 45 Radio. After the interview, Wale posted some comments in response to Kudi on twitter. Click the pic to hear Wale’s interview.

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West – Erase Me

Click the pic to listen.