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Dave Chappelle is BACK. (again)… (AGAIN).

It started with “The Age Of Spin”, and has spun out of control from there with the resurgence of Dave Chappelle. He’s gone from Comedy Central show host to legend as soon as he quit the Chappelle show, and seemingly out of nowhere, his return rocked the comedy scene. The promotional ads for his newest Netflix special seem to ask the same question, how do you finish a run of HOURS of comedy that has been this prolific. Since Chappelle started his first special with Morgan Freeman narrating, comedy fans and audiences alike have been waiting for an epic conclusion while never wanting them to end at the same time. Take a look as some of the promos as you may be waiting anxiously for TOMORROW, October 5th, 2021. ‘The Closer’ can only be followed by the wait for whatever Chappelle decides to do next.

Patrice O’Neal’s Rating System For White Women.

I’ve always been an immense fan of stand up comedy.  On rainy days when people are sad, couples are cuddling, and art school girls are sitting at home drinking exotic teas, I’m normally at home, engineering music, and running a stand up comedy marathon on my big screen.  It’s just something that always puts me in a better mood.  Patrice O’Neal (rest in peace), became one of my favorites after his untimely death, but his comedy still makes me, and millions of others none the less.  In one of his many funny bits from “Elephant In The Room” he talks about missing persons, and how it it relates (in HIS head) to race, color and beauty.

Dear Blank, Please Blank.

No matter who you are, at one point in life, you’ve received a letter.  Everyone has.  But not many letters read like these short, clever, comical works known as “Dear Blank, Please Blank”.  There are even entire websites dedicated to this format of humor, but the ones in these pictures are some I thought were among the best.  Check the method.

Ricky Gervais vs. Noah’s Ark.

The other day after my little incident in Emeryville with the police, I came home only to to be engaged in an annoying conversation with a disgruntled female, and afterwards the only thing I could think to bring my irritated mood, was a bit of stand up.  When I say I watch stand up, I literally mean I’ll watch no less than 5 or 6 specials from 3 or 4 comedians for 6 or 7 hours while I work at home.  One of the best acts I watched that day was a little piece from British comedian Ricky Gervais about Noah’s Ark.  Gervais has an uncanny ability to take a simple story, and point out facts that seem like they should be obvious in a way you never really thought about before.  The section of his most recent stand up (Out Of England 2) thats named “The Book Of Noah” had me cracking up the entire time.  I wasn’t able to find the entire 17 minute piece, but the video below is a good chunk of Ricki Gervais’ best.  Check the method below.