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QBracelet Electronic Jewelry Charges Your Smartphone And Tablet

charging_Qbracelet-db01 charging_Qbracelet-db05 charging_Qbracelet-db04 charging_Qbracelet-db06 charging_Qbracelet-db02 charging_Qbracelet-db03

Fashion meets function with the QBracelet, a lightweight unisex jewelry piece developed by new york-based Q design studio that has the ability to charge smartphones and other electronics. The wearable piece of technology enables users to plug-in their devices directly to the QBracelet via an attachment that lies within the bracelet’s clasp. Once connected, the smart-jewelry offers a charge of approximately 60% thanks to its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The electronic wrist-band is available in brushed and matte black, polished and matte silver and polished gold, and comes is in two configurations; micro-USB for android or similar devices, and an apple lightning connector version for iOS devices. The QBracelet is now available for pre-order and will be shipping later this year.



Naomi Kizhner’s Parasitic Powered Jewelry

793399_fe99761cbe09449c8574ac430a79d6da.jpg_srz_p_975_325_85_22_0.50_1.20_0-600x200 EnergyAddicts-00 EnergyAddicts-4-600x558

In the dystopian future of The Matrix, humanity has been converted into a renewable crop by energy-starved sentient machines, with “farms” of human bodies harnessed and harvested for their metabolic output. It’s one of those disturbing sci-fi premises which can leave one suspicious of artificial intelligence, robotic vacuums, and the whole “internet of things” trend. But maybe Agent Smith and his robotic compatriots were onto something in regards to the human body as a renewable energy source. The ‘e-pulse conductor’ is a pendant without a chain, harvesting bioelectricity from the human body’s neurological system, “plugged” into the spine via pincer interface. Industrial design graduate student, Naomi Kizhner of Jerusalem’s Hadassah College envisions jewelry one day serving purposes beyond adornment, a three-piece collection connecting and converting the human body into one gigantic battery for biological data feedback. Energy Addicts’ entomological-styled accessories hints of early David Cronenberg at hisbest/worst, the jewelry’s macabre beauty furthered by how each piece is worn: sharp pincers and stings pierce skin, establishing an “interface” between body and each bio-electrically powered accessory. Blood Bridge: designed to tap directly into the action of ulnar artery – the body’s main blood vessel – the pulmonary flow of the heart spins an enclosed wheel to generate electricity.

EnergyAddicts-9-600x400 EnergyAddicts-2-600x400 Energy-Addicts-8-600x432 jpeg-5-600x200 jpeg-6-600x200 EnergyAddicts-03-600x400 EnergyAddicts-6-600x381 793399_67ff97f0300e48b98c3104493ba5a5ab.jpg_srz_p_975_325_85_22_0.50_1.20_0-600x200

Ring Leading Of The Future



Ever since the evolution of cell phones, the need for watches has quickly disappeared. As the style of society also has changed the watch came back as statement. Large watches represent more of a fashion sense than a conventional use for an item. But now, a completely revolutionary idea has changed the time game. It is a watch with three movable rows; each with a unique function designed specifically in regard to helping tell time.  The first row shows numbers 1 to 24, the second shows 1 to 59, and the third sports little dots, which correspond to the hours, minutes and seconds, respectively.  To tell the time, built-in LEDs will light up the corresponding labels as soon as the ring is spun.  The Ring Clock is made from 316L surgical stainless steel and has a simple and sleek design. With the lights that are faint but still visible, this ring is sure to start some great conversations.





Victoria Fisher 

eBay Unveil 3D Printing App


As the 3D printing revolution continues to gain pace, eBay have jumped on the bandwagon with a new iPhone app that lets users customise accessories before they are printed and shipped out to them. Named eBay Exact, the simple app shows you several items from 3D printing companies MakerBot, Sculpteo and Hot Pop Factory – mostly iPhone cases and jewelry. You then pick an item and modify features like the pattern, material, shape and color. Although the app is rather basic at this stage, it could become key part of eBay’s business, signalling a shift towards highly customisable products.

Futuristic Ring Clock

04 03 02

CGSociety user, Cyber recently designed a ring clock, a mechanical ring made from stainless steel that displays the time. It has three rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. An indicator ensures that you put the ring on properly, and the current time is highlighted. Not only is this little gadget functional, but it’s also quite stylish.


Cerise Doucede – Egarements

Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-2 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-4 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-5 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-6 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-7

Cerise Doucede is a french photographer who studied between Aix-en-provence & Paris. Since 2010, she’s been working on many projects as an author-photographer, composing her own creations with a certain talent and a lot of imagination. Today we’re presenting her series Egarements, featuring situations where things got a little bit out of control. A quite fun & well directed project.

Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-8 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-9 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-10 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-12 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-13 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-14 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-15 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-17 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-18 Cerise-Doucede-Egarements-19

Mobiado and Aston Martin Show Transparent Droid Phone Concept


Mobiado, the luxury phone maker, and Aston Martin, the luxury car maker, are in cahoots, trying to co-create phones. The first prototype they’ve shown is a stunning transparent Android phone. The Mobiado concept phone is called CTP002 is basically one big, transparent sapphire glass with two titanium edges on the left and right. The glass is a color capacitive touchscreen. We know it’s only a concept and from a technical standpoint it seems all but impossible, but the Mobiado CTP002 is a joy to behold. The phone will connect with the car and its display. The car display will show a map with all local venues and your friends from Foursquare. The cameras integrated into the car can be set to snap a photo periodically and post it on Facebook or Twitter and the CTP002’s accelerometer will track the drivers body in case of a collision, giving the car’s airbags better information on how to react. The Mobiado CTP002 concept will be shown off at BaselWorld, the world watch and jewelry show in Switzerland this year.


Creative and Unusual “Covert Jewels”

Covert Jewels by Cinnamon Lee_BonjourLife.com1

This creative and unusual jewelry was designed by artist Connamon Lee in collaboration with Australian design studio Metalab. Named as “Covert Jewels” this beautiful jewelry is a combination of metal and digital designing.

Covert Jewels by Cinnamon Lee_BonjourLife.com3Covert Jewels by Cinnamon Lee_BonjourLife.com2

Jewelry Made of Used Bullets

Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com8

Creativity done by Impact Accessories on the used bullets and converted them to beautiful jewelry; rings, pendants, and earrings etc. To transform used bullets designer cut them in the way to become part of composition.

Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com7Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com4Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com2Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com3Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com6Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com1Peaceful Jewelry by Impact Accessories_BonjoueLife.com5

The Tawapa Effect.

Tawapa Jewelry makes sure that they use the best materials that they can find. Except for items which have become industry standards, Their designs are lovingly imagined by the people who created the company. Tawapa is proud to offer the largest variety of trustworthy, beautiful, and unique designs. One of their most important goals is to maintain the raised bar of quality control within the “organics” jewelry industry. Having recently opened a retail shop of their very own, they get first hand feedback about their jewelry, and they’ve always benefited from suggestions from their retailers. Because Tawapa work so closely with their carvers, their suggestions and comments are not only always taken to heart but also considered for implementation. Tawapa Jewelry does their best to be meticulous in working out the inherent kinks of hand carved jewelry. The company has also taken great pains over the years (and continue to do so) to focus on achieving accuracy of gauge size. Though they offer jewelry sized by the millimeter, they strive to match your sizes to the appropriate and exact gauge. Tawapa jewelry is handmade by very skilled craftspeople who are like family to them. Mutually, their businesses has grown together over the years. It is with pride that Tawapa Jewelry can state that they follow fair trade standards.

Mirta Jewelry.

I’ve always been a fan of minimalist creations, but I’ve never really seen minimalist jewelry before, and I’ve never seen it done as well as Mirta’s Jewelry.  To take a better look at the collection, click here. MIRTA handmade contemporary jewelry is made by 23-year-old Andrea who lives in Croatia. Her minimalist jewelry is inspired by architecture and nature, an unexpectedly stunning combination.

The Best Way To Diet.

Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food jewelry. These foodstuffs look so beautiful they almost look edible.  Actually, there’s a whole market out there for miniature food. Not actual stuff you can eat, but intricately hand made designs of steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs and pretty much anything you can think of.  With portions this small, it’s one hell of a diet.

Sakurako Shimizu’s Waveform Designs.

Now its definitely not everyday that I look at something like a wedding ring, and in most cases I try my hardest to stay away from them (sorry ladies), but designer Sakurako Shimizu changed my outlook on the traditional wedding band. He has an entire collection of “waveform jewelry” that’s a miraculous departure from the norm. The first thing I noticed were the rings pictured above. Those funky little designs in the rings are Literally waveforms of the other person saying “I Do”. Now waveforms may not be as exciting to a gold digger as a huge diamond, but for a nerd like myself that works with sound everyday, it’s supremely cool. Once again, I’m not planning on something as insane as marriage anytime soon. But the concept behind the rings are crazy, they come in all different types of precious metals, and if your not looking to tie the knot anytime soon, Shimizu makes more stuff out of waveforms. Check some more of his collection out below.

Rosary Boys


Click the pic to whiteness greatness.

I haven’t really gotten into jewlery too much on this Blog, but after seeing RB, that might all change. Rosary Boys is a collection of jewelry designed with the efforts of unification. Every piece comes with a positive message, phrase, or word. It’s also “Compilation Jewelry”. Every month Rosary Boys works with an artist, store or apparel company in collaborative efforts to create a jewelry piece with a once in a lifetime feel. Check in to their website every month to see new collaborations. NOT A NAME BRAND, JUST A VISION. And allow me to correct my previous statement… If all jewelry was as unique as Rosary Boys, I’d feature jewelry a lot more often.