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The Isolated J Avery.

-2When it comes to the current state of Hip Hop, it’s my firm belief that certain artists have certain lanes.  You’d be as likely to see a collaboration between Lil Boosie and Eminem as you are to see Amanda Bynes win an Oscar right now.  They’re just NOT in the same lane, and probably never will be.  That being said, there are a very elite sect of emcee’s that are capable transcending typical norms, and gaining a solid foothold in any style of music you could imagine.  J Avery, an artist who’s been on many a radar (and only getting better as the days go by) is a perfect example of an entertainer possessing this rare trait.   Super dope lyrical content combined with a mellifluous flow, are skills that are hard to come by when looking at any artist, but Avery’s ability to stand out on any track is what classifies him as a truly a-typical artist.  Check some of his latest work below.

The next project on Avery’s plate is the10 track release titled ‘Isolated’.  The project features Symba, Jay Ant, Phantom, and many others.  To get a better look at J Avery and his music, take a look at and stay tuned for Isolated.


Jeff Phantom & DJ Storm – Swerve.

Click the pic to download.

On an average of about once a month, DJ Jeff Phantom and I got together since February to put out some podcast mixes that started with Project X, and are now culminating in the 30 minute mix session titled ‘Swerve’.  With it being half Hip Hop, and half Electro/House/Dubstep, tons of ideas, mashups, and remixed were thrown around during the early phase of putting things together, but in the end we felt it was just best to just rock live on the turn tables for about 15 minutes each.  Click the player below to listen, and we hope you enjoy.

Jay Ant – ‘Change Up’.

There’s some speculation around the Bay as to why rappers here haven’t had the international success that artists from other parts of the States have.  Not being consistent, a lack of sonic diversity, and under-qualified management are all theories, but luckily Jay Ant suffers from NONE of those pitfalls.    It hasn’t been more than 4 days, and Jay Ant has already dropped another track to the web.  (The other being ‘On My Mind’ with Iamsu ft. Mike Dash E.) With a gambit of talents, and all the right elements to support a talented flow, I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more from Jay Ant very soon.  To watch the video for ‘On My Mind’, check the method below.

Jay Ant & Iamsu ft. Mike Dash E – ‘On My Mind’.

Click the pic to download.

Jay Ant and Iamsu are quickly becoming Bay Area success stories in a land where the most famous artists are pushing 50.  The Bay hasn’t had a crucial, nationwide hit since “Tell Me When To Go” from E-40 in 2006, and in my personal opinion Jay Ant, Iamsu and small handful of others should be the next group to deliver a hit that big.  Iamsu was responsible for the monster Bay Area hit “Beat The P*ssy Up”, along with a library of production credits and other successful projects, he’s getting quite a great deal of recognition.  Jay Ant is also making waves after putting out his most recent project ‘#iammostratchet’ and has a gambit of future projects in the works.  Although both Su and Jay Ant are quite capable of putting out the next banger independently, but have collaborated their efforts of a project titled “Stoopid”.  The first track that was dropped off to my inbox was ‘On My Mind’ by Jay Ant and Iamsu featuring Mike Dash E, click the pic above to download the track.

Jay Ant – Pose.

Check out the track ‘Pose’ from Jay Ant, directed by Arturo Torres, and be sure to check out his mixtape  #iammostratchet right here.