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T-Pain Flips The Twitch.

Everyone knows that celebrities at the end of the day, are just regular people like us. Many stars have been known to voice their love for dabbling in video games from ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ to World of Warcraft. Now we KNOW we’re late to the game here, (no pun intended) but upon first hear of rapper T-Pain joining “Twitch” the video game streaming service, where you can WATCH players play the game, along with the players themselves, we knew we had to take a look. It’s one thing to hear about your favorite rapper or singer playing your favorite video game, but to see them in FULL spectacle during their introduction must be a treat. That being said, T-Pain has to hold the title for THE MOST fantastic Twitch intro in Hip Hop history, and it true Twitch fashion, the whole world can see it. Now we know this occurred a little over a year ago when Covid lockdown was in full effect, but it’s spectacular enough to share never the less.

Dave Chappelle is BACK. (again)… (AGAIN).

It started with “The Age Of Spin”, and has spun out of control from there with the resurgence of Dave Chappelle. He’s gone from Comedy Central show host to legend as soon as he quit the Chappelle show, and seemingly out of nowhere, his return rocked the comedy scene. The promotional ads for his newest Netflix special seem to ask the same question, how do you finish a run of HOURS of comedy that has been this prolific. Since Chappelle started his first special with Morgan Freeman narrating, comedy fans and audiences alike have been waiting for an epic conclusion while never wanting them to end at the same time. Take a look as some of the promos as you may be waiting anxiously for TOMORROW, October 5th, 2021. ‘The Closer’ can only be followed by the wait for whatever Chappelle decides to do next.

Top 6 TV Theme Songs.

The Best Superbowl Ad Is Right Here.


While the internet is abuzz with all the best new Super Bowl ads and trailers, I’ve decided to go in the opposite direction and celebrate some of the equally entertaining 30 second bits from the past.  TV theme songs have been memorized and recited since television first came onto the screen, but the 6 old school anthems I will always remember, are below.  And before I get a flurry of emails asking why I chose 6 instead of 5, or telling me that the intro to Sarah Palin’s reality TV show trumps them all, lets not forget this is all MY personal opinion, and I’m just sharing for the personal enjoyment of my peers.

6. Martin

5. X-Men

4. Wayans Brothers

3. All That

2. Are You Afraid Of The Dark

1. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Nottz – You Need This Music.

The lyricist known as Nottz is dropping his new album today.  From some of the quick samples I’ve heard, it’s enough to make me want to grab a copy.  And while my personal opinion may not be enough to convince you, check out the video for the intro to the album.  (It’s rare when an artist takes the time to create a video for just his intro).   The video (below) features Travis Barker, a crazy bass line, and sends the message that Nottz new album is a departure from the generic vibe of the current direction of rap, and a triumphant return to the art form that originated as hip hop.  The video is dope, so check the method below, and go get the album.

Batman x Graphic Design = Awesome.

It probably won’t surprise anyone to find out that lately, I’ve been re-watching “Batman: The Animated Series” on DVD, and while I remember the high points of most of the stories, I’d almost forgotten how great the title cards were.  Aesthetically, they were one of the defining elements of the show’s art deco / noir-inspired look, mimicking the title cards and trailers of classic films.  Check out my personal top 10 favorites below.





Be A Clown: Given how dark the show was — and by that i mean actually dark; it was drawn on black paper — it’s a given that it often boasted a great use of shadows. The distinctive silhouette of the Joker leading a child away to a Ferris wheel is every bit as creepy as it should be.




Mad As a Hatter: This is one of the few title cards that wasn’t done in the distinctive Bruce Timm style, and the classic storybook look of it works very well for the episode.




Nothing to Fear: Another great use of shadows, the soft edges of the Scarecrow’s silhouette does a great job evoking the fear gas that he uses in the episode.




Joker’s Favor: I know I’ve mentioned how good the use of shadows on this show was. But this one’s just perfect, and it’s a testament to how good the character designs were that even the Joker’s shadow can be this menacing when it falls across a poor guy who had the bad luck to cross his path.




One of the most beloved episodes of the series, “Harley’s Holiday” is also the only title card that didn’t use black as its primary color, instead going with something that reflects both the lighthearted nature of the episode — well, as lighthearted as you can be in a story of an abused woman being thrown back in an asylum after failing to acclimate to the outside world, anyway — and echoing classic romantic comedies.   Also, it’s worth noting that of all the variations on Harley’s costume I’ve seen on cosplayers (and I’ve done my research on this one, I assure you), I’ve never seen anyone sporting her out-on-the-town dress and hat combo. It’s fantastic, and makes for one of the best images from the show.




Riddler’s Reform: “Batman: The Animated Series” was the last place I would’ve expected to see an homage to a classic Spider-Man story, but there’s no getting around the fact that this is clearly evocative of Peter Parker’s decision to quit in “Spider-Man No More”




The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne: A great title, a great episode, and a great card. I think this is one of the only times the series was allowed to show an explicit reference to death in the haunting skull in a sweating Bruce Wayne’s eye.




The Terrible Trio: You can’t tell from the screenshot, but in the episode, the words ‘The Terrible Trio” are actually animated in the style of an old horror trailer. A neat effect for an episode about three guys in fright masks.




I’ll admit right up front that this might just be me, but I love this one. The combination of the insanely over-the-top title being rendered in a note-perfect nod to classic thrillers, the stylized shadowy figure of the Crime Doctor and the menacingly huge syringe between his fingers, it’s all just beautifully stylish and sharply rendered.




The Man Who Killed Batman: With all the praise the show gets for being an almost-perfect realization of Batman’s darker, more serious side, it’s easy to forget that the show was also frequently pretty hilarious. The image of Sid the Squid and his gigantic cartoon eyes would’ve been equally at home on the title card to a Looney Tunes short. If, you know, he didn’t have the word “KILLED” in gigantic sans-serif letters hanging over him.   Thats why I have to give this one the top spot.