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Most Rappers Are Lying About Their Money


From expensive clothes to gaudy chains and customized rides, wealth has always been a major talking point in the hip-hop community – especially in rap lyrics. As Jay-Z chides on Magna Carta… Holy Grail‘s “Versus” track, “The truth in my verses versus your metaphors about what your net worth is.” Thus, Businessweek recently launched an inside look into hip-hop’s dubious tales of extraordinary wealth. The results confirm Hov’s skepticism of rap’s tried-and-true rags-to-riches narrative – one in which Jay has taken part in the truest sense while others’ claims to a cache of prosperity are, in truth, mostly unrealized.Here, Businessweek hilariously ousts some of the industry’s worst offenders – and most “humble” lyricists – with a telling “Actual Wealth vs. Alleged Wealth” comparison.

2-cent Good Christmas(Music Video Parody)

Picture 1

2-cent Good Christmas was created as a Music Video Parody for the holidays back in 2010. But every year around christmas I can’t get enough of this. This parody makes fun of  Eminem, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, Willow Smith, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Kanye West, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Plies, Drake, Lil Wayne, Wyclef, and Lady Gaga.

T.I. Discusses ‘Addresses’ Diss Track


Atlanta rapper T.I. is set to release his eighth studio album titled “Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head” in mid-December, and one of the tracks on the project named “Addresses” is a diss track reportedly aimed at either Gucci Mane or Alley Boy. T.I. stopped by DJ Drama’s Shade45 show to discuss the matter and speak on who it’s aimed at.

“Nah it was direct, yeah it was direct,” T.I. explained when asked if the track was even aimed at a particular target.

Drama then asked Tip who it was aimed at and without name-dropping an artist, T.I. thoroughly explained his motives behind the track.

“The thing about who it’s directed to it benefits them more than me for me to put that out there so I made it directly to them in a way so only they will know. Therefore they can not get any shine off of it. So I’m gonna make a prediction here everybody on Shade45 on Drama show. They’ll shall be a few rappers that feel they will be benefited by accepting that burden and they will step into that line of fire knowing that it is not them but they feel that is is better for them to step into that line of fire, be hit, and receive the benefits that come with being hit by a T.I. bullet. That will be the greatest thing to ever happen to them in they life, man.”

Gucci Mane’s Diss To Young Jeezy – Truth.

After releasing his new Young Jeezy diss track ‘Truth’ recently, Gucci Mane follows it up with some visuals. He has also brought T.I. and Slick Pulla into this, saying they can both get it. Alley Boy has also jumped in the beef, saying he is going to run Young Jeezy out of Atlanta. According to Lil Lody, a response from Jeezy featuring Lil Boosie is coming soon.

Gucci Mane Ft. Jeremih – “Too Damn Sexy” (Official Video).

ATL’s own Gucci Mane is back with a visual representation of his track “Too Damn Sexy”. The track finds Gucci linking up with Jeremih for the infectious track from his latest mixtape, I’m Up. The video finds Gucci and Jeremih doing their respective things while flanked by some beautiful, thick, impressive women who grind, writhe, and twist along with the track.

V-Nasty Performing @SlimsSF.

Not just Kreayshawn’s right hand woman, V-Nasty has risen in the spotlight through her own sharp rhymes and often dirty mouth. We’re interviewing the blossoming White Girl Mob member and want to know what you want to ask her.Not just Kreayshawn’s right hand woman, V-Nasty has risen in the spotlight through her own sharp rhymes and often dirty mouth. The blossoming White Girl Mob member V-Nasty performs at Slim’s in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 1.  Check out the song by Gucci Mane & V-Nasty “Millions Every Month” by clicking the pic below.

Travis Porter ft. Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti – Make It Rain (Remix)

Travis Porter

What I consider ignorant music, aside from Soulja Boy, and Lil B, the group Travis Porter is on the top of the list.  Although two of Travis Porter’s singles are dominating the radio and the clubs right now, no self respecting musical connoisseur can say that the type of music said artists have put out are lyrically mind blowing.  That’s the end of that.  But that being said, ‘Make It Rain’ from Travis Porter is a catchy track that always gets people going in the club, so when the remix surfaced with Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti, I knew fans would be looking for me to post it up.  So here it is.  Click the pic to take a listen.

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo.

So the internet has been a-buzz with searches for pictures of Gucci’s new tattoo, I’ve got it, but lets start from the beginning… Less than six months after his release from prison, Gucci Mane checked himself into a rehab facility for an addiction to cocaine.  According to Ozone Magazine, members of the rapper’s entourage were involved in an hour-long stand-off against Gucci outside the Riverwoods Southern Regional Psychiatric Center in Riverdale, GA in October of last year. The group, which included his manager and lawyer, begged him to enter the facility for treatment, apparently interrupting a Narcotics Anonymous class that was taking place at the time of his arrival.  After coaxing from his lawyer, who convinced the ‘So Wasted’ rapper that failing to get help for his drug addiction could land him right back behind bars, the 30-year-old turned himself in for 28-day treatment. The facility, which specializes in alcohol and substance abuse released Gucci Mane a few days ago, but it looks like they released him too soon.  Check out the ice cream tattoo he got from Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta.